We're Different (15+)

This is all the books in one .

Aubrey and Jace have been best friends since 5th grade they took each other's virginty there sophomore year . They are now juniors everyone thinks they are a couple but they are just friends with benefits . Simply that . Or will that change when something comes into their lives .
This is not your average love story start as best friends kind of thing . Find out about all the twist and turns in We're Different .
~not finished but say what you think so far ~


18. chapter 18 : baby shower

|4 months later |

"Jace , pearl ear rings or hoops ? " I ask him looking in the mirror that was hung in out living room ,I was large, very large . Our apartment finally was unpacked and today we were hosting a baby shower / house warming party .

"Don't know , don't care . " he says with his feet on the coffee table , covered in chip crumbs .

"Jace seriously , could you like at least kinda help me get ready for guest ? " I open the screen door to our porch letting some of the summer heat in .

"Whatever ." I hear him mumble behind me . I shot around .

"Jace would you like to know how much pain I am in right now , my feet hurt , the damn children won't stop kicking , and I barley got any sleep last night . Just for once help me that's all I need from you . Okay ? " he puffs again than stands up with the bag of chips in hand , he wipes the coffee table of crumbs into the bag . I roll my eyes than walk back down the hallway to our bedroom . I decide on the pear earrings with my blue shirt and yoga capris , with my hair falling perfectly on my shoulders . First time I've dressed descant in months . I hear the first knock on the door and I waddle to it swinging it open , Lilly Ann and Mr/ Mrs. Lewis .

"Aw hey guys , Mr . Lewis it's been a while. " he had short blonde hair with brown eyes . He was a very (how do i put this ) bland guy . Not much to him . I look down at Lilly who's blonde hair laid on her shoulders like mine . She held a blue wrapped present, and a pink one . They were the only ones that knew . Before they could get all the way in the door the older Lilly shows up , linked arms with John .

" Aubrey ! How are you not exploding !" She shrieks . I shake my head .

"I wish I would . " John hugs me over my bump, or should I say watermelon , and Lilly does the same . She slips me a card and I smile .

"Lilly Ann , can you please go these in the babies room . " I ask her as she fidgets around her mom . She quickly grabs it and takes off running toward the hallway than down it .

I vaguely heard Jace and Johns conversations, but the one part I could make out seem to worry / confuse me .

"Damn bro , she is huge . " John says .

"Yeah I know , that's why I am being careful with . You know ." Wait who's you know? Is . What no that can't be . I had to talk to Lilly in private to tell her about my findings a couple weeks ago .

"Lilly can I speak to you , in my bedroom ?" I whisper to her and she nods . She follows me into the room as I shut the door behind us .

"I found condom wrapperS in Jace's car " I quickly say covering my mouth .

"What ? You mean you think ? " she questions . I nod .

"No no , that can't be . I mean he has .... Oh shit " she says looking the other way .

"What !? Tell me ? " i shout . She puffs than goes to speak but right than the door hits me and I quickly turn to see Jace's mom behind it .

"Hey sweetie " she says sweetly as I back away to let her in . "I hope I wasn't interrupting anything . "

"No no of course not " she smiles and puts her hands on my stomach .

"Wow ! Yep they're in there." She shouts . I nod .

"Aubrey did you find out the genders ? " Lilly ask from beside me .

"Ah yes ! A boy and a girl " Becky says from beside me . Wait did Jace actually tell her .

"Aw really one of each that's adorable . " Lilly says

"Yes I know . " I smile .

| 30 minutes later |

Everyone has arrived Lilly has enjoyed staring at the beautifully wrapped presents . Mrs . Lewis and I were standing at the doorway of the baby's room as Lilly traced the outline of each present as we watched my hands laying on my stomach . I could hear laughs and loud conversations from the living room and kitchen .

"She loves you , you know " Mrs. Lewis said beside me . I nod my head .

"She's a sweetheart . " I say .

"Do you have any siblings ? " she ask me .

"Yes , I have a younger brother . He barley understands what's happening I haven't seen him since I blew up my parents forbid me from it . " I lay my head against the door,and think about the paper .

"I'm sure he's doing well . " I nod .

"Aubrey , you're gonna be a great mom . I mean hell, if I were to drop dead tonight I wouldn't think twice about giving you Lilly ." Wow that was the first time I've heard her cuss I open my mouth a little ,and manage to get a thank you out .

