Magcon Life

13 year old,Sydney Gilinsky, has bin to Magcon several times and become close friends with the whole Magcon family thanks to her older brother Jack Gilinsky. Sydney is best friends with all them and doesn't want to change that until Hayes gets a girlfriend and Sydney gets a little jealous. Does she realize her feelings for him?


11. Welcome to Cali

We called the others to tell them we were going to the beach. We got into rooms and changed into our bathing suits. I put on my neon orange bikini, and left my hair in a high ponytail. I went into Taylor's room and sat down on one of the beds. I went on my phone. He soon came out of the bathroom. "What!?" He yelled. I looked up at him and smiled. "Hey T." I said. "Um hey. I guess." He slowly said. "I got you." I laughed. "You sure did." He said motioning for me to jump on his back. I did and we walked out of the room and down to the lobby were Jack and Jack were. "Lego." Gilinsky said trying to be cool. We drove to the beach and I laid on my towel to tan. I kept my head down so no one would know that it was me. And then I wouldn't get overloaded with fans. I was listen to my favorite song Best Day of my Life when I felt someone lift me up. I screamed but then stopped knowing I would draw attention. It was Taylor, of course. "Hey T, um can you maybe put me down." I said. "Nope." He laughed. He ran into the ocean with me in his arms. At first I was mad that he did that, but then I started giggling and splashing water at him. "You come here you little freak." He said running after me in the water. I tried to run but it hard to run in water that's up to you waist. He grabbed me from behind causing me to stop running and laugh. His arms were rapped tightly around my wait and stomach. I slipped under the water and got water up my nose. I came up coughing. "Are you okay?" Taylor asked. "No I couldn't breathe." I said seriously. "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry Syd." He said. A smile came across my face and I pushed him under the water. He came up quickly. I giggled. "Yeah yeah you got me." He said. "Hey guys, everyone is at the hotel!" Gilinsky yelled to us. "Let's go." Taylor said to me. He lifted me up bridal style and ran out of the water to were the Jack's were. "They got to the hotel five minuets ago." Johnson said. We dried off and went to back to the hotel. I ran to Nash and Cam's room wile Jack and Jack went to their room and Taylor went to his and Shawn's room. I knocked on the door and Cameron answered it. "Cameron!" I said jumping into his arms. "Haha hey cutie." He said pitting me down and hugging me. I looked past him and saw Nash and Ashley kissing. "Eww." I said letting go of Cameron. He looked at them and laughed. I made a scrunchy face. "Your too cute." He said. I giggled. "Tell Nash I said hi." I said. "Sure." He said. I ran out of the room and into mine and Hayes's room. I opened the door and saw him unpacking. "Hey baby." He said hugging me but quickly let go in shock. "I mean Sydney. Hey Sydney." He quickly said. "Um hello Hayes." I said. He nervously laughed. Just then I felt it. The way he called me baby, the way he hugged me was different, and my heart was pounding. I laid down on my bed and looked up at the ceiling. "Hayes?" I asked. "Yes?" He said. "Do you like anyone?" I asked. It was silent for a while but he soon replied. "Yes, I do." The butterfly's in my stomach got really crazy. I smiled. "What's she like?" I asked. "Well she's very pretty, has the most amazing smile, and gorgeous eyes." He said. I smiled. Just then Carter walked into the room. I sat up and ran to him. "Hey Carter." I said hugging him. "Hey Syd." He said hugging me back. "What's up?" Hayes asked. "Cam, Matt, Taylor, Nash, and I are going to the park if you wanna come." He said. "Sure." We said. "Great be down in 10." He said. "K." I said. He left and I changed into my LA tank top with palm trees on it, my dark blue jean shorts, my gold sandals, and fixed my hair. "K let's go." I said to Hayes. We got to the lobby and the seven of us walked to the park. When we got there we all went on the swings. There was no one there so we had the whole park to ourselves. I sat down on a swing next to Hayes and Cam. I started swinging but soon started twisting myself. I giggled and Hayes started doing it. We stopped and twisted ourselves in the swings. "What are you doing?" Cameron asked. "Being freaks." I said laughing. "Okay then." He said. I twisted myself up and then took my feet off the ground. Hayes and I did the same thing and we went twirling on our swings. We were both laughing really hard. Our legs kept knocking into each other, we were screaming, and we were laughing. We were doing it over and over again until I fell off and onto the ground with my feet still on the swing. Nash helped me up because I was laughing too much. "It's already 5:00, we should go Back to the hotel." Nash said. "K." We all said. We headed back to the hotel and had dinner. Hayes and I went back to our room and I texted Kaitlin.


M: Hey Kaitlin

K: Hey. R u guys in California yet?

M: yeah we got here a few hours ago.

K: oh cool. When am I seeing u?

M: Probably Monday at the beach

K: yay can't wait

M: me neither. K bye

K: bye

Hayes turned on the TV and I thought about him. I realized that I like him. I looked over at him and he looked cuter than before. Probably because I'm seeing in a different perspective. We watched TV for two at three hours and then Nash told us to go to bed. I hugged him goodnight and got on a green tank top and black shorts. I got into bed and fell asleep.

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