We're Different (15+)

This is all the books in one .

Aubrey and Jace have been best friends since 5th grade they took each other's virginty there sophomore year . They are now juniors everyone thinks they are a couple but they are just friends with benefits . Simply that . Or will that change when something comes into their lives .
This is not your average love story start as best friends kind of thing . Find out about all the twist and turns in We're Different .
~not finished but say what you think so far ~


6. chapter 6 : telling them

I jump off the counter and rinse my mouth out and walk out of the bathroom . He follows behind me as I sit on the couch and tuck my feet underneath me . He sits beside me taking my hand .

"What's your temperate ? " his mom ask

"We have to tell y'all something " Jace says

"Okay . What is it "

Jace and I exchange a look . Than I spit it out .

"I'm pregnant ! " there faces become frozen and Jace tightens his grip my hand tighter . I couldn't breath right now .

"You've been having sex !? " his dad ask crossing his arms

"I'm I'm sorry " Jace says gaining his breath

His mother becomes unfrozen "I'm not the person who you need to be saying sorry to you got the girl pregnant ! "

"It's my fault " I start to sob and Jace moves to his knees in front of me I lay on him . "It's not your fault baby " he moves his hands through my hair

"Your just gonna let this slide Becky !? " his dad screams towards his mom who's name I just learned

"Yes Kevin , shes hormonal let her calm down ! " she shouts back

I sit up and wipe my face . "I'm sorry " I sniffle some more . "I'm sorry " I repeat again . Jace stands up and hugs me than sits back down beside me .

I repeatedly wipe my face with my sleeve and try not to make eye contact with anyone .

"Now , we have to talk about this . How long have you known ? " his mom says calmly

"Since last night You're the first other people we've told " Jace speaks sharply and sure of everything he's saying .

"Not even her parents ? " his dad ask starring at us I'm so uncomfortable I move a little more towards him . Than I decide to speak .

"No , I wanted to tell him first because I knew my parents were gonna be pissed and might kick me out and since I kind of got sick in your house we ended up telling y'all . " I tried to hide the shakiness in my voice .

"What are you gonna do if they kick you out ?" His dad questions me . He's giving me a feel that he doesn't like me .

" mom I was kind of hopping if that does happen can she maybe stay with us ? " oh no I'm probably gonna hate this answer . The room stays silent for a few seconds as I get chill bumps every place possible .

"Ye..s she can it would be easier and save the drama plus I always liked you Aubrey so it wouldn't bother me " my head shoots up as Kevin (his dad ) gets the most disapproving look ever .

"What !? They had sex there the reason they're in this mess and you're gonna let them think it's okay by giving her a home !? " god he's pissed

"Yes ! What do you want me to do let the mother of my sons child get kicked out of her house and leave her on the streets . Or force her into abortion or adoption . No I will never do that okay" Becky speaks without fear . She's standing up for me in a way .

"Y'all should probably go and get this over with ." She says calmly to us . We both nod and stand up in unison he grabs his keys from the counter and than we leave to let the hell begin .

|Aubrey's house |

We both walk in quietly but that didn't work .

"Aubrey is that you ?! " my mom screams from the living room .

"Yeah " Jace and I inter lap fingers take a deep breath than walk into the living room .

"Hey Jace haven't seen you in a while " my dad says standing up from his chair and going to shake Jace's hand .

I stand at the back of the couch and put my hands on it to balance my self .

"Is there something you need to say ? " my mom ask looking at us .

" yeah but please don't be mad " I say trying to smile I feel so light headed .

" what Is it ? " my dad ask turning down the T. V

"Well .. I'm ... I'm ... " I seriously couldn't breath right now .

"She's pregnant " Jace says softly behind me .

My dad's face instantly gets extremely red .

"You're fucking telling me my daughter is pregnant with your baby and you still have the guts to walk in my house shake my hand and be in my presents ! " my mothers face looks stunned like she couldn't breath

"Honey .. Calm... Down " my mom breaths deeply

"No ! No ! No I never want you around her ever again Aubrey go up to your room right now ! And I want you to leave this house now ! " he screams so loud that Canada could probably hear .

"Jim stop " my mom commands

"No ! Out now " he shouts and I speak up

"No. You can't forbid him from seeing me you can't do that .. " I state

"Hell I can't ? " he questions

"No ! And if you think that than I will leave right now and you will never have the chance to be in my life again " I try staying calm my mom speaks before he can .

"Aubrey you don't need to leave " she looks at me water in her eyes

"Yes she does . Leave now and take all you're shit with you . " I was tired of it I wasn't gonna let this slide anymore .

