We're Different (15+)

This is all the books in one .

Aubrey and Jace have been best friends since 5th grade they took each other's virginty there sophomore year . They are now juniors everyone thinks they are a couple but they are just friends with benefits . Simply that . Or will that change when something comes into their lives .
This is not your average love story start as best friends kind of thing . Find out about all the twist and turns in We're Different .
~not finished but say what you think so far ~


7. chapter 7 : Rug burn

"Are you sure? " he ask looking at me .

"I mean soon enough I'm gonna be fat and useless so yes might as well " I grab some stuff from my bag and walk into the bathroom . He of course follows me . I remove my top and he turns on the water we both strip completely bare than jump in and he washes my hair for me .

"Wash my body if you want" I whisper in his ear

"God damn . To be pregnant you're very seductive " he says putting soap on his hands and running it over my body . Fuck it I'm done . I turn around and press my lips with his his tongue slips in my mouth I press are chest together . He puts his hands underneath my legs and pulls me up around his waist pressing my back against the wall . Kissing every spot he could reach . His climbs out of the shower with me still practically attached to him . He doesn't even bother to shut the water off or make it completely to the bed . He lays me down on the floor in front of his bed . Kissing me all down my body stopping in between my legs to do his work .

"Oh .. Fuck yes !! " I scream I push him down more ruffly but it makes it better . I pull his hair hard . My arms start to stiffen and so do my legs . He finally moves up and puts himself into me . I moan and he kisses me up top some more . I enjoyed this to much . He falls on top of me out of breath .

"Damn baby . " he breaths

"I loved that . " I run my fingers now gently through his hair . He kisses my lips a final time than stands up and helps me up .

"I think I have rug burn on my back " i say touching my back . He laughs kindly and opens his dresser to find his clothes . I walk into the bathroom where I left the clothes I picked out before . I put those on than walk out of the bathroom with 2 towels . I hand him one .

"This seems to familiar " he speaks grabbing one

"Yeah except that time we actually made it to the bed . " I state putting my hair in a towel .

"What can I say . I couldn't wait . " he smirks .

"Ugh whatever .. " we stay silent for a few seconds

"Which time do you think .. Got me ... pregnant "I question sitting down on the bed .

"Hell I don't know " he sits down next to me

"I think the one with the bet " I recall this memory

| flash back |

Around a month ago

My hands glided over the controller buttons trying so hard to win . Failing miserably .

"Wow you suck at Call of duty . It's not even that hard ! " he says taking one of the people out .

"Shut up i could if I tried . " I say getting shot .

"Mhm .. "

"Wanna bet ?!" I say towards him

"Yes . Okay , so if you win you get to make me do something and If I win you have to .. Strip for me .. " he smiles at the last words

"Okay seriously deal ! "

We play and I try extremely hard but fail so bad .

"Ha I won ! Now get that little thing up there and lets have some fun . " he cheers

"I don't have music. So it makes it impossible . " I state crossing my arms

He smirks than leans over to his dock and scans through his songs than clicks one . It was some song I didn't know . I take a sip of the vodka beside me . Stand up slide my heels on . Than I start god I didn't know how to do this . I do some sexual dance than I go towards him bending over showing my cleavage . He bites his lip . I than turn around .

"Could you unzip me ? " I say sexual .

I feel his hands guide along my back pulling down my zipper as I let my black dress hit the floor . I than sit on his with legs on ether side of him and start moving in a way . I than straighten up and put my cleavage in his face . I lean back taking off my heels. The last thing I remebered was him getting on top of me and than we both woke up with no clothes .

| end of flashback |

"Man that one was a good time" he says blushing

"Hell I don't even remember it . " I move onto one of the pillows .

"Cause you were drunk as hell ! " he lays next to me

"I guess there's no more of that for a while " I roll over on my stomach .

"Yeah ... Are you tired ? " he pushes the hair behind my ear .

"Yeah kind of "

"Than go to sleep" he kisses my forehead

"It's only 12 O clock in the afternoon " i wine

"Doesn't matter go to sleep " he commands

"Fine " I doze off within minuets.

| hours later |

"Aubrey wake up " I flutter my eyes trying to get a clear picture of what was around me but what was above me was the interesting thing . The most beautiful boy alive his hair sticking out in so many places his eyes narrowed down on me . I reach my hand up and trace his jaw bone .

"What time is it ? " I say turning my head towards the clock

"4:30 you slept a while " he kisses my lips

"Did you sleep at all ? " I yawn

"I came in around 3 o clock and went to sleep "

"Oh are your parents home ? "

"No not yet " he lays down next to me and I move so I can put my head on his bare chest .

"So babe , I was thinking we tell are friends on Christmas about the baby .. "

"Yeah If you want " he puts his hand on my stomach .

"Oh and also I was thinking that when I become bigger and weaker and stuff that I maybe can start .. Online school " I puff the thought of becoming a loner .

"I mean again If you want " he looks up towards the ceiling

"It would be best for it and would probably cause less stress and pain . " I put my hand on top of his .

"Yeah probably " I try smiling but quickly contain it .

"What are we gonna do when he/she gets here " I ask bitting my lip

" love her / him give it the best life . Even when we can't provide the things she wants still be happy . Let it be happy . Keep fighting to a minimum and be careful not to say anything around him/her "

"We also can't live with your parents for forever so what do we do than ? " I know I was asking the tuff questions but they had to be answered

"One of us can get a job .. Save money narrow down to one car . We will be fine " he brushes the hair out of my face .

" no we won't " I shake my head and try to hold back tears

"Aubrey stop . " he wraps me in his arms

"Maybe I should just abort it or give her/ him up for adoption it would be best for are lives .. " I sob

"No Aubrey no we're not gonna do that it's our and it always will be ! We're never gonna do that okay . Okay baby " he leans back to look me in the eyes . We than hear the front door open and the parents are home .

| a week later |

It's Christmas Eve it's been so awkward between the parents and us all week . Jace and I constantly talk about the baby we haven't had Sex since that one time but doesn't matter we've cuddled every night and tomorrow night were meeting with are group of friends to tell them . I've went back to my house a couple times to get some more clothes other than just sweatpants . His parents are going out tonight so it will probably just stay us . It's not like we already get enough alone time .

"Hey babe !? " I hear Jace scream .

"I'm in your room " I scream back the door soon opens and he comes walking in . Staring at me sitting on the bed .

"It's our room. " he kisses me

"It doesn't feel right to say that " I state playing with the bracelet on my wrist .

"Tonight it's gonna be just you and me and I have something special planned " he smiles .

"What is it? " I ask coming closer

"Surprise . Is the key word " i smile .

Before anything else can happen his mom walks in putting in her ear rings . She was wearing a black dress with some kind of shaw and black heels .

"We're leaving " she finally gets her left ear ring in and drops her hands

" you look very beautiful . Mrs . Becky " I say smiling

"Aw thank you honey ." She walks over to the bed and hugs me . She likes me way more than Mr. Kevin he's barely said a word to me since telling him . Mrs. Becky tries to make me feel at home it doesn't work to well .

"We will be home around eleven " she than walks out the door .

" I'm going to get in the shower " I get up from the bed walk over to my drawer in the dresser .

"Do I need to dress cute ? " I shift through the clothes

"Yes please do it gives it more of an effect " this makes me wonder even more on what it is .

"Okay ? " I say weirdly . He smiles back and i grab black jeans and a red flowey top and walk into the bathroom .

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