Dark and Light

Beautiful green trees And twisty brown dirt roads Twinkling mystical stars And witches turned to toads Magical spellbound seas And dangerous mountains with wilted trees It's just destiny what this fantasy helps you see


1. Through The Hour Glass

Just an empty room and an hour glass.

How you are here is completely irrelevant, so don't bother asking. Your here and unfortunately the hour glass only has one hour left of sand  and the it has been running for exactly one hour, 38 minutes and 98 seconds. Your wondering now though how that could possibly be. An hour glass only contains an hour of sand and 98 seconds never existed, it's a minute and 38 second. This room seems so for away though like every second you are twisting further away from reality. Every second the hour glass ticks away, the room surrounding you becomes darker and darker and the floor sinks deeper and deeper. You stare deep into the distorted surface of the hourglass, examining every granule of sand that plummets from the top cup drop to the pile of sand sitting at the bottom. You concentrate so intensely on each speck of sand that it begins to fall slower and time begins to slow down almost to a complete stop. Your eyes begin to slowly and drearily flutter close and darkness falls upon your mind until you are completely unaware of anything around you.

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