We're Different (15+)

This is all the books in one .

Aubrey and Jace have been best friends since 5th grade they took each other's virginty there sophomore year . They are now juniors everyone thinks they are a couple but they are just friends with benefits . Simply that . Or will that change when something comes into their lives .
This is not your average love story start as best friends kind of thing . Find out about all the twist and turns in We're Different .
~not finished but say what you think so far ~


22. chapter 22

The night was restless getting up and taking care of Andrew me always sweating , I was gonna dread the up coming nights where it was two babies instead of one , but today was the day I start my adult life . Taking care of the kids , working , cleaning , doing bills and anything else my family needed me for . I still had my eyes close but I could hear Jace talking to Andrew , then the slightest knock .

"Come in . " Jace says quietly . I hear the door open and then wheels gliding along the floor with a faint whimper . I open my eyes just barely and see another baby creat has arrived .

"Alice was terrific all night it seems there was just a complication at first but everything seems perfect now , so that means your babies are to be going home today . " Dr.Williams with a even tone in his voice and I finally sit up , puff and look around the room Jace has yet to lay his hands on Alice and he's not going to .

"Dr.Williams can you please hand me Alice ? " I ask sweetly .

"I'm afraid Aubrey it is time you go get your actual clothes on so you can ,not to be pushy , be on your merry way . " he picks her up and presses her to his chest and I move close to his ear .

"Don't you let Jace touch her . Got it?" I command quietly . Then back away

"Jace did you grab my bag when you left the house ?" I question staring at him .

"Yes , in the bathroom . " he adjust Andrew in his arms and Andrew whimpers .

I give a slight nod turn on one foot and scurry off into the bathroom and find my pink Victoria secret bag on the floor under neath the sink . The bathroom reminded of a mental estate , white tile floors white walls a tiny shower with stool in it , toilet to the side of that and a sink with a mirror . I was dying to get these clothes off so imeditly I strip off my gown and stand in just undergarments , weirdly enough I had returned back to average size just as the doctors said but I didn't believe I could go from giant hippo to the tiny teenage girl I was before . I admire how much I shrunk then I notice the un-godly scar on my stomach area I run my hand over it and wince wow un-godly pain .

I slowly bend down and search around my bag for sweatpants from pink and a t-shirt , both were a kinda tight but ignoring it I grabbed my hairbrush and tooth brush and fixed both the smell and look of both my teeth and hair . I notice my purple rhinestone iPhone case reflecting from the bathroom light , I pick it up and press the home button , twenty three text messages .












Mrs. Sanders

And repeat .

I puff drop the phone with a thump , then pull my black converse out and zip my bag then slowly stand up and open the door .

Everybody was the same as I left except my bed had been made and Jace was sitting on it with Andrew in arms and car seats on ether side of him , one pink , one blue with elephants in both seats to match . I freeze and tuck a lose strand of hair behind my hair .

"Everything's ready , Miss..... Bown " Dr.Williams says with the nod of his head . My hands started shaking and I put them together noticing my sweaty palms . Dr . Williams sets Alice down in her car seat and buckles her and checks the straps . Her little outfit I picked out a couple days before was fitting her like a glove just like Andrews , who was just buckled into his car seat . I walk over to the bed with my bag slung over my shoulder and attempt to life both seats but quickly put them back down my arms not liking the weight .

"Aubrey I can carry them . " Jace says hands tighten around the handles . I shake my head and grab Alice's seat .

"You take Andrew I have Alice . " I get her off the bed and move towards the door .

"Thank you Mr.Williams it's been a pleasure . " I say going to the open the door .

"Ah yes you to mrs/mr.Sanders and Aubrey don't forget about your appointments and to read over the guides and oh ! " I shoot him a dirty look making him shut up . By this time Jace was now by my side with a diaper bag over his shoulder , I jerk the door open and slowly walk down towards the elevator hallway , the same hallway I realized I'm still in love with Jace , where I realized I missed him and i need him but also where I realized it won't happen.

We both get in the elevator taking us to the bottom level , with the few whimpers of the babies we exit the hospital into the warm turning to fall weather . Jace locates the car an guides me to it he opens the back seat doors . Three car seats two for the twins and one for Lilly .

"Jace there's no room for me in the back . " I state setting Alice down on her seats stand and buckling it down .

I watch him tighten Andrews as he does the same thing .

"Yeah sorry baby , our car is to small for you in the back . " he shuts the door and I do the same and we both move to the front seats and get in him turning on the engine , this use to be my favorite sound a mustang coming to life now the joy has faded from it .

"Aren't you suppose to be at school ! " I shout as he backs out .

"Yeah but in case you haven't noticed I have two new borns and a wife who just had them removed from her . "

He called me his wife . "Jace I'm not your wife . Number one and number two I could've just called your mom to see if she would come get me ... I mean us it's not that hard . "

"Aubrey that's the thing you will soon be my wife and I am in charge of you I mean your health and safety as well as the twins . " I puff and throw my head back against the seat

"Whatever . "


We arrive at the appartment building get the twins from the car walk into the front door and turn to our hallway , I hear a door shut and a bunch of whispers from what sounded like our apartment , finally Jace stopped and swung the door open.

"Welcome home ! " screamed everyone in unison .

Welcome home Aubrey to your new hell , I say to my self as I step inside .

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