We're Different (15+)

This is all the books in one .

Aubrey and Jace have been best friends since 5th grade they took each other's virginty there sophomore year . They are now juniors everyone thinks they are a couple but they are just friends with benefits . Simply that . Or will that change when something comes into their lives .
This is not your average love story start as best friends kind of thing . Find out about all the twist and turns in We're Different .
~not finished but say what you think so far ~


20. chapter 20


Part 2




Aubrey's POV |

It was weird at first , Andrew being attached to my boob but I mean after a few seconds I got use to it . I look dead at the doctor who was sitting staring at me .

"Who the hell are you ? " I question .

"Dr . Williams , how are you ms.bown or future mrs.sanders ? " wait what the hell did he just call me .

"Mrs . Sanders what makes you think I'm gonna be future mrs . Sanders !?" Andrew breaks apart from me and starts wailing again . I lean him against my shoulder and give him a few taps on the back .

"Well on their birth certificate , their last name is sanders so I figured soon y'all would be ... " I cut him off right than and there .

"You already filled out the birth certificates without me being awake ! What gave you the idea to do that !? " I scream no caring about how loud I was .

"Yes Ms . Bown I thought he was your boyfriend and their father I thought he had that kind of power . " he calmly says .

"No he doesn't ! Now change the god damn last names on the birth certificates " I shout . What was wrong with me I couldn't control my anger , I haven't even asked about Alice .

"Mam we can do that . "

"Whatever . " I lean back and press my hand to my head realizing Andrew was screaming louder than I was . I adjust him in my arms .

"Here's a Paci " the doctor says handing me a green pacifier from the table beside him. I plop it in his mouth and he becomes quite .

"What about Alice how's she ? " I make my voice nicer and hope he says I can see her soon.

"She wasn't breathing when she first came out , but has gradually been able to breath on her own with a little help from our machines . " I nod . "So she will be okay ? "

"Yes , most likely, we are trying our best " I nod again than there's a faint knock on the door .

"Come in " I say .

The door opens and Lilly comes rushing in with ... Him , following behind .

"Babyyyy !!! " she screeches and right beside me trying to push her self up onto it .

"Jace help her. " I command . He walks beside her , picking her up and laying her next to Andrew and I . I look down at him ,his eyes were the same shade of blue Jace's are . Andrew stared up at me sucking on his pacifier . I hear another knock at the door. Dr.Williams gets up to open the door , when he swings it open I see her ,Sammy ,I cradle Andrew closer to me so she couldn't see him .

"Hey ! Where are the babies ? " she ask stepping fully into the room .

"Get out . " I say .

"What's your problem ? " she ask very cocky .

"Get out Sammy ! " I scream .

She looks shocked, and Jace grabs her arm pulling her out . I bite my lip probably planning next time they're going to fuck . I look back down at Andrew and watch Lilly touch random places on him . He wasn't even phased by it .

| Jace's POV|

"You need to leave now Sammy . " I say letting go of her arm .

"Why ? " she whines child like and pulling on my arm .

"Because I have a family now , I have two kids and a future wife , I can't keep doing this to them ! " she presses her lips together than gives me a very seducive look .

"That didn't stop you for the past seven months . " she leans closer making her winged eye liner and smeared mascara clear , she had a certain tired look in her eyes , perhaps she was high ,

"I wasn't thinking . Okay now I am . "

" come on we can just fuck than you can go home and be with your family it's not hard . " she smiles and leans even more closer .

"No Sammy leave me and her the hell alone ! " I shout . She rolls her eyes than presses us together making our lips intertwine . I shove her away . "Just go and stop being such a stupid whore . " she does her white girl uh noise than turns and stomps down the hallway . I turn back around and walk back to the room where little Lilly curled up next to the beautiful Aubrey ,who looked tired but still full of energy, laid with my handsome young man . Who was gonna be one of my pride and joys .

"Do you and Aubrey want to go see Alice ?" Dr . Williams ask from the corner of the room . I nod my head and so does Aubrey . He gets up walking over to Aubrey , takes Andrew from her than helps her sit up and move out of bed . I move to help her stand up but she moves away from me , clearly not wanting me to touch her . Lilly goes to jump off the bed to go with us but dr. Stops her again .

"I'm sorry you can't go sweetheart . You can stay here with me and Andrew . " he says sitting down on the edge of the bed with Andrew in arms . She pouts and I set her back down on the bed .

"We will be right back Lilly bear . " I kiss her forehead than we both turn and walk towards the door.

Aubrey and I walk out of the room . You could see her trembling with her hand on her hospital gown where her stomach was . I try to move closer again but she shakes me off , again .

"Is your stomach okay ? " I ask , desperate for some answers .

"I just had my stomach cut open and you're asking if my stomachs okay ? " she says grouchy like . I puff and place my hand to my face .

"Here's the room . " she grumbles than turns facing a wooden door . I do the same and reach for the silver door handle . I gently press down on it and push against the door , it lead into a bright room with many baby boxes . Each baby sound asleep , the majority of them hooked up to machines , than out of the corner of my eye I see a young blonde headed nurse dressed in a pink top and white pants .

"We're hear to see Alice Sanders . " Aubrey's little voice comes from behind me .

"Ah yes , dr . Williams called me before y'all came , she's this one . " she gestures us to a box with no machines hooked to it , and a sleeping baby all dressed in pink was sleeping , Alice .

"Would you like to hold her ? " the nurse ask , but before I could answer Aubrey pushes in front of me .

"Yes , just me though . " the nurse just slowly nods then turns and grabs little Alice from the box , her thrashing around a bit as she gets set in her mothers arms .

|aubreys p.o.v|

She was beautiful , perfect , just like her brother . Her cheeks were rosy and eye lids fluttering , the nurse gestures me towards a dark brown rocking chair with a pink cushion . I seat down easily trying not to disturb the little angel in arms . I wonder what it's gonna be like to have them both in my arms .

Jace won't get to know the feeling , ever , I'm planning on as soon as I get back steady on my feet to kick him out to live with the whore who use to be my best friend . I un-focus my thoughts on that and go back to the actual thing that matter . I look back up at the people around me and narrow down on the nurse .

"When can she go home with her brother ? " I question shifting weight from one arm to the other .

"Well tomorrow probably , we have to see how she is when she sleeps , I mean with her breathing and all . " I smile and nod . It was 8 o clock at night , less than twenty four hours till I get to take my angels home . The time made me think of Lilly her mom probably wondering where I had disappeared to with her daughter .

"Jace , phone now . " I command , I see his eyes roll as he digs it from his pocket sets it in my free hand and than goes to grab Alice again .

"Don't put your hands on something that's not yours Jace , got it?" I see his fist clench up and face tensing as he spins on his heel and exits the room throwing the door shut , an eruption of cries feels the room .

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