We're Different (15+)

This is all the books in one .

Aubrey and Jace have been best friends since 5th grade they took each other's virginty there sophomore year . They are now juniors everyone thinks they are a couple but they are just friends with benefits . Simply that . Or will that change when something comes into their lives .
This is not your average love story start as best friends kind of thing . Find out about all the twist and turns in We're Different .
~not finished but say what you think so far ~


8. chapter 8 : The date & Christmas

I turn off the water to the shower than climb out with my towel around me. Written on the mirror was the words~ get dressed do your hair but do no leave the room till I come to get you ~

I sigh "what the actual hell " I slip my clothes on and get out the blow dryer and begin to blow dry my hair . My hair ended up blow drying the perfect kind of wavy . I smile at my reflection and run my hand along my stomach . I turn to the side . Does it look like I've grown I think to my self . I mean my pants feel a little tight . I'll just go shopping after winter break no big . I hear the bedroom door open and he walks in wearing black pants and a red fancy shirt .

"Are you ready ? " he walks over to me grabbing my waist

"Where are we going ? " I question

"To the backyard of course !!! " he says like a kid than pulls me out of his room and out the back door. The backyard was lite up with a ton of different lanterns and lights . The trampoline in the center of the yard with blankets and pillows all over it . I get a huge grin that I couldn't contain .

"What is this ? " I say looking everywhere

"Merry Christmas " he kisses my cheek and leads me over to the trampoline helping me on . He lays down and the center and lay with my head on his chest . We both stare at the stars dancing in the sky than he ask my favorite question ever .

"Do you want to eat ? "

"Yes !!! Food " I screech

He laughs jumps off runs to the outside table grabs a container and runs back to were I was laying and rolls next to me .

"I present to you .. Gourmet quesadillas! " he opens the lid . I quickly grab the most perfect cooked one and take a huge bite out of it. He laughs and does the same with a kind of burnt one .

"I love you " I smile at him

" I love you way more than you can even believe I love the way your hair falls in your face I love your laugh the way you look at me . The way you act stupid when you're nervous I love everything about you " I swallow the bite I was chewing and go to say something but he cuts me off . Kissing me gently . We both smile under the kiss .

"Wait , I have to give you your present " he backs away and digs in his pockets .

"You didn't have to .. " he cuts me off

"Close your eyes and hold out your hand " he commands I do as he told me . I feel something cold slip onto my index finger .

"Can I open ? " I sweetly ask

"Yes " he grabs my hand as I open my eyes . There sitting on my index finger was a ring with a tiny diamond with red rubys on the side . I gasp .

"What. You didn't have to . It's expensive " I get those few words out

"It's a promise ring , and I promise you Aubrey that I will forever love you . Till the end of time I will never abandon you . Leave you . I will always be your best friend till death do us part . " tears trickle down my cheek and he presses his lips with mine .

" I . Love you " I say through gasps

"I love you too " he leans back to look me in the eyes . He puts his hands on my stomach . I lay down and he pushes my shirt up kissing down my stomach sweetly . Not like he wanted to have sex . But something way different . He lays back down beside me and covers us with a blanket .

"Do you want a girl or boy ? " i ask pulling the blanket to my nose

"Girl . " he answers sharply .

" can we name her Alice clementine ? " I question "well I it's a girl" I rub my hand over my stomach

"Yes we sure can " he kisses my ear

"What do you want to name it if it's a boy ?" I ask

"Caleb , Zack , or Mathew " he seems to know the answers

" I like those names " I state

We talk and talk for around an hour than I doze off but I could still feel him pick me up bridal carrying me inside my foot gently rubbing against the door than he drops me in what I'm pretty sure was his bed or our bed . I feel him remove my ring . Good because that would probably hurt to sleep on . I roll onto my stomach and put my hands under my head . These clothes were uncomfortable but I didn't care . I feel his body heat next to me than I'm out like a light .

|Christmas morning |

I've grown out of my childish ways . It started with not wanting to play hide-n-seek because it was a "baby " game . Than it turned into not believing in Santa Clause or the Tooth Fairy . From that it was wanting to make out with people get drunk party have fun and this is were it got me .

