Magcon Life

13 year old,Sydney Gilinsky, has bin to Magcon several times and become close friends with the whole Magcon family thanks to her older brother Jack Gilinsky. Sydney is best friends with all them and doesn't want to change that until Hayes gets a girlfriend and Sydney gets a little jealous. Does she realize her feelings for him?


4. Getting ready

"Syd, wake up." I heard someone say. I groaned. "No I want to sleep." I told them. I rolled over and my eyes fluttered opened. "There's those Gilinsky eyes." The person said. It was Nash. I sat up and smiled sleepily. "And there are those Grier eyes." I said. "Come on we have to get ready to go back home." He said. "But I want to stay with you and Hayes." I said. "Well for now you are going back to your house with your brother." He said. I sighed then I stretched. I took my phone off the table. 9:10, also known as too early. "Come on we have to be at the airport by 11." He told me. "Fine, but were is everyone elts?" I asked getting up. "They went back to their rooms to pack and get ready." He replied. "K, see ya in a few." I said giving him a hug. "See ya." He said hugging me back. I walked to my room and knocked on the door since Hayes had the key. "Hey Syd." He said smiling. "Hey." I said smiling back. I walked in and saw all of his clothing out on his bed. "I'll be in the shower." I said. I picked out my outfit and walked into the bathroom. I took out my messy bun(witch is really hard to get out after sleeping with it in) and got undressed. I took a short one and then blow dried my hair. As it dried more it began to get more and more curly as usual. I figured that since I'm going to be on a plane almost the whole day to just put it up. I took all my hair and put it in a perfect topknot. I don't wear makeup because I'm only 13 and also I don't feel the need to. I put on my black leggings and my white tank top with a faded rainbow on it. It just showed some of my stomach. I went out of the bathroom and saw Hayes was done packing. "You can go in now." I told him. He got off the bed and went into the bathroom. I got out my suitcase and I put all my clothing and everything in it. I put on my black bailey bow Uggs. Hayes came out of the shower and we got all our things and left the room. It was already 10:30 so we had a half an hour to get to the airport. Cameron let us in his room and all 11 of us carried our stuff to the lobby were we got a shuttle to bring us to the airport. We took two because we couldn't fit everyone in just one. Cameron, Nash, and Taylor sat in the back and me, Hayes, and Shawn sat in the middle. We got there five minuets early so we sat down and waited. "Jack can I pleeeese go back to North Carolina with Nash and Hayes?" I asked my brother. I was standing in front of him and Nash was sitting next to him. "Oh and Syd, Cameron's coming to North Carolina and we're going up in the mountains. You're welcome to come." Nash said. I looked back at Jack. "Pleeeese?" I wined. "I'm okay with you going but I don't know if mom is." He said. "I'll call her." I said taking out my phone.

Convo: (M= mom & S= me)

S: Hey mom

M: Hey sweetie is everything okay?

S: Yeah, but is it okay if I go to North Carolina with Nash, Cam, and Hayes? Their going to be in the mountains for a week.

M: Ummm. Sure why not.

S: Thanks mom. Don't worry I'll be careful.

M: Your welcome sweetie call me if you need to.

S: K bye.

M: Bye see you in a few days. I'll call the school and tell then that your not going to be in school this week.

S: Okay. Love you

M: Love you too.

I ended the call. "She said I can go!" I said excitedly. "Yay you'll hang with us for the next few days." Nash said smiling. I smiled back. I went over to Cameron. "Cam I'm going to be with you guys in the mountains!" I said. "That great! Now I can have another friend to talk to." He said. I laughed and went over to Hayes and sat down next to him. "I'm going to be in the mountains with you guys." I told him. I huge smile spread across his face. "Good, now I have someone my age to be with down their." He said. I giggled at the fact that that he hangs out with older teenagers. "Flight to North Carolina boarding in 10 minutes." The lady said over the intercom. "That's us." Nash said getting up. I hugged all of them. Shawn, Jack, Jack, Carter, Matt, Aaron, and Taylor. "I'll see you guys soon." I said waving to them. "Bye." They all said waving back. I was going to miss them.

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