"Aubeeeee can we open presents now ? " Lilly squeals .

"I guess we can , let me go get the rest of them . " she doesn't respond just takes off running down the hallway shouting. Slowly people start to migrate to where I was, I see grace she must of arrived recently . She throws her arms around me .

"Hey sweetheart how are you ? " she ask me .

"I'm good . " I whisper.

She nods than walks completely into the room . Jace comes next ,standing next to me . He grabs my arm and leads me into the room where people were lining the walls . I sit in the middle , next to the big stack of presents.

"Wait Aubrey first tell us what the genders are . " Jackson says from beside John .

"One boy , one girl . " Jace says cutting me off . Lilly sits on my lap and hands me the blue one of her presents .

"Thank you Lilly Ann " i say as I tear apart the wrapping , Lilly helping me . It was box .

"Yay just what I wanted a box . " I say with enthusiasm .

"No silly willy . It's a mo-bi-l for the boy " Lilly says pointing to the picture on the box . I turn my head around the room and see mr/mrs.lewis smile I nod and mouth a thank you .

"Jace do you want to help?" I ask him and giving him a please smile .

He gives a sigh and sits down beside me . I wrap my fingers with his . If he is doing what I think he is I at least gotta try make him feel bad .

"Lilly , I'm highly suspecting the pink one is the same thing but for the girl . " she giggles and nods .

"Can you hand me another one than ?" She pulls a big one towards me .

"Who is this from ? " I look around and Becky raises her hand . I use my spare hand and Lilly helps again as we unwrap it . I gasp a bit . The crib that I saw at the mall a while ago , except it was pink .

"There's another one in my car " Becky whispers from behind me .

"Thank you "

I open the rest of the presents just pretty much : gift cards , pacifiers , stuffed animals other random stuff . I was still sitting on the floor as people evacuated to the kitchen .

"Jaceee I need help !" I say trying to push my self onto my feet . He puffs and I see the slightest smile on his face . He grabs my arm and slips his arm behind my back pulling me up .

"God you're heavy . " he says as I get back onto my feet .

"Well I am carrying two children in me . So I wonder why ?" I say with sarcasm .

He laughs his eyes narrowed down onto my stomach .

"It's not polite to stare " I say than walk out of the room him following . We all take spots around the living room / kitchen . I sat on the couch next to Becky , Jace stood behind us with John . Jackson , Grace and big Lilly were in the kitchen along with Mr/Mrs.lewis . Little Lilly was sitting at my feet coloring and speaking to her self . Conversations were floating around the room .

"Aubrey will you be breast feeding ? " Becky ask turning towards me .

"No , nothing needs to get near my breast . " I sharply say and I see a smirk on Jace's face . Yep he was thinking dirty .

"But it's better for the babies . Healthier . " almost everyone was listening now .

"Yeah but I don't want to do it . " I complain in a voice that reminded my self of old me .

" Again it's healthier , it will give them a better life and ... " I toned out at this part, I was losing my breath .

"Don't you want them to be healthy ? " she questions looking deeper in my eyes taking my breathing completely away . I stand up fast and scurry off to my bed room shutting the door . I climb onto my bed and put my head on my knees and hands on my neck .

Breath , Aubrey , breath . I think to my self . I can't though it's something I don't want to do but it's healthier for the babies . I mean I'm very uncomfortable with that I honestly don't ... My breathing becoming worse . I grip my stomach I feel them kicking . If I stop breathing so will they . I think . I hear the door open and I tuck my face tighter to my knees.

"Aubrey .. " he whispers , it was John . I lift my head a little to see him standing in front of me .

"John " I breath out .

"Are you okay ? " he tucks my brown hair behind my ear and for once I admit that I'm not . I shake my head and bite my lip . He wraps his arms around my shaking body .

"Why don't you tell me what's wrong . " he carefully says . I puff .

"Everything , Jace hates me , everyone's pressuring me into making choices and I'm really bad at choices clearly and I . I don't." Tears trickle down my cheeks , he pulls me up on my feet and hugs me as tight as possible , it was painful in a way but amazing in another .

"Angle face , Jace is just scared , he's scared on what he did to you how he's gonna take care of you . You also don't have to do things you don't want to it's your choice , your body . Do what you want . " I nod into his chest and he puts his hand underneath my chin making me look up . He kisses my forehead than his soothing voice says something making me want to faint .

"No matter what I will always be here for you . "

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