Magcon Life

13 year old,Sydney Gilinsky, has bin to Magcon several times and become close friends with the whole Magcon family thanks to her older brother Jack Gilinsky. Sydney is best friends with all them and doesn't want to change that until Hayes gets a girlfriend and Sydney gets a little jealous. Does she realize her feelings for him?


2. Tickle fight

I woke up to Nash nudging me a little. I opened my eyes and looked at him. Him and Hayes have the most amazing blue eyes I have ever seen, and I'm just here with brown eyes. Whatever. "How long have I bin asleep for?" I asked still laying down. "Like an hour. We still have a half an hour on stage." He said. I groaned and sat up. "Okay, let's go." I said getting up. I fixed my hair and my clothes. I saw wearing black skinny jeans, a 'Nashty' shirt, and light blue vans that matched the sleeves of my shirt. I jumped onto Nash's back and we went onto the stage. "I'm back!" He screamed and everyone went crazy. Jack G, my brother, gave us both mics. "Hey guys." I said into the mic. Everyone started screaming. We decided to have a dance battle. My team won mainly because of Carter. He's good. After the dance battle we went back to the room. "I'm done." Matt said as he sat down on the couch and went to sleep. "Hey I could sleep." Aaron said heading to the couch. It was already 8:40 so we started packing up. We had to be out by 9:00 so we hurried up. I packed Matt and Aaron's bags for them so they could sleep more. 15 minuets later we were all ready to go. We woke up Matt and Aaron and left the room. We had each of our backpacks on our backs. Hayes, Matt, Cameron, and I were chasing each other threw the place as everyone elts walked behind. I looked behind me and saw that I was in the lead. I was tired from running so fast so i turned a corner and slumped  up  against the wall breathing heavily.  "BOO!!!" Someone yelled. I screamed and looked up. There was Matt and Hayes. "Got you now!" Hayes said. They both dropped to their knees on either side of me and started tickling me. "Guys...stop...that." I said between laughing. I tried to get out of their grip but they were too strong. By now we were all laughing I could barley breath. "I got her from here boys." Cameron said now standing next to me. "Wait what?" I asked getting my breath back. Next thing I knew, I was swept off the ground and was tossed into the air. "Aaahh!!! Cameron put me down!" I screamed. All he did was laugh and run down the hall to the front of the building. Matt and Hayes were behind us. "Cameron!" I said in between laughs. We were all laughing like crazy by now. We got to the lobby of the building, he stopped running and walked over to the couches. Hayes sat down on the long one and Matt sat down on the little one. Cameron placed me down on the big couch so I was laying down and my legs were on Hayes's lap. "Hey Hayes." I said smirking. We all burst out laughing. Cameron went and sat down next to Matt. I took out my white iPhone 5 and took a picture of my legs on Hayes's lap. He was playing with the laces on my Vans and was talking to Matt and Cam. I cropped it so it had a white border, as I do with all my pictures on Instagram, and posted it on Instagram and Twitter with the caption. 'Long day after Magcon Chicago. Love you guys😘'. On the photo I tagged Hayes (@Hayes_Instagram) were his body was and I tagged myself (@Sydney_Gilinsky) were my legs were. I posted it and in the first 10 seconds I already got 56 likes. I like watching my likes and comments go up. 57 likes, 61 likes, 65 likes, 69 likes. I already got 37 comments. Comments like 'You to should date.' 'If you take my man you should watch your back.' 'Go die.' 'I love you.' 'You should follow me'. I love to follow and like/favorite fans posts/tweets. It's makes me fell good knowing that I just made that person really happy. I just gained 8 followers. I now had 852k followers. "Hey. You guys ready to go back to the hotel?" Nash asked walking over to us.

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