"Fine " I turn and run up the stairs with Jace of course follows me . We run into my room and shut the door and lock it . I pull a bag down from my closet and open my drawer and grab all my sweatpants and throw them on the bag . Along with all my bras the majority of my underwear and some t-shirts . I again walk into my closet grab some sweaters along with my converse, vans , keds and my tan pair of ughs (I'm already wearing the black one ) . When I return to the bag Jace had already put my toothbrush , hairbrush , hair ties , bows , deodorant and my Taylor swift Perfume .

"Thanks babe " I smile and look up at him .

We both hear a knock at the door . I realised that it was to soft to be any adult so I open it . My brother walks in with open arms .

"Sissy please don't leave " he sniffles he must have heard .

"Bubby it's okay ill visit you every week I promise " I hug him he's so oblivious

"You promise ? " he ask leaning back

"Of course " I kiss his cheek and he exits the room as my mom comes in and hugs me

"Ugh my baby girl the mistake you've made " she says

"Mom I'm sorry it was stupid but I can't change it now and If you're not gonna allow me to be with him I'm not gonna be here this is something real now and I understand I will regret this but I can't change it "

"Okay honey oh and btw you don't have to get all your stuff you know where the spare key is "

"Thanks I love you "

"I love you to " she pushes my hair back kisses my forehead than leaves the room.

"Is that everything " Jace ask zipping the bag

"Yeah I think so , I can carry that. " I begin to grab the bag but he moves it

"No" he says

"I'm not that far along I can still function "

"Yes I know but I did this to you I at least can help you " he slings the bag over his shoulder

"Jace you didn't do this to me .. Completely " I mumble

"I'll carry it okay don't worry about it " he walks out of my bed room and I follow turning off the light and shutting the door .

We walk out to the car sneaking by my parents . He throws the bag in the back of the car and we both slide in .

"Are we going to get my car ? " I question buckling up

"Yeah If you want " he buckles up and checks his phone

"I'm kind of hungry so yeah we can get that and eat there to " I rub my stomach

"Okay , is it okay with John joins us ? He just texted me to hang out " he starts to back out

"Yeah that's fine but can you not tell him about the.. baby. " I mumble

"I won't babe " he wraps his fingers with mine . I smile and turn on the radio and we drive away .

|sonic |

I climb out of his car and grab my bag . I unlock the driver side door and throw my bag in the back .

"Look at that ass ! " someone screams

I quickly stand up almost hitting my head . I look around and find john staring at me while Jace is giving him the death stare .

"Shut up " I scream at him slamming the door and walking to Jace . John walks over to us and smacks my ass .

"God damn it John ! Stop touching her " Jace grabs my arms and takes me to a table and sits down with his arm around me .

"Sorry man I didn't know y'all were a thing now " he sits down with us

"Whatever " I say rolling my eyes

"What do you want babe? " Jace ask me looking at the menu

"Popcorn chicken and tator tots with sweet tea and I'll pay if you need me to "

"Okay and no I got it " he pulls out his wallet from his pocket

"You sure ? " I ask

"Of course " he kisses the part bellow my ear

"Thank you " I smile at him

"This is weird y'all are never just so not sexual ... " John says

Jace ignores him and stands up clicking the red button and orders for me and him once he finished John adds his order . We all stay silent for a while than one of the car hops comes and give us are stuff .

"Wow i love your sweatpants where did you get them" she ask me

"Um thanks .. and Victoria Secret " I look down at my pink sweatpants and brush them off . She smiles and walks/ rolls off.'

"Well that was nice " Jace says opening his bag .

"Yeah .. " I open and mine and so does John and we all start eating I like in gulf it of course and John stops taking to Jace and stares at me weirdly .

"Did you get enough babe " Jace ask me drinking his drink

"Yeah babe I'm fine " I mumble

"Why is she so damn hungry ? " John ask

"Hell I don't know " we both knew why.

"We should probably go Aubrey " Jace says standing up and throwing away his trash

"Are y'all going somewhere ? " John questions as Jace helps me up

"Yeah to my house " oh no he's gonna say something dirty

"Oh yeah get laid ! " he shouts

"Oh trust me I will bro " he kisses my neck and leads me to my car and opens the driver side door .

"I'll see ya at home . " he kisses my lips gently bitting my bottom lip .

"Okay " he slams my door and walks away to his car waving at John than getting in his car .

| Jace's house |

We both pull in the driveway getting out in sync I grab my bag from the backseat and meet him at the door .

"My parents must have gone out or to work " he unlocks the door and we walk into his room .

"Babe can you shower with me ? " I was scared to ask but I mean I'm already pregnant so can't do much harm .

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