We're Different (15+)

This is all the books in one .

Aubrey and Jace have been best friends since 5th grade they took each other's virginty there sophomore year . They are now juniors everyone thinks they are a couple but they are just friends with benefits . Simply that . Or will that change when something comes into their lives .
This is not your average love story start as best friends kind of thing . Find out about all the twist and turns in We're Different .
~not finished but say what you think so far ~


10. chapter 10 : do you want us

| 37 minuets later (yes I was counting ) |

I was sitting on the tile with my back against the wall with my head leaning on the door listening to people laugh and have fun I sniffle and wipe my face . I hear a faint knock over the loudness of conversations and laughter and drunken games .

"Occupied . " I say a little loud

"Aubrey it's me Lilly ! Open the door . " she says sweetly

I ignore her .

"Damn it Aubrey I will knock down this door in 5 seconds if you do not open it " she commands now

I sit up on my knees unlocking the door and letting her in . I slam the door behind her and sit back down . She stares at me for a moment .

"I've already gotten enough speeches if that's what you're here for . " I state grumbling

She presses her red lips together and folds her arms over her peach colored lace top .

"Are you okay ?" She sharply spits out

"I'm pregnant not dying yes I'm okay " she rolls her eyes

"I mean emotionally . " she adds

"Yeah it's not like I'm loosing my life over one of my stupid ass mistakes . " I sarcastically say

"Aubrey calm down "

I hate it when people tell me to calm down like no . I turn my head to her .

"Okay they're all having a fun time out there and you're in here moping . " she gestures her hand towards the door

"They all look at me different. " I state

"They're going to and what you're gonna have to do is show them you're the same person . Just a little more safe . " she smiles

I nod " I guess ill go try " why am I doing this ? I push my self up and she grabs my hand pulling me the rest of the way examining the ring on my hand .

"It's from Jace " I pull my hand away than walk out .

Man a lot has changed since I went in there they're all playing games and drinking and the boys already taken off their shirts . They're playing a game of pool and Jace looks really into it . I walk over to watch . He shoots two into one of the goaly thing . He stands up says something takes a gulp of his drink hands Jackson the pole than slings his arm around me.

"Finally decided to come out of the bathroom . Now haven't you ! " he sways I smell alcohol on his breath which makes me cringe .

"Are you okay ? " I ask

"Yeah perfectly fine , but I will be even better if you take off some of this " he pulls on the collar of my shirt

"No . " is all I say

"Whatever be a pregnant bitch ! " he loudly says taking his arms off me . People stare at us and I quickly react .

"Whatever . I'll be over there " I walk over to the couch and lay down . I look around the room and than I see her that stupid whore . Sammy was twirling her hair and leaning up against Jace smiling and laughing . Man I wish I could read lips . Jace looks up at her and smirks as he hits a ball in the hole thing . She claps . I shake my head . If she makes one move oh so help me .

| 2 hours later |

I've been watching her flirt for the past two hours with my boyfriend as he gets drunker and drunker . At least he has put a shirt back on (I don't think it's his ) but man is he wasted he keeps tripping and laughing loudly . Lilly was roaming around last time I saw her she doesn't drink much so she's occasionally came to talk to me and than the others have tried to start conversations with me the baby and relationship but got distracted . Everyone has talked to me for the exception of Sammy but good sit there and flirt with my boyfriend . I was starting to doze off so I decided I needed to go interrupt his fun . I stand up and walk over to wear he was taking another drink . I grab his shoulder and he Instantly wraps his arms around my waist pulling me closer laughing .

"Jace , can we go ?" I cross my arms

"The party is just getting started " he shouts

I move closer so I can whisper .

"I want to go home now . " I snap

He puffs "fine party pooper . " he takes another gulp of his drink and stands up using the chair and me to balance .

"Bye Aubrey keep me informed " Lilly screams as I walk towards the door which makes other people draw attention to us leaving .

"Bye be careful ! " someone screamed

"Have fun getting your man card taken " John screams towards Jace

"No more baby making " Jackson screams to .

"Bye Jace have fun with her " screams ... Sammy

He smiles and laughs . I swing the door open and walk out he follows behind me stumbling . I search for my keys in my pocket and find them unlocking the doors to Jace's mustang . I climb in the driver seat and Jace falls into the passenger seat . We back out silent than he says something .

"What the hell is your problem " my hands tighten around the steering wheel .

"Oh you know probably just hormones or some shit " I say sarcastically

"Oh so what are you jealous because no one talked to you because your were being a selfish little brat " he throws his hands in the air . "I mean just cause you're pregnant doesn't mean everything needs to be about you "

"Where the hell did this even come from Jace I mean one moment you're in total love with me than I disappear for like 30 minuets and you're drunk and flirting with Sammy and you wonder why I'm being like this " I slam on the break at a stop light and look over at him " I wasn't being selfish it's just I couldn't drink or have any fun for its health " I rub my hands over my stomach

"Than why did you even go you knew that was gonna happen " the light turns green and I take a left and keep driving .

"Because I thought my boyfriend/ baby daddy would be with me the whole time . But I guess I'm not as important as booze and pool games " I see him lean back and press his hands to his face .

"God getting you pregnant was a mistake . " he mumbles . I quickly slam the break stopping on the side of the road .

"Excuse me? " I scream "your regretting this or are you regretting us ? " he stares at me the street light peaking in the window

"Do you not want this do you not want us . Because I can give it up for adoption as soon as it comes out of me ! " tears come to surface I lay my head on the steering wheel .

"Aubrey I don't .. " he tries to gather his words

"No . Just answer this question do you want this ?"

"I want us ! I do I just don't want the reason we have to be together is because of our baby I want to fall in love like actual people . I want you to have a fairy tale like that . For my princess to have her prince and they live happily ever after everything in the right order getting pregnant after you get married not before you're even out of high school . " he touches my leg and I sit up pressing my lips tightly together as I go back on the street with pure silence between us .

When we arrive home we walk into our bedroom the whole house quite my clothes were really uncomfortable so I decided to take off my pants and top and ask for one of his sweatshirts .

"Can I borrow one of your hoodies ? " he turns and looks me up and down and tries to contain a smile as he nods . I pull a red sweatshirt out of the closet and pull it over my head it came down a little past my butt . I walk over to the bed remove my ring and setting it on the bedside table . I move the blankets from my side and get under them . Jace turns off the overhead light and climbs into bed . He pulls me near him wrapping his strong arms around me . I was to tired to reject it so I feel asleep exactly like that .

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