my secret

Samantha Tomlinson is Louis Tomlinson's sister, everyone thinks she is so lucky to be his sister and to know one direction, well that's not the case Louis is a great brother to her but she has never been allowed to meet the rest of the band ever, its her dream to meet the boys and too get along with them. what will happen when she comes home from her boyfriends house just after they have broken up and find all of one direction in the living room. what will happen when Louis finds out things he shouldn't, read to find out what happens in "my secret"


10. what?

Samantha's P.O.V.

I suddenly woke up, sitting straight up in bed, making Liam wake up, pain rushing through my lower body, I hug myself crying and screaming slightly

"babe what's wrong?" lima asks me, getting out of bed and putting some pants and a shirt on, he then run over to m side of the bed

"g-get m-me t-to t-the h-osp-ital. n-ow" I say closing my eyes and wishing the pain would go away. I feel two arms lift me up and a gasp escape from liams lips

"babe your beeding" he says, just then all the boys and El run into the room and see me in pain

"whats wrong?" Louis asks staring at me and liam

"she needs to get to the hospital now!" he sort of shouts running with me bridal style in his ars all the way to the car and placing me in the back lying down. I hear him talk to the boys before getting in the car himself and starting it up


"its alright babe, we are here now", I hear him say holding me in his arms again. he walks in the hospital and runs to the reception's desk

"um excuse me my girlfriend is pregnant and is in a lot of pain and she is bleeding" he quickly says to the lady, she nods and calls for a doctor. he shortly arrives with a wheelchair and Liam places me in it.


its been 4 hours and they boys and El are in my room waiting with me to find out what is wrong, oh god please make the babies be okay.

its been 3 weeks since we moved into the house and everything has been perfect so far Louis understands now and that's great for me and Liam,  lima on the other hand still has to pretend to go out with 'Sophia'  so me and him cant really be seen out in public together. which actually sucks, for me, I love Liam and I cant even tell the world.

the doctor soon comes in and everyone falls silent

"um may I please speak to the mother and father alone" he asks and everyone nods before giving me a kiss on the head and saying everything will be okay. I just nod and they all walk out of the room, leaving me and Liam with the doctor.

"what's the news doc?" Liam asks a little impatient

"well, im sorry to say this but, you miss Samantha have miscarried due to high blood pressure, im so sorry for your loss" the doctor says with tears in his eyes, he must hate this part of his job, WAIT! WAHAT? I miscarried no my babies, I start crying really hard and Liam comes over and gets on the bed and hugs me, him crying himself

"doc how far was she exactly" Liam asks

"she was 11 weeks, which means they don't have to be removed they will dissolve because they aren't really a foetus yet, im am truly sorry for your loss" he then says and walks out of the room, Liam lays me down and tells me to sleep,

"sing to me" I ask him with tears still streaming down my face, he sings 'they don't know about us'

I smile slightly and fall asleep to his lovely voice.


************** 3 months later*******************

its been three months and all I have done is cry, I was ready to be a mum, well I thought I was anyway. the boys are back on tour and im with them, so is Eleanor, he baby bump is bigger now and is visible, she still has to try and hide it, otherwise she will get hate. I still talk to her and hang out with her but I don't really talk to the boys that much, well as much as I did before but I think they understand.

"come on, I know you are upset, but live your life to the end, I didn't get to finish living my life, before this happened, come one the boys have the next few days off and they want to go to the club tonight come on!" Eleanor pleas for the 3rd time, I sigh and finally give in, I need something to take my mind off this.

"okay, I will, but you do know you are going to be the designated driver right?" I ask her and she nods happily,
"I know the boys already told me that, but im fine with it." she says to me, I nod my head and then look up to her with a big smile on my face "oh my god your smiling!" she says happily jumping around. I start laughing slightly and stand up off the couch

"okay im choosing our outfits" I say and walk in to where the bags are under the tour bus bunks, I pull mine and El's out, I choose one for her and then choose one for me. I hand her one to her and she walks into the small bathroom to change I wait and when she comes out , I go in and change into mine before opening the door and letting her back in, so we can do our make up which is just blush and mascara, then we do our hair, up nicely.



( Eleanor's outfit, and hair)





(my outfit and hair)




after we were ready we walk back out into the bus' lounge room, to find all the boys lazing round on the couch dressed up in jeans and white or grey tops., I smile as I walk in and all heads turn to see me. I then look down to my shoes feeling , I actually don't know, well I've been ignoring the boy-

I start thinking before im like tackled into a big group hug with Eleanor being pulled in too, I start laughing after the boys step back

"well lets go!" I say walking over to liam and giving him a kiss on the lips

"I've missed that" he says kissing me again, I smile and kiss back " I love you" he says to me hugging me afterwards

"I love you too" I say hugging him back before walking out if the bus and to the club down the street.



hope you like this chapter its a bit upsetting but hey these things happen I know from experience. anyway please like fav and comment what you think

should I continue or not?

- love dani xx

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