I've been waiting for you (Dirty Harry styles imagine)

read and find out ~


1. i need you

Harry's pov - It's been 3 long months sense the last time I saw her face. 3 months of complete and total hell. "Missing her" was a complete misconception -- I needed her. It's hurts the most because I was the one who ruined it - I cheated on her while I was drunk in London. I had blacked out and had sex with a different girl. Although I don't remember any details of it, I woke up to pictures and videos of us in my phone and of course Ashley found out.. God saying her name is so damn hard. I miss how she knew me so well, like I knew her my whole entire life. She kissed my neck just in the right place - She fitted me so well cuddling, how we could talk about literally anything and everything and never get bored of each other, her soft lips that locked into mine perfectly - we were meant for each other - That I am positive of. I have a bad habit of calling her when I'm drunk and recently that's been frequently.. Well I ended up calling her and we're supposed to be having a talk today at my house. My mind is over thinking this, I need to get her back.

Ashley's pov - I'm trying to get my life back together but it's so hard sense Harry and I broke up. We were together for 2 and a half years - and I wouldn't trade those two and a half years for the world. He was my rock, he made me whole. Sometimes I get these phases where I want nothing more than to ring him and talk to him about everything and anything - to catch up. I miss him terribly and today is going to be so hard on me - I'm going to break down. Harry and I are both sensitive people..

Ashley drove up to Harry's flat at around 6 at night. Her hair - The longest and most beautiful black hair - Her face - Gleaming into the mid day light - And of course that perfect body of hers -- Harry's ultimate weakness. She knocked on the door nervously. "Who's there?" a familiar British voice asked. "Uhm.. It's Ashley.. Sorry if I'm interrupting anything Hazza.." He immediately opened the door "No no no, Ash, you're fine. I wasn't busy. I was actually starting to think that you'd never come" you could tell he was nervous and tense. "Well, you know I'd never stand you up. You'd have to be crazy! I've missed you." she said, as her voice started getting more soft and saddened. Harry couldn't say a word - Tears started going down his left cheek as his eyes filled up with water. He pulled Ashley over to him gently and gave her the most sentimental and loving hug that there could possibly be. Ashley was around 5"6 - Perfect height for Harry (Not too short, not too tall - Perfect height.) whenever she looked up at him it was the perfect distance away for kissing, she couldn't resist - She grabbed his face and gave him the most passionate kiss. Ashley started going down his neck, kissing - She knew this was Harry's weakness. Harry was letting out little soft moans as she kissed up and down his neck, biting lightly. They were both so turned on, undressing each other slowly, while Ashley was teasing Harry by kissing down his stomach and down to his cock - He could never resist. She starts rubbing his cock harder and harder until his cock was as hard as a rock, then she started sucking his huge and wet cock. Harry was moaning louder and louder now - He was more turned on than he had ever been before. Harry was grabbing pillows and moaning "Ashley uh uh harder harder uh baby you're so good at this uh uh" He couldn't contain himself. After she was done, Harry got up and pick her up, spreading her legs and picking her up putting her pussy over his soft lips - She moaned immediately. Harry was so good at eating out, he licked her clit soft and fast, eating her pussy hard and fast - fingering her frequently too. Her moans turned into little cries - she couldn't contain herself, it felt so good! Then after about 5 minutes, she cummed allover Hazza's lips. It didn't bother him, he liked it. He then rolled her to underneath him and started pounding his huge cock into her tight pussy. He could barely fit! She liked it hard and so did he. He pounded her the hardest he had ever done, both of them moaning each others names as she was biting his neck softly and scratching his back from the amount of pleasure that she was getting. Harry loved Ashley's body because it fit his so well - His hands fitted perfectly on her hips and her hands fitted perfectly up around hi shoulders pushing him harder and harder. until he finally finished with a huge grunt of pleasure.

"You're not too shabby Ash" Harry said to Ashley, teasingly. "I could say the same to you Hazza" she said back almost immediately - teasing him as well. They turned and looked into each others eyes, they were never awkward around each other - they were so comfortable. At the same time they both said "I missed you so much" they started blushing. "Does this mean anything or is it just a one time thing?" Ashley asked him in a much more serious voice. "I want you Ash.. I hope this means things are back to normal.. You're the only girl I can picture having myself have sex with and the only girl I can see myself marrying. I will never hurt you ever again, Ash. I love you with everything inside of me and you know this. I would never do anything to hurt you while I am in the right mind.. I was highly intoxicated.. I blacked out and you know how those girls can be.. But my heart is utterly and completely taken by you. You were my first everything - My first kiss, the first person I ever had sex with, and you were the first girl I've ever fallen in love with. I'm serious when I say, I want you forever Baby." Ashley started to tear up "Harry I'm so fucking in love with you, it hurts. Please never leave me baby please, I need you.. I fucking need you!" He grabbed her face softly and gave her a peck kiss "You can count on me lovie - you're my one and only" He said in a low deep voice. They then put themselves in the cuddle position - They fitted each other so perfectly. Both of them were finally ...



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