I open my eyes and look around the room . My best friend laying beside me wrapped in a blanket up to his nose . I run my fingers through his hair .

"Babe wake up " I whisper

He stirs a little

"Jace wake up " I say a little louder

His eye lids open slowly .

"Hm?" He ask

"Merry Christmas " he smiles

"Merry Christmas .. To you too " he yawns in the middle of the sentence .

"Are we gonna lay here all day or are we gonna get up and do this shit !?" I ask cheerfully

He yawns again and sits up . "Fine lets do this shit" he stands up reviling him only in his boxers .

"Oh that's nice " I say smiling he shakes his head and throws sweatpants on .

I climb out of bed and he stands in front of me holding my ring I hold my hand out and he slips it on . I peck his cheek than turn to walk out the door .

"Good morning !!!" His mom rings with excitement

"Good morning " Jace and I say in unison .

"Sit down your mother got y'all some presents " his father says rubbing his eyes .

We both walk and sit on the couch together. Our feet touching and fingers locked body's pressed together . His mom runs around giving Jace and Kevin there presents .

"Don't worry Aubrey we got you some things too " she grabs 3 presents from underneath the tree and hands them to me .

"You didn't .. " she Silents me

"Sh Aubrey . Just open it"

I look carefully down at the presents . The wrapping so perfect with the white bow placed for perfection . I slide my fingers down the side of it . Jace places his hand on top of mine . I smile than tear the paper away and open the box . It reveals a baby blanket old and worn out with blue elephants on it . I run my hand over it and look both and Jace and Becky .

"It was his baby blanket even if it's a girl you can still use it " she says messing with her fingers . I smile and nod

"Thank you . " I say quietly . She smiles like she's nervous

"Open the others " Jace mumbles .

I grab the bag next . I pull the tissue paper out and throw it on Jace which makes him laugh . It contains multiple things .

Coconut oil (for stretch marks i guess ) , baby bottles , pacifiers , lotion (gotta have that ) , at the very bottom I find a sheet of paper I pick it up and go to read it .

"Read it when you're alone " Mrs. Becky whispers to me . I nod and put it back in the bag along with the other stuff .

"Last one " I announce . I grab another boxed shaped present and pick it up . I un wrap it and open the box it to contained multiple things . A red heart shaped necklace . A book what to do when expecting . I laugh .

"That was Kevin's idea " she says laughing to and for the first time I look up and see Kevin smiling at me . I look back down and grab the last thing in the box . A picture I pick it up and examine it. I realized what it was . A picture from the 7th grade dance . We were together than I look so young and insistent I run my finger over it

"It took a whole lot of digging to find that picture ." Mrs. Becky says

"Thank you so much . " I say smiling and lifting my arms for a hug. She wraps her arms around me tightly .

"You're welcome honey "

We all than turn our attention to Jace who was next to open his gifts . He received - an x-box one that he was pretty stoked about he also got some games , and other things like .. A skateboard , basketball , some clothes and a SnapBack . He's says thank you than we get up and go back to his room . I put the bag with all my stuff on top of the dresser .

"Do you want to come outside with me ? " he ask grabbing his skateboard

"No . " I sharply say .

He shrugs than walks out the door . I stand for a second looking at the bed .

"Man I need to make that " I say outloud . I walk over to the bed and remove all blankets and pillows .

I end up making up the bed . Dusting the shelfs . Organizing the drawers . Cleaning the bathroom (it was so nasty ) . Vacuuming the floor . I finally sit down trying not to mess up the newly made bed . I think of the presents I got than remember the note . I quickly run to the bag and pull it out of the bottom .

Dear Aubrey ,

I know you shouldn't be praised for this but I'm very happy to have you in this family . You're extremely sweet and couldn't imagine my son with anyone else . Your pretty and sweet and calm and patent I'm glad to have you in my led I always wanted a daughter . Ah I'm to young to be a grandmother . Please enjoy living here it's your home now .

~ just call me Becky

I hear the front door open and close . I jump up and quickly jump up throwing the note in the bag and jumping onto the bed and grab my phone from the night stand .

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