Midnight Melody(16+)

"After all this year, why came back now? Is it because i'm famous?" Harry shouted. I shook my head and laugh. "Well, to be hoest.. sort of yeah!"


1. Right now its more than this.


                                                           Fazia hunter


Lights go down, and the night is calling to me.I hear voices singing songs in the street and I know that i was late for dinner again.You know I can't fight the feeling.And every night I feel it. That something about Harry Styles is not right. Its like every time i look  him up on the internet (haha creep) his smile its not real. Like he want some want to be there right now. Its just don't feel right. Closer i got to home the more colder the wind had become. Tonight the full moon guide me through the street. As i walk up to the door of mine and my sister house, my head turns to face the floor. The door creak open and my sister step out. I can't look her in the eyes and say i'm sorry. i just can't.

"The food is getting cold" she said and open the door a little wider.i froze for a little while. She seem to calm.

"Do you hear me?" she said louder this time. There the bit i was waiting for. I walk straight in and hung my coat on the coat hanger. Winter close the door with a soft 'thud'.  I make my way to the food table. There is no food.

"Winter where is the food?" i ask and turn to face her. She look at me with guilt in her eyes.

"Right now its more than this Fazia"


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