We're Different (15+)

This is all the books in one .

Aubrey and Jace have been best friends since 5th grade they took each other's virginty there sophomore year . They are now juniors everyone thinks they are a couple but they are just friends with benefits . Simply that . Or will that change when something comes into their lives .
This is not your average love story start as best friends kind of thing . Find out about all the twist and turns in We're Different .
~not finished but say what you think so far ~


2. chapter 2 : Monday

Two days after the awkward question from John it's time to go to school , but the question keeps haunting my mind . What if ? What if ? .

I arrive at Richwood high school in my white mustang (sixteenth birthday present ) and Sammy meets me at the main door .

"I like your outfit "she says looking up and down I was just wearing black heels black pants and a red top and leather jacket not that big a deal . I just didn't want to be cold (even tho it's only like 50 degrees , one of the advantages to living in Florida ) and red goes with like Christmas and since Christmas is like two weeks away it works right ? I look back up at Sammy and she has Zach's arms wrapped around her ( her boyfriend , yes actual boyfriend lucky right ? ) .

"I'm gonna go find Jace ... " I say walking into the school building . I push past people almost falling several times . Heels are not my best friend is all I have to say . I trip almost falling completely than I feel arms pull on me before I hit the ground . I quickly turn around and see Jace smirking .

"You're so clumsy " he says taking a sip of .. Wait is that Starbucks ?

"Hey give me that " I take the cup out of his hands and take a big gulp

"I paid like 4$ for that !!" He screams towards me

"You're welcome . " I give him an evil smile and continue to drink .

"I hate you . "

"hate you too ! " I smile again at him .

He laughs and grabs my waist and pulls me forward I to him .

"I think I deserve a little thank you present for not letting you fall " he whispers in my ear making me shiver and blush at the same time .

"And you're gonna get one ." I pull back and turn to walk to my locker with Jace following behind like he always does .

When we get to my locker I get each book out one by one setting it in Jace's arms .

"I get extra for doing this right ? " he says as I place my algebra book on top of my science book .

"Yes of course " I take one final gulp of the coffee than set the cup on top of the books . I pull my iPhone out of the front pocket of my backpack and force it into my front pocket .

"Where's your stuff ? " I ask slamming my locker shut .

"Already in Mrs . Hanks classroom " Mrs hanks was our annoying science teacher who never taught us shit so like I'm failing her class .

"Okay let's go " we both walk to her class and take a sit in the center of one of the table groups . The others who sit there are the rest of my group; Sammy , John , Lilly , Jackson , Grace , Jason , Emily and of course Jace and I .

"Sup bitches ? " I ask pulling my phone out of my pocket to play on it .

"Nuthin whore " John says in a fake ghetto accent

I roll my eyes "Do you think I was talking to you ? "

"She was talking to the girls dumbass " Sammy says

"Sammy he is a girl " Jace says making me and others laugh

"Whatever man " John says in return throwing his hands in the air .

Before anyone else can say anything the bell rings and we actual start to do the worksheet that was passed out mostly all of us sharing the answers .

- after school -

I pull into my drive way putting my car in park than climbing out pulling my back pack from the backseat and pulling my keys out . I slam the door and lock it . I walk up the stairs and go to unlock the door but it's already unlocked . Someone must be home but I thought my brother has baseball tonight that's weird . I open the door and walk inside shutting it behind me .

"Hey I'm home ! " I scream dropping my bag on the ground

I hear someone's foot steps .

"Anyone here ? " I question taking a few steps

I hear more foot steps . Than someone grabs me . I scream bloody murder than I hear him laughing it was Jace .

"You scared the shit out of me Jace Prior ! " I say turning to him he's still laughing his face turning red as a tomato

"I .. Know " he speaks through gasp of breath .

I sit there tapping my foot, sometimes I regret telling him where the spare key is .

"I'm here to get my present " he states

"Well I know exactly what we can do " I say sexual and than start to walk up the stairs with him following . We walk into my bedroom and I shut and lock the door .

"Follow me " I say walking into the bathroom shutting and locking that door behind us . I turn on the shower head and start to remove my clothes . He seems pleased ,and begins to remove his . I shut one of the lights off and light some candles as he jumps into the shower I soon follow behind . The water was hot, steaming almost , I press my body against his making it even warmer .

"Should we... " I start to ask but he presses his lips against mine. Water droplets between our lips . Our hands intertwining .

"I don't have protection " he mumbles to me .

"Well I guess we will have to do something a little different like wash my hair " I turn around and put shampoo on my hands and begin to wash my hair, yes this was meant to tease him . His hands touch mine as I run them through my hair . He kisses my neck and I let my hands fall back onto what I think is his neck and press him forward . The shampoo rinses out of my hair and than he pulls me out of the shower shutting off the water and unlocking the door and with my legs around his waist he lays us on the bed .

Kissing me ever so gently this was so different . Nothing we do is ever like this . He grabs my waist and pushes our wet body's together . I let out a sigh . His fingers trail down in between my legs and begins to do his work . I let out moans of pleasure .

"Damn Jace that feels .." I moan again

He smirks at me and I run my hands through his wet brown hair as he lays almost below me and does something unspeakable . Pulling on his hair with my legs kept stiffening every time I tried to move them my sides pressing out . He trails back up me and I put my hands on his shoulder and he presses into me .

"Oh my gos...h " I say letting out a breath

He kisses my chest area carefully . Perfectly . We've never done anything like this so intensely he's never done things like he just did and the whole time he was still gorgeous and no I'm not worrying about the no protection thing we've done it before and I'm still not pregnant . He pulls back and kisses my lips a final time .

"How's that for a reward ? " I say still laying on my bed as he gets up .

"Amazing " he walks into the bathroom keeping the door open and starts to put his clothes on . I get up to my dresser grabbing some shorts and a extra long shirt and than my red Lacey underwear and bra and slide my clothes on . Jace hands me a towel to wrap my hair in as he uses another to dry his hair .

"Jace .. " I whine grabbing his arm

"What Aubrey " he questions and wines back , throwing his towel on the floor .

I get close to him and start to mumble in his ear . " that was perfect ." He wraps his arms around me

"Yes it was " he kisses my head and than lets go of me . I smile at him .

"I should probably get going my parents are back in town and they kind of expect me to be back soon " I frown

"Maybe next time we can do something a little more exciting that gives you more pleasure " I smile and kiss his jaw bone . He so tall the only way he can kiss me if I stand on my tippy toes and he looks down .

"Oh for certain " he grabs my hand and squeezes it . I smile again and he exits the room . I walk into the bathroom and blow out the candles . Friends that's all we will ever be . I think to my self .

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