We're Different (15+)

This is all the books in one .

Aubrey and Jace have been best friends since 5th grade they took each other's virginty there sophomore year . They are now juniors everyone thinks they are a couple but they are just friends with benefits . Simply that . Or will that change when something comes into their lives .
This is not your average love story start as best friends kind of thing . Find out about all the twist and turns in We're Different .
~not finished but say what you think so far ~


1. chapter 1 : this is us . Saturday .

-Characters -

•Aubrey Bown : main character : age : 16 : height : 5'5

Dark brown hair , hazel eyes . Tan . Skinny

•Jace Sanders : main character : age : almost 17 .

Lighter brown hair , blue eyes , tan , basketball player body

I sit up yawning and stretching my arms out . I put my hands back down on the blanket the fuzzy green blanket that covers me .

"Good morning skank " I hear a sleep voice say as Jace sits up beside me .

I look at him his brown hair sticking up in so many places his eyes bluer than any ocean . His face tired with the slightest smirk on his lips .

"You're not very nice " I smile at him, brushing my hair out of my face .

" whatever ! women go make me some food !!" He demands grabbing my bare leg

I roll my eyes " you're such a child , what do you want me to make ? "

"Something special " he states

"Okay you're getting scrambled eggs " I say rolling to the end of the bed and swinging my legs over .

"Works for me . " I stand up exposing just underwear (if you call it that ) and a bra . " oh and don't put anymore clothes on that's way sexier !! " he adds bitting his lip .

"You wish , I'm gonna wear one of your shirts " I walk over to his closet and pull out a random top and pulling it over my head . The smell of his lingered on it . I try to not let him notice that I enjoy the smell .

He was so perfect but we were simply best friends nothing more or nothing less I have to keep remembering that . That's all we will ever be . I walk out of his room and Into the near by kitchen his parents are out of town and my parents think I'm at Sammy's house ( my best friend ) .

I get out all the things to make a scrambled egg and set them on the counter . I get a bowl and pan out . I start to whisk the egg and add a tad bit of milk than pour it in the pan as I turn on the stove . I walk over to the cup cabinet and get to cups out pouring milk in both of them . I stare at the egg cooking until I feel Jace put his arms around me .

"Looking good Aubrey " he says slapping my ass

"Thank you " I turn around , blushing , and place a glass of milk in his hands . He sets it down ,and kisses me gently bitting my lip . I smirk which give him the sign on what I want . He pushes me up onto the counter and starts kissing me more violently . His hands go to pull off my / his t-shirt and I let it slip over my head . He puts his hands under my legs and carries me over to the couch, throwing me down than getting on top of me . He kisses me all down my neck and my sides and stomach . Making me shiver I wrap tighter around him .

"Hurry up or I'll burn the eggs " I say as he rubs my sides . He pulls both are bottoms down and presses into me . I let out a moan . And place my hands on his back forcing him closer . Before he can continue I smell something burning .

"Shit Jace ! " I pull him back and slip my underwear back up and run over to the stove and quickly grab and plate and pour the finished egg onto it .

"Thank you " Jace says now beside me taking the plate . I see the slightest guilty smile forming on his lips .

I smile and begin with the next egg as I put my/his t-shirt back on .

Jace switches on the t.v and lays on the couch the same one we just fucked on .

"It's a little burnt ... " he screams taking a bite of his egg

"Well maybe if you wouldn't randomly rape me that wouldn't happen " I give him an accusing look as I try to hold in a laugh .

"Rape you ? Um excuse me , but you enjoyed it " he says drinking some milk from his cup .

"Whatever Jace " I say putting my egg on a plate and walking to the couch were Jaces legs are in the way of where I was gonna sit .

"Move your legs ass-hole ! " I scream at him

"You're not the boss of me . " he laughs and crosses his arms .

"Fine than I'll just sit here " I sit right on his legs

"Aubrey you have a boney ass get off of me !" He says trying to move his legs

"No . " I take a bite of my egg and keep a serious face .

"Please Aubrey ! " he begs

"No " I laugh at him than the doorbell rings ruining all the fun .

"I guess I'll get it " I say still laughing I walk over to the door and swing it open . It was John, Jace's best friend .

"What do you want loser ? " I question

"Ever heard of pants whore ? " he questions back I look down . Yeah , that could've been something I remembered to put on before answering the door .

"Come on in ! " Jace screams from the couch

John pushes past me and I shut the door .

"Sup bro ? " he ask walking beside Jace

"Nothing just eating my after sex meal " he smirks at me as John high fives him .

"Good job " he says quietly

"Stop being so proud of your self " I snap back

He rolls his eyes and John sits next to him .

" oh by the way John it was on that couch too " I state walking back over to the couch

"Ah shit ! " he screams jumping up

I laugh and sit where he just was .

John sits on the smaller couch and turns his attention to the t.v . Than of course he had one of his random questions come to mind that always makes everything awkward .

"Jace what would you do if Aubrey was pregnant ?" He ask turning towards us I try to act distracted and Jace looks shocked .

"Hell I don't fucking know. " he sets his plate down on the coffee table .

"I'll take this to the kitchen for you " I say standing up and grabbing the plate . What would happen if I was pregnant I think as I rinse the plate and put it in the dish washer . No, Aubrey don't think like that it's not gonna end good . I try to clear the thought as I walk back to sit next to Jace . No more thoughts like that . I keep thinking to my self .

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