We're Different (15+)

This is all the books in one .

Aubrey and Jace have been best friends since 5th grade they took each other's virginty there sophomore year . They are now juniors everyone thinks they are a couple but they are just friends with benefits . Simply that . Or will that change when something comes into their lives .
This is not your average love story start as best friends kind of thing . Find out about all the twist and turns in We're Different .
~not finished but say what you think so far ~


13. chapter 13 : my new home

We get back to Jace's house . Well I guess it's now mine . Jace and me grab a few boxes each than walk to the door it was locked . Jace digs in his pockets for a minuet than pulls out his house key . For some unknown reason it's not with car keys . He unlocks the door and stands behind it as I walk in . My arms about to break from the weight I'm carrying . The tension breaks and I drop the boxes with a loud thump . Jace quickly joins my side .

"Are you okay ?" He touches my hand

"Yeah it's just they were heavy ..." We stop to hear a downfall start happening outside .

"Shit Jace the boxes !! " I scream running into the rain . He follows behind me and we end up grabbing all the left over boxes and running towards the house . We were both drenched as we set down the boxes at the door . I smile and start laughing.

"That was the most random thing I've ever seen " he says running his hands through his wet hair .

"I know ! I mean where the hell did it even come from ? " I shout . He laughs .

"I have no idea "

"Jace ? " I start to remove my shoes

"Yes ? " he removed his shoes

"Can we lay please watch a movie and ... Cuddle ? " I bat my eye lashes . He grins than run towards me throwing me over his shoulder .

"Of course we can babe ! " he screams putting me down on the bigger couch .

"Jace" I screech . He laugh loudly than gets on top of me .

"What Aubrey ? " he moves closer to my face .

"Jace" I slowly say .

I see a smirk on his face . "Aren't you ticklish ?"

"No . Please don't ! " he laughs and pulls my shirt midway up and starts tickling my stomach .

"Jace!!! Stoppppp !!! " I giggle and scream and try to break out of his hold . His arms and weight keep me pinned down . As I laugh he continues to tickle me . Everywhere .

"I have to pee !!! Stop Jace !!! " I squeal as if I'm a little girl .

He gets off of me . "Fine go pee ,pregnant women these days " he sarcastically says .

"Shut up . " I walk off into the bathroom . I finish my business In there , wash my hands ,and throw my hair up in a messy bun . I open the door quietly and step out . Than arms wrap around me . Lifting me up . I attempt to elbow him but he doesn't budge. He starts running with me to the glass sliding it opened . Taking me into the pouring rain . I screech more as my hair gets wet . He throws me onto the trampoline and I slide a bit .

"Someone's gonna get hurt " I scream as the sound of tons of millions of rain drops hit the ground .

He jumps up with me. "Your not a mom yet . Be a teenager while it last " he kisses my head and jumps . He's right in nine months I will have tons of things to worry about . Right now I have barely any . I start to jump the water underneath my feet and in my hair . I see Jace smile and I grab his hands and we start jumping in sync . I jump into him and stop jumping . He wraps his arms around me .

"Welcome home Aubrey " he whispers .

I nod into his chest . "Can we cuddle now ?"

I see his lip peel into a smile . He jumps down and holds out his arms .

"Jump Aubrey I will catch you " I step on the edge and push off partly slipping landing in his arms ,he moves me around so he can carry me bridal style .

"Our room or the living room ? " he asks walking and carrying me towards the house .

"Our room " I see him smile . He grips me tighter and carries me into the house my hair dripping onto the wooden hallway floor . He opens the door to our bedroom and lays me down on the bed .

"My hairs gonna get the bed wet " I complain . He kisses my forehead .

"Don't worry about it . " he grabs the xbox controller and turns on the tv , and lays next to me pulling the covers over us and disregarding his shirt . I lay closer to his bare skin .

"What movie ? " he questions, looking on Netflix.

"Anything . " he picks a random movie and lays the controller down wrapping his arms tighter around me .

"I love you "

"I love you more ." He kisses my lips melting me all at once .

"Forever?" I ask.

"Forever. "

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