We're Different (15+)

This is all the books in one .

Aubrey and Jace have been best friends since 5th grade they took each other's virginty there sophomore year . They are now juniors everyone thinks they are a couple but they are just friends with benefits . Simply that . Or will that change when something comes into their lives .
This is not your average love story start as best friends kind of thing . Find out about all the twist and turns in We're Different .
~not finished but say what you think so far ~


4. chapter 4 : what's that

I wake up with the sun in my eyes and him in my mind . I sit up stretching and flinging my legs over the edge of my bed but before I go down stairs to eat I glance in the mirror and there it is a hickey .

"Shit ! " I scream I quickly cover my mouth and run over to my closet pulling out the most covering sweatshirt I own . I slip it over my head than slide out of my room and down the stairs .

I grab some cocoa pebbles from the cabinet and a bowl and some milk than sit at the table where my brother just left from running out the door . To catch the bus, I'm guessing , man I'm glad I don't worry about that anymore . I take a bite of my cereal and my mom gives me a weird look .

"What ? " I question chewing slowly

"Are you cold honey ? " she ask sipping her coffee

"No... " I eye her acting like I have no idea what she's talking about

"I mean that's a big sweatshirt and you only wear it when you're cold " my dad seems to ignore the conversation completely just watching the news

"I just wanted to wear it " I admit it I was sweating to death but I mean there's no way I could take it off .

"Oh okay " the news grabs her attention again while I finish my food and run up stairs putting on my skinny jeans with holes in them with a Lacey pink tank top underneath my hoody . I throw my hair up in a side pony tail than I'm off to school .

- 1st period -

Our seating order was pretty much the same and mrs . Hanks just gave us a stupid study guide to fill out and none of us are really doing it we're just talking .

"Guys I'll be back I have to use the lady's room " Mrs hanks says exiting the room . The class stays silent for a moment than we all move . I jump onto Jace's lap and lean back, him putting his arms around me . I take off my sweatshirt because they don't call it a sweatshirt for nothing . I realise that the most of our table goes silently than Lilly speaks up .

"Aubrey what the hell is that ?! " she ask pointing at my neck . Shit .

"Um just a burn " I quickly slide my sweatshirt back on . Trying to cover my blushing . Than I feel Jace get a boner . Which makes me blush even more .

"You got laid last night ! " Jackson screams towards Jace . Oh god .

"No . No i didn't " he stumbles over his words smooth I turn around and look at him he's so red .

"Oh hell yes you did ! " John says throwing his hands in the air

"Oh my god Aubrey ! " Grace says towards me

"Come on guys it's not a big deal I mean we do it all the time ! " Jace States back . I quickly turn and look at him giving him a shut up face . There's gasp from the girls and woos from the guys . This can't be happening .

"Bro I thought it was just a weekend thing not an everyday thing ! " John says smiling huge

"Aubrey I thought you only did it occasionally!" Emily says . Oh my god this can't be happening .

"She's coming ! " one of the look out students say . I jump back onto my seat and pretend to work while I hear questions like

"How good is it ? "

"Has she blowed you yet ? "

"Is she good at it ? "

"Can I have my turn " I try to zone out because I don't wanna hear the answers . I do feel Jace's hand on my knee and I grab his and he holds it . He only does this when he feels bad or thinks I don't feel good . I give him a quick smile and keep pretending to work.

-after school -

Sammy and I decided we were gonna go to the park because we had nothing better to do and we haven't hung out in a while . We get to the gated park and I push up on the fence jumping over her doing the same thing . We start walking towards the swings and we both sit down and I start twisting in it .

"Sammy watch ! " I let go and I go flying around she gets in the way and I kick her in the shins .

"Damn it Aubrey " she says gripping her shin as I laugh .

"Wow that made me dizzy . " I said gripping my forehead

"Hm are you sure that's what made you dizzy ? Or is it because you're pregnant ? " she snaps back which makes me get really defensive .

"What the hell is you problem? I'm not pregnant " I straightening up .

"How do you know !? I mean you have sex like everyday there's a possibility ! " she screams towards me

"Sam , calm down . Just cause I have sex all the time doesn't mean I'm pregnant . " I try to chill the conversation

"It makes the possibility stronger ! Hm when was the last time you had your monthly cycle ?" She questions with her arms crossed

"Like two weeks ago so I'm not due for it ! " What is her problem ?

"All I'm trying to say is that Aubrey you need to be careful you don't need that . I mean you're in high school ! " oh my god she sounds like my mother

"I know I know ... " I say softly .

She puffs "just please be careful I would like to keep my best friend " I sling my arm over her shoulder

"No matter what we will be best friends forever " I pinky-swear I hold my pinky out and she does the same and we lock pinkies .

After about an hour we both decide to go home she walks to her red Beattle and I walk to my mustang and climb in .

"Bye best friend I love you ! " I scream at her

"Love you too ! " she screams back I slam my door and put my keys in the slot and turn the key . I turn around in my seat to get my phone from my backpack . I find it in the front pocket with my other crap than turn back around and set my hands with my phone in them on the steering wheel .

I had a message from Jace of course .

Jace - oh my god today was so awkward I'm so sorry! :/

I smile .

Me - yeah it was extremely awkward and it's okay you didn't do anything . :)

I set my phone in the cup holder than start backing out I hear ~Hey brother ~ come on the radio and I turn it up .

I decided I didn't want to go home so I went to the outlet mall . I love living in Florida because never is it really cold . So we can do anything out doors almost all the time . I start at my normal first stop Starbucks . I order a Java chip frap and begin to sip it and check Jace's message .

Jace - well except give you a hickey ...

Wow Jace

Me - yeah but hey meet me at the mall please !!!

He replies as soon as I send it .

Jace - I'll be there in 5 minuets are usual meeting spot ?

Me- yep :) see ya soon babe

I start walking up and down the row of stores I was on until I see the tall Jace appear in the middle wearing his blue sweatshirt . I smile at him and he notices and comes to me .

"Hey " he wraps his arms around me

"Hey " I smile into him we pull back and he snatches the cup from my hands .

"Payback " he says sipping it

"That's not funny Jace ! " I say smacking his arm

"But it is " he kisses my cheek and I giggle

"Not today " I smirk at him

"Damn it !" He puffs

"You wanna go to the food court ? " I questioned I was starving and the coffee wasnt gonna fill me up .

"Sure thing " he grabs my hand and we got the food court both getting chickfila and sitting in a table in the center of the area .

I take a bite of a waffle fry . Than shove it all in my mouth . Oh my god it tasted so good .

"Hungry ? " he questions eating his chicken burger slowly

"Yes starving " I shove another fry in my mouth

"Did you eat lunch ? " he ask setting down his burger

"Yeah ... " I say slowly taking a sip of my sweet tea

"You normally aren't this hungry "

"I guess to day is different " I say carefully than look away . Shit I hope this isn't what I think it is .

"Guess so .. " he starts to eat his food again and I try to bring up the first thing that came to mind .

"Sammy and I went the park today .. " I take the chicken carton from the bag and start to eat one

"What did y'all do ? " he asks I think he's catching on act more natural

"We acted like dumbass like normal . " I state clearly than laugh

"Sounds like y'all " he's very distant ,he knows what I'm thinking I can tell .

"Jace it's nothing I promise " I spit out . He grabs my hand over the table and looks me right in the eyes .

"Aubrey we probably shouldn't have sex for a little bit just to make sure .. Okay ? " I nod and look down .

~Dear god please don't let this happen . ~

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