We're Different (15+)

This is all the books in one .

Aubrey and Jace have been best friends since 5th grade they took each other's virginty there sophomore year . They are now juniors everyone thinks they are a couple but they are just friends with benefits . Simply that . Or will that change when something comes into their lives .
This is not your average love story start as best friends kind of thing . Find out about all the twist and turns in We're Different .
~not finished but say what you think so far ~


11. chapter 11: White girl status

I feel someone playing with my hair as I wake back up I gently move my arm back .

"Good morning baby " Jace whispers in my ear . I press my back against him and yawn .

"What time is it? "

"1:33" he laughs

I laugh to than all the memories from last night come flowing in. I turn to face him he looked like a mess wait his eyes are puffy . I put my hand on his face and tilt my head slightly to the side .

"I'm so sorry about last night Aubrey I want the baby I want you I never want to leave you and I love you very much I'm so sorry about flirting with Sammy I was drunk I'm so sorry " he spits out pulling me close and tucking his face into my neck .

I put my fingers through his hair .

"It's okay , it's okay " I repeat he sniffles and I pull him closer we lay there for moments more .

"Can you go take a shower you smell like a bar" I laugh kindly

He pushes us apart "yeah I guess " he laughs than stands up and disappears into the bathroom . I get comfortable again and lay there starring at the ceiling .

| 20 minuets later |

He waltz out with a towel wrapped around his waist and I turn away as he puts his clothes on.

"Aubrey I kind of want to wear that sweatshirt . " I sit up and look at him

"But what if I want it ?" I tease wrapping my arms around my self .

"Than I'll come get it " before I can react he runs over to me pushing me up against the head bored trying to get my sweatshirt off as I shrieked .

"No Jace !! " I scream as he pulls it over my head . He gets it off than sets it beside him he kisses me so gently than moves down my neck . I break us apart .

" can we please just not today " I mumble he leans back

"Yeah sorry " he stands up than walks out of the room .

I get up putting my own clothes on , leggings and one of my sweat shirts and of course couldn't forget my ring . I walk out of the bedroom and into the living room . They were all sitting there on the couch watching t.v I felt so weird walking into this . I step carefully and pause at the edge of the kitchen tile . Mrs.Beck notices me first

"Aubrey something was left for you this morning it's over there on the counter " I glide on the floor to the counter and grab the huge box . I pell the tape off with my fingernails than lift the lid . There was a white envelope on top I pick it up carefully than slide my finger to open it . It was empty all except .. money . I pick it up and count it 407$ .

"What the ... " I mumble now Jace is by my side as I set the wad of cash beside me . Next is another rectangle shaped box wrapped in blue polka dot wrapping . I unwrap it fast wanting to see what was inside . I see the blue and I quickly jerk it up, holister sweatpants with green writing ,which may explain the next thing a green t-shirt . I get it now ,Christmas presents . I become even more excited and open the rest of the things in the box a bunch of other clothes , makeup , and other beauty products

At the very bottom a large yellow envelope . I pick it up and open it dumping all the contents on the counter . It looked like ... Bills . I pick one up . Version was the title printed on the paper . It was my phone bill . I puff than pick up the next one , my insurances I shuffle through the rest of the papers . Everything is now in my name . I puff and lay the palms of my hands on the counter . Jace picks up the stack of papers and reads them than sets them down .

"Well I guess we know where ... " he pauses "what's this ?" He picks a typed letter and I snatch it from his hands .

Ms. Aubrey Bown ,

You are no longer allowed to make contact with your younger brother ( Jake age : 9 ) for the fear of influence . The agreement is for you to come get your stuff when NO ONE is at the Bowns household . Another added thing to the agreement is you are now to pay all your bills , and be your own person for not obeying the rules supplied to you from your parents ( Kim Bown and Jim Bown ). They've also added another thing all your stuff that is not out by : Jan , 27th will be thrown to the trash or goodwill . Your mom has been kind enough to gather your Christmas presents (none from them ) and gathered all the money and throwing away the cards . Yes , the rest of the family does know about the pregnancy now . If you do not obey to these rules they do have the authority to call the police or keep you and having you forced into there rules .


Jeremy Williams .

I drop the letter onto the counter and press my hands to my face .

"Shit " I mumble . Jace wraps his arms around my waist and puts his head near mine .

"It's okay you have me now " he kisses right bellow my ear .

His mom was now looking at the paper very closely .

"Mom can I take her to the mall or something ? " Jace ask still touching me .

"Yes honey ." She waves us off and we both go to our bedroom to get our shoes . I put on my tan pair of Ugs and grab my phone from the bedside table along with my purse . We walk by the counter and I snatch the envelope full of cash in the main pocket of my purse . We take my car he drives of course .

"Aubrey it's gonna be fine trust me " he states

I look up at him . "Thank you Jace for being here " I see him smirk .

"Aubrey it's nothing . " he grabs my hand and our fingers lap together .

We drive to the mall and I take a few glimpses at pregnant people clothes . I'm gonna hate them I can tell . I spot a cute little baby store and grab Jace's hand .

"Come in here please !! " I tug on him .

"Fine " he laughs

We walk in and everything was so cute and tiny . I see a white little crib with a Mobil above it and I walk over to it .

"Jace look ! " I run my hand over the sheet in the crib . I hear him step beside me .

"I like that " he states . I bite my bottom lip .

"Can I help y'all with anything ? " an old women's voice comes from beside us . We both turn in unison and right way you can see the judgement look on her face .

"We're just looking ." Jace says

Of course I knew the next line . "We'll let me know if y'all need any help " she turns to walk off but keeps eyeing me the whole time . Jace seemed to have lingered off and I join by his side . He was looking at baby toys .

"You would be looking at toys " I laugh "average boy "

He picks up a rattle with blue elephants on it .

"Look it matches the blanket " he shakes it . I take it from his hands and bounce it around in mine .

"Can we get it ?" I ask

"We sure can " he grabs it from my hands to hold it and I get distracted by the wall of stuffed animals . I search for a second than find it . I hold it up and turn to Jace .

"Another thing to match " it was a huge blue elephant with a long truck and big eyes . He laughs and takes it from me .

"That's cute " we linger around the store for a few more minuets and only find stuff with the need of knowing the gender . We walk up to the counter and a different women was up there she tried acting as kindly as possible but you could tell she was trying to hide the judgement in her facial reactions . Jace pays and we grab the bag and walk out .

| important note |

Well hey guys I'm taking a break from writing for ... Reasons . I promise I will continue writing again at some point this month . I just need some time to perfect the story line and other thoughts to clear .

Thanks baessss

Bye :)

|update |

Ah guys OMG . I couldn't take another day without writing so .... I edited all in one day and will probably begin writing new chapters this week :)))) yayyyyyy.

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