We're Different (15+)

This is all the books in one .

Aubrey and Jace have been best friends since 5th grade they took each other's virginty there sophomore year . They are now juniors everyone thinks they are a couple but they are just friends with benefits . Simply that . Or will that change when something comes into their lives .
This is not your average love story start as best friends kind of thing . Find out about all the twist and turns in We're Different .
~not finished but say what you think so far ~


5. chapter 5 :2 weeks later

~ 2 weeks later ~

I'm balling I'm pacing around my bathroom . The test sitting there on the counter . I know what it's gonna say this can't be happening . No no it can't . I cuff my hand over my mouth . Please please please my winter break can't start like this . I lean over the test and than I see it and more tears fall . - positive - . I think for a second than throw the test in the trash can than dart out the door grabbing my phone and car keys .

"Mom I'll be right back going to Sammy's " I say snuffling cries

"Okay sweetie " she doesn't notice

I start my car than climb in buckling tight . I unlock my phone and click his name .

"Hello ?" He picks up

"Hey can you meet me at sonic " I sniffle "please"

"Yeah sure thing " the concern in his voice was extremely noticeable

"Okay . " I click off than back out of my driveway .

~sonic ~

I see his black mustang I open the door to mine and climb out I walk over open the door and jump in slamming the door trying to hide my face .

"Hey I got you an M&M blast " he says pressing it against my skin .

"Keep it " I say carefully

"Aubrey what's wrong ? " he ask touching my arm

"You're gonna hate me " I say letting tears fall

"No matter what I won't hate you now what is it ?"

I shake my head . "Please just don't leave me "

"I won't I promise " he says

I puff "I'm pregnant " his face stays frozen as I look at him than his drops his hands to his face .

"No . No . No this can't be you can't " I hear him he's crying for the first time . His face red and his lip quivering eyes turning a different shade of blue .

"I'm sorry .. " I brushing his hair from his face . "It's gonna ruin your life I know . " I breath heavily

"Can we just go back to my house ? " he ask looking at me his face red and eyes bluer .

"Are you sure you want me too ? " I ask

"Yes we have to talk about it " he turns the keys and we drive back to his house without a word just sniffles and both of us with our faces drenched in tears .

We walk to his room I couldn't bare to look at the couches as we walked by them . I'm pretty sure his parents were ether a sleep or gone . I sit on his bed and he sits next to me and we sit in silence for a few seconds but it felt like a decade to me .

"Are you mad ? " I whisper

"No honey I'm not mad . " he says pulling me closer and letting me lay my head on his chest as he brushes my hair with his hand .

More and more tears fall onto his t-shirt .

"How is this gonna work ? my parents are gonna hate me " I say

"No they won't hate you " he breaths deeply

"Yes they will they already gave me the talk that if I get pregnant before I move out I'm .. Kicked out " I shake from being cold and worried

"Lay down " he says carrying me to the pillows on his bed than lays next to me wrapping his strong arms around me laying his hands on my abdomen .

"Aubrey I want you to know . I love you . I've loved you ever since 5th grade when we met . I didn't want to admit it so we could try new things and be with other people and I tried to do that but it didn't work . I love you . I love you so much I would die for you and I'm so sorry I got you pregnant but we will make it work . I promise . It will be okay we will end up together we will be happy nothing will ever go wrong with me . " I turn and face him and start balling .

"I .. I ... I love you too " I sniffle . He kisses my lips and my heartbeats out of my chest. This kiss was full of everything . Passion , love , that this is real but everything will be fine, but hell who am I kidding it's not . This is gonna ruin everything . My life, our friend ship even if he does say it will it won't .

"Aubrey I promise " he grabs my hand and wraps our fingers together .

"What are we gonna tell our friends ? " I wipe my face with my sweatshirt sleeve .

"Well were gonna have to tell them I mean you're gonna blow up like a ballon " he laughs I'm glad he's trying not to stress me .

