Magcon Life

13 year old,Sydney Gilinsky, has bin to Magcon several times and become close friends with the whole Magcon family thanks to her older brother Jack Gilinsky. Sydney is best friends with all them and doesn't want to change that until Hayes gets a girlfriend and Sydney gets a little jealous. Does she realize her feelings for him?


6. We're here

"So we're going to Blowing Rock up in the mountains. There is a nice cabin for us to stay in that has two bedrooms. One with a queen sized bed, and one with two bunk beds." Their dad said. "I'm guessing you get the regular bed and we get the bunk beds." I said. "Yup." He said. "Okay whatever." I said leaning back in my seat. I took out my phone and went on Twitter. 'Going to Blowing Rock with dem boys @CameronDallas @NashGrier @HayesGrier '. **Skip car ride**. "We're here." Their dad said. We looked out the windows as the house became more visible. It was really big and had an amazing yard. We pulled up in the driveway and unloaded all the stuff into the house. "This is soo cool." I said walking into mine and the boys room. There were two sets of bunk beds on either side of the room, there was a flat screen TV on the wall, there were four closets for each bunk, and a fireplace dice it was a cabin. "Wow this cool." Hayes said. "We call top." Hayes and I said at the same time. We laughed. "Fine, you two get top." Nash said. "Yes!" We said running to different beds. "I'll be under Sydney." I heard Nash say. "I'll be under Hayes." Cam said back. I laid down onto the pillow and stared into space. ""Anyone up for dinner?" Coach said. "Me!" Nash and Hayes said. "Sure." Cam and I said. It was already 5:15 so we went into the kitchen and had some dinner. After dinner it was 6:00 and it was still a little light out since it was March. "Can we roast marshmallows?" I asked. "Sure." Cameron said. We got the marshmallows and went outside. "Oh my gosh it's cold out." I said since I was wearing a tank top. I went back inside and put on my red Magcon sweatshirt. I didn't change my pants or shoes because I already had on leggings and Uggs. I went back out and they were staring to roast them. I said down next to Cameron and Hayes. "Guys smile." Coach said holding up his phone. I put one arm around Cam's neck and the other around Hayes's neck. "Nash come behind me." I said. He knelt down behind he and put his arms around my stomach. We all smiled normally and then we did a funny one. We were all over each other and our faces were hysterical. "Hey, you guys wanna play football?" Hayes asked. "Sure." We all said. He went around to the car to get the football. "K teams?" Nash asked. "I don't care." I said. "I don't want to be with Nash." Hayes said. "Okay, Hayes on one team Nash on another." I said. "I'll be with Nash." Cameron said. "I'll be with Hayes." I said. We started playing and their dad kept the score. "Nice pass Gilinsky." He said. "Thanks." I said. After a while of playing it was getting darker. It was 7:30 and we didn't want to go to bed. "Let's go fishing." Nash suggested. "Yeah!" We all said. We went inside and got our stuff. We put it in the car and drove to the water. "Perfect night." Their dad said. We set up our stuff and waited. "Did we bring any candy?" I asked. "We got lollipops." Nash said. I picked out the strawberry one, Nash picked out the grape one, Cameron picked out the fruit punch one, and Hayes picked out the root beer one. I yawned. "Little tired there Syd?" Cam asked putting his arm around my neck. "Lil bit." I said. After an hour and a half of fishing we caught three fish. I went on Twitter in the car and saw Nash tweeted 'Late night fishing'. By the time we got back it was 9:00 and we were all tired. "Okay, I'm going to bed." I said getting out of the car. "Umm you may want to take a shower first miss fishy." Nash said laughing. "Oh yeah." I said. They laughed. I went inside and into the bathroom. I took off my crop top, leggings, Uggs, and my top knot. I went in the shower quickly because I was tired. I got out and put my hair in a low messy bun so that in the morning it had tight waves. I put on my Davidson Day sweatpants and white t shirt. "Done." I said walking into our room. Nash got up and went in. "Well don't you look tired?" Cameron asked. "Yeah I probably do." I said. He rapped his arms around me and I closed my eyes. It was 10:00 by the time everyone finished showering. "Goodnight Nash." I said hugging him. "Goodnight Syd." He said hugging me back. "Goodnight Cam." I said hugging Cameron. "Goodnight sleepyhead." He said hugging me back. "Goodnight Hayes." I said hugging him. "Night Sydney." He said hugging me back. I climbed up the ladder and into my bed. Ahhhh finally in bed. Nash turned off the lights and we all went to sleep pretty fast.

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