We're Different (15+)

This is all the books in one .

Aubrey and Jace have been best friends since 5th grade they took each other's virginty there sophomore year . They are now juniors everyone thinks they are a couple but they are just friends with benefits . Simply that . Or will that change when something comes into their lives .
This is not your average love story start as best friends kind of thing . Find out about all the twist and turns in We're Different .
~not finished but say what you think so far ~


17. chapter 17 :twins

I see his brown hair and blue hoodie self come out of the school building, his hands in his pockets. I stand against the car with my hands on my stomach . He spots me and ducks his head John was walking beside him and looked happier than he did , but they still walked with the same posture and hands in pocket. I scanned over the crowd of people; a lot I knew . I see a few smiles and a few ' hey's ' and ' how are you doing's '. A lot of people knew I was pregnant now, it was becoming obvious . Jace and John have made it close to me and John takes off in a sprint towards me .

"No , Stop . What are you doing John !!! " I scream . He laughs picks me up , hugging me .

"How you doing Aubrey " he kindly asks, setting me down .

"Good . You know, being pregnant . " I laugh and he gives me a smile with his pearly white teeth showing . I have to admit it he was pretty damn hot. I shouldn't be thinking about that but I couldn't help it .

"Well I'll see y'all later " he gives me a friendly peck on the cheek than hits Jace's back as he waltzes off into another crowd of people . Jace and I both get into the car Lilly making random animal noises . Jace starts backing out than before I can say anything, but Lilly does .

"Ace two babies ! " she screams and his face turns completely emotionless .

"What is she talking about Aubrey ? " he ask

I think for a second . "It's twins " I run my hand over my stomach . His face drops a lot .

"Twins . Aubrey we can't afford twins! We don't have time from twins or the patience . " 'or the love' , I think to my self .

"It's not my choice Jace! I couldn't decide what they were . " I said, already starting to become angry.

"God , Aubrey we can't ... " I cut him off for Lilly's sake .

"Jace " I flip my head towards her in the back seat. He throws his hands up in the air .

"Whatever Aubrey . Just whatever ." I turn my head towards the window , and stare at everything we pass feeling my stomach I feel the butterflies in my stomach ( apparently it's them moving , but Jace doesn't really care )

| 3 days later /Friday night |

Jace was in the bathroom showering while I was laying in bed playing on my phone. I heard the water go off . This was the first time all week I'm sleeping in my actual bed . Jace has pretty much ignored me all week, ignoring all questions or comments. We even had sandwiches all week because he wouldn't tell me what he wanted and he doesn't want me spending money . I feel something in my stomach. Something very weird ... There it is again !

"Jace !!! " I scream .

"What do you want !? " he complains from the bathroom where the water just turned off .

"Come here ! Something weird is happening . " I scream .

I hear him puff and he opens the door from out small bathroom with shorts on and no top . I was sitting up now with my shirt rolled up and hands on stomach . He walks over to me and puts his hands near mine . Than I feel it again .

"See?! Did you feel it ? " I ask him . His eyes narrow down . I feel it again . He gets a smile on his face .

"It's kicking." For once this week he looked happy .

"They're kicking . " I correct him.

"Yeah... They are.." He says as he strokes my stomach. He looks up at my face and moves up to kiss me.

He begins to make out with me, trying to remove my shirt.

"Jace, no. Stop it!" I say as I push him away. He looked at me, a flash of hurt on his face before it went emotionless. He got up without a word and went into the living room, where I heard him thump down on the couch with a sigh . Than clicks the tv onto something . I stare up at the ceiling not knowing how to fix this everything I do messes stuff up . I can't even talk to my "boyfriend" without him getting mad .

I roll over onto my side looking at the bedside table . The papers the nurse gave me , and the book Jace's parents got me , lay there . I pick up one of the papers to see if any information helped me right now . I see the subtitle baby movement . I scan the article , I was two weeks early for a normal pregnancy to feel them kick, but at the bottom it states may be different if you are pregnant with twins . Ah makes since . I put the paper back down , picking up the book and scanning over it a few things I could actually use later the other things just comical . I hear Jace mumble, must be on the phone about something . I throw stare back up at the ceiling expecting it to be different for some reason . Still the same thing. I click off the lamp so it's mostly dark except for the bathroom light . I kept my hands on my bump to feel them kicking as I dozed off to sleep .

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