We're Different (15+)

This is all the books in one .

Aubrey and Jace have been best friends since 5th grade they took each other's virginty there sophomore year . They are now juniors everyone thinks they are a couple but they are just friends with benefits . Simply that . Or will that change when something comes into their lives .
This is not your average love story start as best friends kind of thing . Find out about all the twist and turns in We're Different .
~not finished but say what you think so far ~


16. chapter 16: pizza & ultra sound

*Knock knock knock*

I run from my bedroom with my wallet in hand towards the door . I swing the door open and the smell of pizza overwhelms... Wait I know him .


"Woe damn Aubrey , you're pregnant , who's the baby dad... " I guess Jace joined by my side, because he stopped his sentence .

"Yeah , I figured Sammy told you . " I see Jace look down at his shoes.

"Oh , no we broke up a couple days before Christmas " he looks down to the two pizzas he was holding .

"Oh .... I'm sorry " I touch his shoulder .

"It's okay . I guess . I mean . " he shakes his head than hands over the food.

"Oh thanks " I hand over the money with a few dollars for tip. He gives me a nod and exits down the hallway. I shut the door and Jace takes the pizzas and sets them on the only place where there isn't any boxes and opens the top one getting a piece , and taking a bite .

"You gonna use a plate ? " I ask him .

"No . " he said shortly and walks back to the living room .

"Okay then " I say as I grab a paper plate and set me a piece on it waking to the living room and sitting on the recliner with my feet underneath me . I take a bite and the greasy goodness fills my mouth .

" I hope our kids are like Lilly " Jace says looking towards me. This shocks me, he never talks about the baby anymore .

"She's a sweetheart. " he adds . I nod still speechless.

He finishes his pizza than stands up and walks towards me I put my legs down . He gets on his knees in front of me and pulls my shirt up he lays his hands on my stomach and looks up at me ,his eyes sincere . I put my hands on the back off his neck and he leans forwards and kisses my stomach in between his hands. He moves down and stops right bellow my belly button and leans back gets up and walks to our bedroom shutting the door . What just happened ? I think to my self . I spend the rest of the night watching the Dr.Who marathon . Falling asleep on couch wrapped in the famous fuzzy blanket .

| morning |

"Aubeee wake up !! " i feel someone jump on me and open my eyes to the little Lilly sitting on me.

"Good morning Lilly Ann " I mumble, "Where's Jace? " I ask rubbing my eyes .

"Present " I hear him say from the kitchens direction .

"You have to go get dressed so we can see the baby " Lilly jumps off of me but pulls my hand .

"I'm going " I stand up and walk to my bedroom shutting the door .

| Jaces P.o.v |

I hear the door shut as I mix strawberries with yogurt . Lilly appears at my legs and reaches for it . I put the cup in her hands and get a spoon out and hand it to her . She takes a bite than with her toddler questioning ways she had to ask me something .

"Do you love Aubee ? " I pick her up .

"Oh of course I do . " I say happily .

"You never act like it , like my mommy and daddy . "

"That's because were different ." What do I say to a little girl that I don't love the person who carries my child . I mean I do love Aubrey . I guess , it's just complicated with us now . She shoves more yogurt in her mouth and smiles big . I give her a big kiss on the cheek .

"Now why don't you go check on her " I set her down and she darts into our bedroom the spoon clanging against the cup. I hear laughs from Aubrey and Lilly than both appear out from the door way . Aubrey was wearing the usual sweatpants and t-shirt with her hair in a ponytail and purse on her shoulder .

"We're ready " Lilly announces .

"Let's go " I pick up the keys and start towards the door with the girls following behind .

| Aubrey's POV|

"Do you want me to drive ? " I ask buckling up Lilly in her car seat .

"No . You can get in the drivers seat when you drop me off ." He starts the car as I shut the door to Lilly and get in mine . I lay my hands on my stomach going over the bump over and over . Till we pull up at my old high school . I jump out and so does Jace I go to hug him but he denies it putting the keys in my hand .

"Jace seriously . Why can't you hug me " he ignores me by looking around .

"What are you embarrassed to show people what you did ! Is that it ! " he looks up at me his face turning angry than I hear the cheerful Lilly beside me .

"Oh my god . Aubrey !! " I turn to see her and she throws her arms around me .

"Hey Lilly " I say slightly annoyed as I see Jace start walking towards the building waving towards Lilly Ann in the backseat .

"Aw who's that? " she gestures towards the other lilly in the back .

"That's Lilly , here you can meet her " I walk over to the door and open it . She was scribbling in a coloring book .

"Lilly looks it's Lilly " she turns her focus towards us .

"You have my name ? "

"Yes I do . What are you doing there "

"Coloring , come on Aubee we have to go see baby " she shouts towards me .

"Okay . Just one more second . " I shut the door .

"First ultrasound , so worried " I state than start walking to the drivers side door .

"Oh text me and tell me how it goes " she turns to walk away .

"Sure thing babe " I slip into the car and adjust the mirrors . I look up towards the school building to see ... Sammy ... With her arms wrapped around .. Jace . I attempt to ignore it as I back out almost hitting a few people . I curse under my breath than see if Lilly heard it. She was still coloring and has now added the clinking noise with her tongue . I shake my head than off to the doctor I go .


"Oh that's cold " I say as the nurse puts the stuff on my stomach.

"Ah yes I know . " she messes around some more and I get a little worried .

"Lilly come hold my hand im scared " I say in a childish way making her giggle than wrap her tiny hand with mine .

"Is she yours ? " the nurse ask getting more stuff ready .

"No . No . I am a nanny . This one is my first " I gesture down towards my stomach she than puts a little object on it and moves it around . I look up at the screen and at Lilly who seemed to be hypnotized .

"Well .. That's peculiar " the nurse says moving the tool around more which makes me hold my breath .

"What's ... Pur-cur-ier ?" Lilly ask trying to sound out the word.

"It seems . That .... It's not one baby . It's two " I'm pretty sure I just lost my breathing .

"Two...? " I breath out .

"Yes it seems you're having twins . " I think my stomach just fell out my ass . I put my hand over my mouth .

"Are you sure ? " I ask .

"Yes , two heartbeats . "

"Tw....two "

"Two babyyyyyssss " Lilly screeches . I nod as the nurse cleans the stuff off my stomach .

"Yes sweetie two babies . " the nurse says as she gestures for me to sit up . I push my self onto my hands and sit up, pulling my shirt back down.

"I'll be right back with some information to help you and your next appointment ." I nod and so does Lilly . As soon as the nurse leaves the room Lilly begins her toddler ways .

"Aubee can I sit up there with you " she holds out her arms . I lift her up and set her beside me . I than get up and grab my phone from my purse i find Lilly's name .


Me : holy shit it's twins !!!

Lilly : ehhhhhh really !!!!

Me : yes like ahhh two kids .

Lilly : have you texted Jace yet ?

Me : No I'm gonna get him from school in a couple hours .

Lilly : oh .

I don't reply cause the nurse walks in with many papers in her hands . She puts them all in my hands . Tons of instructions and things I need to know .

"Your next appointment is next month April , 24th at 10 o clock " she gives me a smile which I guess means I can leave now . I get Lilly of the table and shove the papers in my purse .

"Thank you . " I say than exit out the door with Lilly holding my hand.

"Do you want some lunch ?" I ask her .

"Yessssss.. Can we go steak and shamke"

"Since you were a good girl I guess we can " she jumps up with enthusiasm .

"Yay ice bream "

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