We're Different (15+)

This is all the books in one .

Aubrey and Jace have been best friends since 5th grade they took each other's virginty there sophomore year . They are now juniors everyone thinks they are a couple but they are just friends with benefits . Simply that . Or will that change when something comes into their lives .
This is not your average love story start as best friends kind of thing . Find out about all the twist and turns in We're Different .
~not finished but say what you think so far ~


19. Chapter 19

| 2 months later | end of August |

I sit with my laptop resting on my stomach . This was the second week of senior year for Jace . I wish I actually get have a senior year , but sadly I can't because I'm gonna pop at any giving moment . Lilly was sitting at my feet staring at the tv her wet hair dripping on her shoulders . We had just went to the pool , she swam in the kitty area while I kept my feet in . To insecure to wear a bathing suit so there was no swimming for me . I was to anxious to get the phone call to even try studying what was on screen . I tap my nails on the space key . Than I hear my phone vibrating from beside Lilly .

"Honey hand me that please . " I ask her trying to stretch over my stomach . She jumps up grabbing the phone ,handing it to me than sitting on the couch beside me . I slide to answer it and older Lilly's voice comes through the phone .

"Aubrey I'm so . Oh my god . Aubrey . I'm literally . " I knew it was coming I had asked her to keep a look out for me .

"Aubrey are you there ? " it was Johns voice now.

"Yes. Is he ? " I ask quietly .

"Aubrey . I'm really sorry . Yes he is . " I close my eyes tightly keeping from tears .

"Okay ." I breath .

"He's on his way back home he left around 20 minuets ago . Okay ? " he says

"Thank you John very much . " I hang up and Little Lilly tugs at my arm .

"Aubee what's wrong? " she wines .

"Nothing sweetie pie . "

I hear the door start opening and Lilly gets down off the couch to run to him but I stop her .

"Lilly will you go to the babies room and see if anything needs to be fixed . " I tell her this all the time when I want to do something without distraction but she doesn't know that . So she giggles and goes running down the hallway .

"Something wrong ? " I hear Jace say .

"You're a cheater . " I don't look at him .

"What do you mean ? " he has a shakiness to his voice . I get up trying to be fast almost losing balance but re-gain it . I turn and look at him dead in the eyes .

"You cheated on me . With . With . With Sammy! " I shout .

"I'm sorry ... " he says quietly looking at the ground .

"No ! You can't just say sorry Jace . I'm over here letting your children grow inside me . While you're over there sleeping with another chick . What if she got pregnant ! What would you do ? Alice and Andrew aren't even born yet and they might already have a new brother or sister on the way ! " I shout .

"Number one : She's not pregnant Number two : you wouldn't even let me touch you without becoming scared . I'm a teenage boy I'm horny as fuck ! What did you want me to do ? ! " my breathing was becoming unsteady and I had strong cramps in my stomach but I ignored it and fought back .

"I wanted you to be a trust worthy father and take care of the girl who's gonna push to kids out of her just for you.... " I lost my breath and I got more pains in my stomach . I grip it and keep talking . "Maybe I shouldn't even let you ....ow. " I grip tighter .

"Aubrey I love you , I do I just ..... " I cut him off

"You wouldn't do this to someone you love ." I cringe more and pay attention to my breathing .

"I swear I love you . I just needed someone to you know , pleasure me . " I shoot him a look .

"What the fuck ! Pleasure you ! You see where pleasuring people got you ! A father by 17 . " I scream and wave my hands a little bit I feel something wet hit my feet . Than something happens and I hit the ground the whole world going dark to me .

I wake up to people surrounding me , bright lights shinning in my eyes and conversation scattered all about .

"Aubrey , you're in the hospital , you're going into labor . Okay ? We're going to do a c-section because you're to weak to perform manual , I'm going to need you to relax okay ? " I feel a prick in my skin , like a needle I lean my headback , staring at the ceiling . I feel a sharp pain in my stomach and I move my hands to touch it .

"No , no sweetie keep your hands by your side " a male person says with a thing over his mouth .

