my secret

Samantha Tomlinson is Louis Tomlinson's sister, everyone thinks she is so lucky to be his sister and to know one direction, well that's not the case Louis is a great brother to her but she has never been allowed to meet the rest of the band ever, its her dream to meet the boys and too get along with them. what will happen when she comes home from her boyfriends house just after they have broken up and find all of one direction in the living room. what will happen when Louis finds out things he shouldn't, read to find out what happens in "my secret"


4. two weeks later, formal day/night

Samantha's P.O.V.


Tonight is our formal and its a Friday the boys asked me if I wanted to go on tour with them, and I said yes, Simon doesn't mind and management doesn't really care, I love all these boys as my brothers I think I have gained four more in fact. these past two weeks I have been more happy and finally getting over Jarrod he came around a few time but all the boys shooed him off, im thankful for that. Liam is still fighting with Sophia but I help to cheer him up, I talk to him about anything and he talks to me about anything too, I think I can trust him more than the others but probably not Louis......yet, in fact me and Liam are that close we have a hidden language we created and no one knows any of it, its just between him and me. we also have been flirting with each other and the boys haven't found out about it yet.

"earth to Sammy" Ami says, waving her hand in front of my face.

"sorry just thinking" I say, looking at her

"you obviously didn't hear me then" she says, I shake my head no and she sighs "did you find a date?" she asks, I shake my head again

"no unfortunately" I say, just then the boys all walk in smiling and laughing, Liam sends me a sign with his hands which would usually make me laugh.

"what's wrong Sammy?" he asks as he sits down next to me on the couch

"nothi-" I start to say then get cut off

"she doesn't have a date for the formal tonight" Ami buts in, I sigh and give her a look, she just ignores me and looks at the boys

"I'll go with you if you want" Liam says, looking at me, I look up and see him smiling at me and I can tell he isn't joking

"sure" I say

"oh no, no way" I hear Louis say, I sigh and stand up walking over to Louis.

"seriously please this is my year 12 formal and your gonna do this?" I ask him, he sighs and shakes his head

"no, but I want you back here at 12, and Liam keep her safe please!?" he exclaims, Liam nods I hug them both and run upstairs with ami following me.

**** 3 hours later****



its been three hours and we are now ready and in the car on our way to the school for our formal Ami's date is actually her boyfriend tom, he's kind of cute but not my type

** an hour later ****at the formal****

"I know i've already said this but you look really hot tonight" Liam whispers in my ear. I smile up to him

"thank you Liam" I say leaning my head on his shoulder

"Sammy?" he asks, I hum, he nudges his shoulder that im laying on and I move my head up to look at him "I really like you" he says, smiling stupidly at me, and I smile back to him. he leans down before I can answer him and he kisses me on the lips lightly, and I find myself kissing him back. a thought pops into my head and I pull away from him straight away 'he's still dating Sophia this is so wrong' I think to myself

"what's wrong?" Liam asks

"your still dating Sophia this is so wrong" I say looking down to my lap.

"hey" he says lifting my head up with his hands "I really like you, and things aren't working out with me and Sophia, I have to stay with her because of management , but I want to be with you, so will you be my girlfriend?, I don't care what Louis thinks, and we will have to keep us as a secret." he finishes

"I don't know, Louis will find out and if he doesn't Sophia or the other boys will" I say to him, he holds my hands in his

"I really like you Sammy, and I don't care what it takes to be with you"

"Liam I-" I start but get cut off by Liam kissing me a bit harder than last time. i kiss back instantly, ad this time Liam pulls away just slightly, so he can whisper something to me which he does

"I like you Sammy, please be my secret girlfriend?" he asks, I nod my head

"yes I will" I say, he gets the biggest smile on his face and kisses me again I instantly kiss back, enjoying the kiss, we get up and dance for a few hours than we decide to leave, we walk around for a bit with Liam's arm round my waist. holding me into him, we are both smiling and talking the whole way, we then decide its time to make our way back to the house seeing as it 11 now and if we aren't back by 12 we will be in trouble.

**** 40 minutes later

we make it back to my house with 10 minutes to spare, we walk in and hear the news on in the lounge room, we both step away from each other and walk into the lounge room where we find all the boys there with there arms crossed.

"what is this?" Louis asks as he points to the TV he froze on a picture of us walking around Doncaster tonight. jees things get on the news and celebrity shows in like 5 minutes with these boys yikes!

"it just us walking around" I point out, he shakes his head

"no Liam's arm is around your waist and your laughing, why?" Louis says to me stating the obvious

"you told me to look after her, what did you want me to doo let her walk by herself home" Liam buts in before I can answer

"no" Louis says quietly

"exactly" Liam says and walks off probably to get changed, im looking down to the floor but can feel someone looking me up and down, I lift my head to catch harry scanning my body

"STYLES!" Louis yells "STOP CHECKING UOT MY SISTER!" he exclaims, I turn around and walk off upstairs

"im getting changed then going to bed!" I yell down to the boys, I walk to my bedroom door and open it slightly, and peeking in to make sure Liam is dressed. I see no sign of him so I walk in and go to my closet grabbing some Pjs and walking back out of the closet, to see Liam sitting on the bed on his phone

"im just gonna change okay" I say to him he looks up at me  and smiles, then nods, I go to turn around when I hear a camera go off

"got ya" he says "im going to put this on twitter" he says, I shrug my shoulders not really caring and walking into my bathroom, to get dressed, I take the dress off and grab a towel then wetting it and wiping all my makeup off after that's done I get changed, and walk out of the bathroom putting my dress in the washing basket.

(her Pjs)



I go over and get in my side of the bed

"goodnight sweetheart" Liam says kissing my forehead then my lips

"night LiLi" I say and switch off the bedside lamp and fall asleep thinking of the wonderful night I have just had and liam



hope you like it soz it too so long I sort of fell asleep for 3 hours and when Tayla got back from school she had to wake me up. anyway please like comment and fav

love you all, my carrots - like the nickname I have for you lol 

-dani Xx

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