Magcon Life

13 year old,Sydney Gilinsky, has bin to Magcon several times and become close friends with the whole Magcon family thanks to her older brother Jack Gilinsky. Sydney is best friends with all them and doesn't want to change that until Hayes gets a girlfriend and Sydney gets a little jealous. Does she realize her feelings for him?


8. Nash's girlfriend?

I shook me head no. Then Hayes, Nash, and Cam came over to me. "What hurts?" Cam asked. "My knee." I said trying to get up again but I falling right back down. "Okay let's go." Nash said. He put his hand out and I took it. He helped me up even though it still hurt a lot. "Ow that hurts I said. "Sorry." He said. Once I stood up he put my arm around his neck and lifted me up bridal style. We all walked into the house with their dad behind us. Nash put me down on the couch and Hayes went to go get some ice. Cameron took off my Tims and put a pillow under my ankle and sat down by my feet. Hayes came back with a bag of ice. Nash took it and placed it gently on my ankle. "Thanks guys." I said with a faint smile. "Do you think it's sprained?" I asked. "I'm not sure." Nash said. "If it's not better in three days when we leave than we'll go to the doctors." Coach said. "K." I replied. I got comfortable and was falling asleep. "Let's let her rest." I heard Nash say. They left the room and I feel asleep. I woke up to my phone going off. I groaned and sat up forgetting about my ankle. "Ow!" I said out loud. "Oh your finally up." Hayes said coming into the living room. I smiled as I tried to reach my phone with out moving a lot. "I got it." He said turning my phone off. "Thanks." I said getting comfy again. He sat down on the couch and smiled as he looked at me. I smiled back. "I'm really sorry I ruined the trip for you guys." I said. "You didn't ruin it, you just make it more… interesting." He said. I giggled. "Hey what time is it?" I asked him. "3:00." He said. "Wow, I felt like I slept longer than a hour." I said. "Um Syd. That would be 3:00 on Tuesday." He said laughing. "What?! I slept that long!" I said. "Yes you did." He said. "Well what did you guys do today?" I said. "Hunting mainly. Oh and Nash got a girlfriend." He said. "What?! Nash got a girlfriend?" I asked almost chocking. "Yeah. Her name is Ashely." He said. "Um okay then." I said. I laid there soaking up the news. I can't believe he has a girlfriend now. What if she's mean to me? What if she takes him away from us? What if Bash doesn't want to be friends anymore because of her? I groaned. "Everything okay?" Hayes asked looking over at me. "Um yeah, just need some water." I said. "I'll get it." He said getting up and going into the kitchen. I heard the front door close and Nash's voice and some girls voice. Oh that must be Ashely. "Hold on I need to check up on Sydney." I heard him say. Aww that's so sweet. "Hey Syd. How's it feeling." He asked walking into the room. "Not so good, but still better than yesterday." I said. "Good." He said. Hayes walked into the room with my water and gave it to me. "Thanks Hayes." I said taking a sip from it and giving it to Nash to put on the table. "Um Nash are you in here?" A girl asked coming into the room. She had straight blonde hair and dark ocean blue eyes. "Right here." He said. She walked over to him and I. "Oh right, um Ashley this is Sydney and Syd this is Ashley." Nash said introducing us. "Hi." I said trying to be friendly. "Hi." She said back. "So your Nash's girlfriend?" I asked. "Yeah, but um do you mind if I asked how you hurt your ankle?" She asked in a sweet voice. Maybe she's not so bad. "Football." I said looking at my ankle. "I see. I broke my arm playing football with my brothers one time." She said. "You know how to play?" I asked. I was impressed, I usually don't meet a girl that can play football. "Yeah." She replayed. She was definitely okay with me. "Hey I saw some crutches in the closet with first aid if you want to use them." Nash said. "Sure." I said. Ashley sat down one the other couch as Nash got the crutches. He came back in with a gauze and the crutches. He took off my sock and put a clean one on, then rapped the gauze around my ankle perfectly, then he helped me up to see how to readjust the crutches. He got them at the perfect hight and gave them to me. "I'm gonna go get changed into my pajamas." I said. I went into our room and took out my purple and pink polka doted fuzzy pants and my white tank top. I went into the kitchen were Hayes, Nash, Cam, Coach, and Ashely were. They were sitting down eating dinner so I sat down with them and started eating. "So tell us a little bit about you Ashley." I asked. "Um okay. I have two older brothers, Jason who's 18 and Nick who's 21, I live here in North Carolina, I do cheer at my school, and um I…I love Italian food." She said. "Cool." I said. She told us a few things about her life and then we were done with dinner. "You guys wanna watch a movie?" Nash asked. "Sure." We said. We went into the living room and put on Netflix. I sat on the big couch with Hayes and Cameron on either side of me. Ashley sat down on the smaller couch and Nash sat down next to her. I looked at him but quickly looked away. Nash and I would always sit next to each other when we watched movies. Cameron saw me all sad and rapped his arm around me. "He just wants to spend time with Ashley because they just started going out. Don't worry he still loves you." He whispered. I looked up at him. "Thanks." I said smiling. The movie started and we all ate some popcorn. We watched three movies and by the time they over it was 9:00. Ashley went back to her cabin and we all went to bed. I stayed up on my phone for a few hours doing a following spree on Twitter. In three hours I followed up to the limit on Twitter and up to the limit on Instagram. I smiled and looked at the clock. It was 11:00 so I put my phone down and went to sleep.

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