We're Different (15+)

This is all the books in one .

Aubrey and Jace have been best friends since 5th grade they took each other's virginty there sophomore year . They are now juniors everyone thinks they are a couple but they are just friends with benefits . Simply that . Or will that change when something comes into their lives .
This is not your average love story start as best friends kind of thing . Find out about all the twist and turns in We're Different .
~not finished but say what you think so far ~


9. chapter 9 : party

"Hey bab... Damn did you get bored? " Jace ask walking into his room and laying his board on the bed

"Yeah everything was so .. Dirty ." He laughs

"Where did you go ? " I question

"Skate park . " he takes his shoes off than lays next to me

"Do you like your new board ?" I spin one of the wheels

"Yeah did you like your gifts ?"

"Your parents did have to do that for me" i mumble

"Babe yes they did " I look back at him

"No they actually didn't " I play with the ring on my finger . He sits up next to me

"God damn it Aubrey when are you gonna realize you're part of this family . You are gonna eventually be their daughter in-law eventually you're gonna have your daughter be running around this house they're gonna be known as grandma and granddad to her . Just realize this is your home now " I look up at him

"Okay ." I gently say than stand up "I'm going to shower so I can get ready for tonight " I add than walk into the bathroom

| that night |

I straighten my hair and let it fall perfectly I put jeans and a random t-shirt on . Jace had just put on jeans and was looking for a shirt as I walked in .

"Are you ready ? " I say looking at the mirror on the wall

"Yeah let me just get a shirt " his tan chest reflecting . I bite my lip

"Or you can go without one " I wrap my arms around his ab area he turns to face me and I put my hands on his six pack .

He smirks puts his hands on my back and kisses me . He than takes one of his hands off my back grabs a t-shirt pulls it over his head .

"Are you ready to go ? " he bites his lip too I nod he moves his hands to my stomach .

"Are you nervous "

"Yes . " I breath out

He pushes my hair behind my ear .

"Let's go "

| Sammy's house |

"Sup bitch ? " Sammy ask wrapping her arms around me as I walk in the door

I laugh . And try to act casual

"Where've you been I mean I haven't heard from you and forever ?"

"Bæ it's been like two weeks calm your shit" I realize I have my ring on and try to hide it

"We could've been ... Shop.. Aubrey what is on your hand "

I shove my hand deeper in my pocket .

"Nothing ... When's the rest of the group gonna be here ?"

She rolls her eyes .

"Soon . " she snaps

Within seconds of her saying that John rolls up and Jace turns his attention to him . I catch a glimpse of Sammy giving me a weird look .

"Where are your parents ?" I question her

"Out of town " she says frustrated

I shrug and turn back around and feel arms wrap around me picking me up .

"John put me down! " I shrike he laughs and than throws me back down making me land on my ass .

"I got the beer ! " he says setting a case on the counter next to Sammy . She grins and grabs one .

"Do you want one Aubrey ? " John ask pulling him and Jace out one . Jace shoots me a look .

"No . No thank you . " I nod and smile

"Oh come on you're always up for a drink " Sammy says from behind me in a mocking voice .

"I don't want one right now okay . "

"Fine " she puffs and takes a gulp from her bottle .

| 50 minuets later |

Ugh I guess it's time everyone's here now and it would be the time before everyone got wasted . I give Jace a look and he knows exactly what I want .

"Attention , Aubrey and I would like y'all to know something important ! " he shouts over everyone making them all shut up its amazing how he can do that .

"Well .. " I start off the room becomes so silent I'm pretty sure everyone could hear my heartbeat .

"You know me and Aubrey haves repetition of doing things . If you know what I mean " I see a few smiles and snickers

"Well , I will be leaving school within the coming months for one reason " i wait to see the shock in their faces than Jace and I say it in sync .

"She's / I'm pregnant " I hear a bottle crash and a turn to see who caused it , Sammy she looks me straight in the eyes than turns and walks into a near by room . The room was erupted with words none I could make out . Eyes on me watching me watching the way I reacted my self if I seem any different. My head falls so I could stop looking at them I stare down at my lap . I see Jace's hand on my knee .

"Please excuse me " I say quietly . I walk out of the living room / kitchen and into the nearby bathroom . I shut the door and lock it . I press my hands to my head .

"Fuck ! " I shout

I was turning warm incredibly my body was turning red my eyes about to have tears spill over . I run my hands over my face .

"Why did I do this " I ask my self .

"Because you're a stupid whore " I reply as tears spill over drenching my face .

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