Magcon Life

13 year old,Sydney Gilinsky, has bin to Magcon several times and become close friends with the whole Magcon family thanks to her older brother Jack Gilinsky. Sydney is best friends with all them and doesn't want to change that until Hayes gets a girlfriend and Sydney gets a little jealous. Does she realize her feelings for him?


3. Movie time!

"Who has the key?" I asked as we got to Nash and Cameron's room. "I do." Cameron said. He opened the door and we all piled in. "Can we watch a movie?" Shawn asked. "Yeah! Can we?" Hayes and I said at the same time. I looked at him and giggled. He laughed and we both fell back onto Cameron's bed. "What movie?" Nash asked turning on the TV. "Ummm how about ... a Disney movie." I suggested. "Sure. Which one?" Nash asked selecting the 'Disney movies' group. "Oh how about The Lion King!" Carter said. "Yeah I haven't seen that one in awhile." Taylor said. "Is everyone in for The Lion King?" Nash asked. "Yeah." everyone said. He selected the movie and it asked to play it. "Do we all want to get our pajamas on?" He asked. "Sure." we said. We all walked out to our rooms. Hayes and I went to our room, Matt and Carter and Aaron went to their room, Jack and Jack went to their room, Taylor and Shawn went to their room, and Nash and Cameron stayed in their room. I got the key out and opened the door. "I'll go in the bathroom this time." Hayes said. "K sure." I said. He grabbed his gray sweatpants and  his red Davidson Day t shirt and went into the bathroom. I went over to my top draw and picked out my light blue and white fuzzy polka doted pajama pants and a matching light blue sports bra. I finish putting it on just as Hayes walked in. He looked at me. "Shouldn't you be cool in just that?" He asked. He was right, I was kind of cold. "Yeah a little." I said walking over to my draw again. I search threw it until I found my loose powder pink crop top. It was a little big on me so the sleeves were almost down to my elbow. It had a hood on it and the back is a little longer than the front. I went into the bathroom and put my hair in a messy bun. "K now I'm ready." I said walking out. I took the key off my bed and we walked down to Nash and Cameron's room again. "Hey guys." Carter said coming out of his room with Matt and Aaron. "Hey." I said back. **Knock Knock Knock**. Taylor opened the door and let us in. Everyone was already there. I laughed at the fact that we were all wearing sweatpants. It was kind of crowded in the room considering there were 11 of us. Nash was laying on his bed and Shawn at the end. Cameron was on his bed with Carter next to him and Matt next to Carter, Aaron was on the end. Taylor was sitting on the recliner and Jack and Jack were laying down on the couch. I went over to Nash and laid down next to him. Hayes came over to me and laid down next to me. We all moved closer to each other and Shawn started the movie. Half way through it Nash put his arm around my waist and pulled me closer. I put my head down on his chest and continued to watch the movie. I felt Hayes moving around. I turned my head towards him and he quickly turned his head back to the screen but he looked kind of sad. I thought it was because I was giving so much attention to Nash that he felt left out, so I took one of my hands and reached for Hayes's hand. He looked at me when my hand touched his and he smiled. I smiled too. He took my hand in his and held it with a gentil, loving, and caring touch. We turned our heads back to the TV with Hayes's hand in mine and with me in Nash's arms. I was really tired from Magcon that day and the day before so I closed my eyes and went to sleep.

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