"Ah don't say that . I worked hard for this figure " I cross my arms around my stomach

He laughs and kisses my cheek . "We will figure it out . If your parents kick you out I don't think my mom would mind you . I mean she loves you . " I smile and turn and look at him . His face was extremely red tears still on his eyes .

I put my hand behind his head and he puts his hands on my back and pulls us together . I put my lips on his they tasted like salt water mine probably did to . I wrap my legs with his and press even closer .

We were different than other people we started as friends we went out we broke up we still remained friends than we became best friends than best fuck friends now what are we together again because I'm carrying his baby or does he really love me . I'm so young but Is it right that I'm in love I'm pregnant . Of course it's not I'm so stupid . We did this .

"Can I spend the night ? " I ask touching his hand

"Yes my parents are out and they will probably will go straight to bed . "

"Okay my car can just camp out at sonic lets pray it doesn't get stolen or towed " he laughs

"Yeah lets hope "

I pull out my phone and text my mom

Me - hey I'm spending the night with Sammy . Love you :)

She most have been watching her phone because she replies fast .

Mom - okay honey I'll see ya later I love you to .

"Do you wanna watch a movie or play Xbox or something else "

"Can I watch you play ? I'm sorry if that's weird "

"Yeah sure babe " he gets up and walks to his t.v hanging on the wall turns it on along with his Xbox and grabs a white controller. He walks over to the bed and lays behind me and pulls a blanket over both of us . I lay back into him and he puts his arms around me with the controller in front with his head on my shoulder . He was playing GTA 5 .

I didn't know what to say or do . I was pregnant I was carrying a baby inside of me at this very moment . It was my best friends child to add to that . I was gonna be a mother in nine months . I'm only sixteen for goodness sakes . I move closer to him hoping the thoughts would go away .

| Jace's Point of view (POV) |

The girl in my bed right now the girl who I've loved since I met her but never admitted it . The girl who I would do anything for is pregnant with my child . Her brown hair waved in front of her face her red face highlighting her hazel eyes with tears on the bed of them . She was scared , frightened of what was gonna happen . Well damn so was I .

I pretended like It wasn't a big deal to me but ever since the mall a couple weeks ago . I haven't stopped thinking about it .I was praying she was just hungry that's all but I could tell she was worried as well . We've barley touched each other since the mall when I said that . We were both so scared of it the fact that we're 16/17 and we could be parents . Are fear has come to surface it's happening . I wish we were just in love not forced into it . I tear escapes my eye I tuck my face into her neck .

"Jace it's okay " she says sleep like

"Aubrey I'm so sorry I should've prevented it " I sob more

"Jace it's mainly my fault now go to sleep you're just tired" she's so gentle .

"Baby please go to sleep too " I say clicking the t.v off and throw the controller to the bedside table .

"I will I will " she kisses my lips it was full of sparks could she feel it. The passion and emotion behind it .

We both lay down together our heartbeats in sync as we both drift to sleep .

| Aubrey's P.O.V |

I wake up wrapped in the fuzzy blanket with the smell of bacon in the air . I sit up stretch and look around the room he wasn't there . I stand up and walk out of his room and into the kitchen his parents were sitting on the couches while he was standing at the stove . I walk over to him and wrap my arms around his waist .

"Good morning" he wraps his arms around me and kisses my head

"Good morning " than I get the smell . I quickly turn and take off running towards the bathroom I hear his footsteps behind me . I bend over at the toilet as he grabs my hair . I let it out .

I straighten back up and he let's go of my hair .

"Are you okay Aubrey ? " his mom ask from the doorway

I nod .

"Mom I got her " he says getting a wash cloth from the cabinet

"Okay honey " she walks away from the door as Jace shuts it .

He sits me up on the counter and wets the wash clothe pressing it to my forehead .

"I think ... We should tell them " I whisper

"Are you sure ? " he ask pushing my hair behind me ear

I nod .

"We have to ."

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