"Baby number one ! A boy ! " I hear someone than a loud high-pitched cry . Andrew , I think .

"Baby number two ! A girl ! " someone else screams , but no screaming from her . I hear many people talking at a time . Than I blackout again .

| Jace's pov |

Lilly and I waited in the waiting room . They said I was not allowed back there till after because I was not a husband or guardian . I did have to fill out her paper work though and for some weird reason I knew the answer to all of it .

"Jace Sanders . " someone calls from the door Aubrey got carried off into . I get up slowly while Lilly jumps up and runs towards the person who screamed my name .

"I'm afraid sweetie you will have to stay here . Okay ? " I join by her side .

"Don't worry , you will be safe just go play with the toys over there, I will be right back I promise . " her face drops but she nods and walks back to the toy area and plops down . The male doctor turns and makes his way down the hallway so I follow .

"How are they ? " I ask jogging to his side .

"Aubrey , fainted , the boy , very healthy , the girl .... Well . " his feet stop along with his voice .

"Well what ? "

He begins walking again "She wasn't breathing at first , and is barley doing it by her own now . We are trying are best . " we come to a halt in front of the last door on the hallway . He opens the door and I walk in first . Aubrey was sleeping it looked like, while another doctor examined her . He turns his attention to me when I walk in .

"Hi I'm doctor Williams . " he stretches his hand out and I shake it with a small smile .

"Take a seat please ," I do and so does he "Does she have anxiety issues ? " the door shuts behind the person who lead me here as the dr.Williams scratches something on his clipboard .

"Yes . " I answer looking at every detail of Aubrey .

"Well then that's the problem she fainted because of anxiety , am I correct . " he shoves his pen in his jacket pocket , and gives me a look.

"Yes . " as I say that the door flies open and in wheels a little clear container with a baby sleeping inside . I stand up fast .

"Aw a baby boy did y'all decided on a name . " the doctor ask as he gives a dismissing look to the girl who rolled him in .

"Andrew Daniel Sanders " I say with my last name instead of Aubrey's and Andrew me and Aubrey decided a few months back because of my grandfather .

"Andrew Daniel Sanders

Born on August 29th ( a Tuesday )

At 5:07 pm

In Miami Florida

Parents : Aubrey Bown and Jace sanders . "

He says aloud . I smile . "And the girl? " he questions .

"Alice Clementine Sanders " that's what Aubrey wanted that exact name .

"Alice clementine sanders

Born on August 29th ( a Tuesday )

At 5:09 pm

In Miami Florida

Parents : Aubrey Bown and Jace Sanders "

I smile . "May I hold Andrew ? " I ask looking back at the clear container he laid in . He smiles at me stands up looks over little Andrew picks up him up adjusts the blanket a little bit than lays him in my arms .

He was still , but had rosy cheeks and a nose like Aubrey . I wanted to know the eye color but I wasn't gonna disturb my sleeping angel . "He's beautiful " I whisper smiling . The doctor watches as I still stare down at him . He was mine , I helped create him , he was something no one could take from me . A sleeping angel . I craved to see Alice but she was ... Trying to breath . Andrews eye lids start to flutter than he roars to life ,screaming and trying to thrash out of his blue cotton blanket.

"He's hungry . We didn't know if he's gonna be breast feed .." I hear someone say something from the side of the room with the sleeping Aubrey . I quickly look over there and she was no longer sleeping but with a frightened look on her face .

"Give me him. Now Jace ! " she shouts over the crying Andrew .

"Ms.bown you might be to weak to .... " she cuts him off .

"I don't care , I want my baby out of his arms right now . " I felt like every inch inside of me was falling apart . Mr. Williams looks at me and gives me a 'you should do what she says look ' and with a sigh I stand up walk over to the bed with the screaming Andrew in arms . I passed him over to her . She lifts her shirt up exposing her breast and plops the baby on it . I turn around quickly like I was gonna puke .

"Out now . " she says and I obey and dart out of the room and back towards the waiting room .

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