We're Different (15+)

This is all the books in one .

Aubrey and Jace have been best friends since 5th grade they took each other's virginty there sophomore year . They are now juniors everyone thinks they are a couple but they are just friends with benefits . Simply that . Or will that change when something comes into their lives .
This is not your average love story start as best friends kind of thing . Find out about all the twist and turns in We're Different .
~not finished but say what you think so far ~


3. chapter 3 :home life

My parents won't be home for another hour or so . I walk down stairs in to the kitchen . I open the fridge and stare . Nothing . I slam the door than walk over to the snack cabinet I open and there's the holy grail . CHOCOLATE POPTARTS!! I quickly grab a package from the box putting it on a paper towel and putting it in the microwave for thirty seconds .I stand and wait anxiously for the heaven to be ready . Finally the timer goes off and I quickly jerk them out putting a piece in my mouth .

"Ahhh ! Hot ! " I scream running towards the trash can and spitting it out . I shake my head to my self well 'I'm a dumb ass' . I grab the hot pop-tarts and sit down on the couch turning on The Walking Dead .

My parents walk into the house after only watching one episode (ahh Glen is amazing ).

"Hey Hun , whatcha watching ? " my mom ask setting her purse and keys on the counter .

"Oh you know .. THE WALKING DEAD ! " I pause the show so I don't miss a thing .

"How was your game Jake ? " I ask my brother who was brushing off his cleats on the welcome mat

"We won ! " he shouts throwing his hands in the air

"Good job bubby ! " his pet name hahah . My Dad soon walks into where I'm sitting .

"Aubrey no eating in here and give me the remote " he demands

"Yes sir " I roll my eyes and get up grabbing my napkin and handing him the remote .

"Bye walking dead "I say quietly walking up the stairs .

I walk into my room and lay on the middle part of my bed realising it's still kind of damp . I jump up and grab the blanket pulling it off and throwing it to the corner . I grab a red comforter with black designs on it and lay it on my bed . I forgot about my phone till I heard it vibrate it must be ... In the bathroom I quickly locate . I find my pants and pull it out of the front pocket . I turn back into my room and jump onto the bed .

4 messages :

Jace - hey sexy :)

I reply Me - hey sex god ;)

I click to my other messages .

Sammy - sup bae ?

Me - oh just hanging at da crib :D

I click to my two others which were from lily and Jason nothing informational . Jace replied

Jace - I already miss it can I come over tonight :/

Me - oh hell yes please come over !!

I set my phone down and roll over to my back . He has snuck in so many other times already my parents never catch us . So I guess we're good .

-later that night -

My family members have all gone to sleep than I hear the familiar tap on my window I run over to see his face squished against it I laugh silently as I slide the glass open and pull him off the ladder to inside . I shut the window as soon as he's completely in . I look at him gray sweat pants and a red shirt . He removes his shoes and tucks them under my bed he also takes his sweat pants and shirt off . I take off my pants and climb into my bed he lays beside me . Maybe this night wouldn't end in sex . Ha yeah that's not gonna happen his hands are already in my underwear touching my butt . I kiss him putting our noses together I swing my legs to ether side of him .

"It's your turn now " I say smiling . He nods to me and I remove his boxers and begin to suck .

"Yes Aubrey .. Just like that " he slurs and whispers .

I keep going and than I decided I want some to . I sit up and remove my shirt and lay on him with my cheek on his chest . His hands pull me up closer on him making us scrape our body's together . I breath heavily than I couldn't take it . I push my bottoms off and than he gets the memo he unlatches my bra .

"Do you want me to stay on bottom ? " he ask touching me all along my body

"No " I smirk and he flips me over grabbing my by my thighs and pushing my against the head board . His lips make it by my neck as he begins to suck through his teeth giving me .. A hickey this is gonna be so noticeable I think . But I don't give a damn . He teases me but touching me but not doing what i want . I pull him forward so I can whisper in his ear .

"I want you in me . Now . " I demand

"Bossy is so hot " he says laying me completely down and putting it in me . I moan and whine as he does other things . When he's done he lays on top of me and I put my hands in his hair .

"Do you remember our first ? " he ask smirking at me

"Yes ." I say letting the memory come back .

- flashback -

Jace speaks like an angel as we lay on my couch . We were talking about something as we laid there watching the walking dead no we weren't dating the last time we were was in 8th grade and were both sophomores now so it's been a year or two . He plays with my hair running his hands through it .

"You know why don't we do something a little more fun than watching the walking dead ? " I question looking at him and startling on top of him .

"What is it ? " he ask looking at me with those killer blue eyes

"Well clothes are optional .. " I smile and kiss his cheek . He was my same height then so it was easier he must of hit a growths burg over the summer or something .

"Are you talking about ... " he gives me a strange look and I nod at him .

"Yes . Now we can go up to your room or we can stay here " I run my fingers through his hair

"To my room .. Now . " I smile and we both run to his room practically falling over each other and apparently he was planning to sleep with someone at some point because he had some in his room . Yes it was extremely awkward at first but we established we were friends with benfit's nothing more or less . It's that's how it's been ever since .

- end of flashback -

"I will always remember that day no matter what . " he states kissing my forehead .

"I will too " i trace his arm with my fingers

"I need to go Aubrey " he says getting up and starting to put his clothes on I get up and start doing the same .

"It was fun " I say not knowing what else to say

"Yeah .. It was " he slips his shoes on than walks over to the window opening it .

"Bye Jace " I say as he exits

"Bye Aubrey ... I love you " the last part was whispered but woah wait did he just . No there's no way . I shut the window . It must of been something else no way . No way . I lay down In bed im imagining things I need to sleep . Sleep takes over quickly but he's everywhere he's so gorgeous .

Authors note -

Hey sorry for short chapter and all the sex scenes but I promise the story line is about to come in play this is just previous info you need to know

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