We're Different (15+)

This is all the books in one .

Aubrey and Jace have been best friends since 5th grade they took each other's virginty there sophomore year . They are now juniors everyone thinks they are a couple but they are just friends with benefits . Simply that . Or will that change when something comes into their lives .
This is not your average love story start as best friends kind of thing . Find out about all the twist and turns in We're Different .
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12. chapter 12: Picture perfect memories

We wonder around the mall for around thirty more minuets or so, than we head to the car the sky is starting to darken with big dark clouds rolling from the horizon .

"Can we go to my.. " I think for a second " old house to see if I can get any of my stuff ? "

"Yeah sure babe " he slides into the front seat as I slide into the passenger . "Man those clouds " he leans forward looking a the sky .

"It's probably gonna storm " I state

"I hope it's nothing bad "

"Me ether." Our hands lock together as he backs out of the parking space . I stare out the window until we pull into the familiar drive way with no car to be found . I open my door as the breeze hits me in the face . I close my eyes to feel it even more closely .

"Aubrey, are you okay ?" Jace questions standing beside me .

I keep my eyes closed and nod . I wrap my arms around my self . Dreams and memories flash through me so quickly ,so distant I wanted to scream . I open my eyes fast than walk towards the door like nothing happened . I search for the hidden key underneath the plant on the porch . I unlock the door and swing it open walking inside . I take in the smell . Home . Is all I can think .

I start to climb the stairs into my bedroom . Things have been piled on the bed, but that seems to be all that's changed . I'm guessing my old childhood things .

"I'm gonna go see if there's any boxes in the garage . I'll be right back " I say to Jace as I push past him and run down the stairs and into the door beside the fridge .

I flip on the light , it taking a second to go to full lightening . I look around and spot a pile of boxes by the garage door . I run over to them and count how many , 37 . I grab around ten than turn to walk out of the garage shutting off the light and slamming and locking the door .

I run back up the stairs my thighs screaming at me as the boxes hit my knees . I find Jace sitting on my bed with a purple scrap book laying in his lap . He was tracing the spine of it with his index finger I drop the boxes and sit beside him with a puff .

"What did you find Mr. Explorer ? " I ask

"Scrapbook "

I open the cover and look at the first page :

Aubrey Danielle Bown

March 21st 1997

7 pounds 5 ounces

Aubrey , oh my little Aubrey you are so cute , small and delicate . When I first laid eye on you . It was the happiest moment of my life . Here you lay in my arms as I write this . Sleeping so perfectly like nothing in the Earth can bother you . Please baby just never grow up . You can stay this little . No one will ever hurt you or break your heart just please never grow up .

~ love mom

I tear sneaks down my cheek and I quickly wipe it away . He turns to the next page . It was me ,baby form of course I was wrapped in a colourful blanket as my mom held me in a hospital bed . I was so tiny . My moms hair looked wreaked but she looked young and beautiful . I close my eyes again . I hear the page turn it was a year later . I was bigger with rosy cheeks as I sat in middle of the floor surrounded by toys. I was wearing a pink onesie . The next page . Memories . The next page . Memories . This kept going for 10 pages . 10 years than stopped the next pages blank . I bite my lip to keep from more tears.

I stand up and wipe my face . "Maybe we should " I sniffle "getting stuff together " he nods and lays the book down beside him . I stand there still frozen . My arms holding my self . I stare cluelessly at the ground . I feel him . His strong arms around me pulling me close . I let tears fall as he runs his fingers through my hair . "Sh.. " he repeats as he bounces with arms wrapped around me .

"I'm okay . I swear " I whisper . He lets go of me . I grab the book and put it in one of the boxes . I search the bed and grab other photo albums and framed photos . Putting them in the box . Jace does the same . I get a thought and quickly open my closet . I grab a near by stool and stand on it . Throwing blankets and other crap I don't care about down I find the box . The pink painted box . I pull it from the back and jump down . I sit down immediately opening it . Reveling it . The checks, the cash , the papers .

"What is that ?" Jace sits beside me leaning over the box . I pick up the wad of cash .

"Every year since I could I remember .. I saved half the money I got. Of course I thought I was gonna use it off a rainy day , but I guess this is my rainy day . " I run it over in my fingers .

"How much ? " he touches the box .

"2300 " I breath out

"Holy shit you've had that stored in your closet for how many years ? How do you even ? " I set the wad down and pick up another check looking thing .

"Savings bond " I state as I read it .

"It's probably worth around 790 now " his eyes seem to be pooping out of his head .

"What do you want to do with that ? " he's still looking .

"Jace . The house is gonna get crowed with a baby . We're gonna need our own place ... " I distantly say.

"Aubrey i know but we talked about this . We get jobs and than we move out . We don't have jobs . " he's worrying

"I'll get a job . While you're at school and I'm online I'll get a job babe don't worry . "

"No , you can't have a job be doing school and keeping off your feet all at the same time " he complains

"Jace please , just listen were gonna have to "

"I know , I know I just ..."he puts his hands to his face .

"Lets just keep packing . " I say standing

We pack the majority of my things and we found the box that's filled with my baby things so we take that . We empty all my drawers into a box along with other things around the room . This is my life now . I'm on my own .

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