my secret

Samantha Tomlinson is Louis Tomlinson's sister, everyone thinks she is so lucky to be his sister and to know one direction, well that's not the case Louis is a great brother to her but she has never been allowed to meet the rest of the band ever, its her dream to meet the boys and too get along with them. what will happen when she comes home from her boyfriends house just after they have broken up and find all of one direction in the living room. what will happen when Louis finds out things he shouldn't, read to find out what happens in "my secret"


9. the surprise!

Samantha's P.O.V.

"Okay babe, you can take the blind fold of now" I hear Liam say from my right ear, I remove the blindfold and let my eyes adjust to the light of the sun. once my focus is back I let out a large gasp.

"do you like it?" I hear Louis ask from behind me, I turn around and smile at him, this is the first time he has spoken to me in a week and a bit, im so happy,

"yes I love it, but this would have costed heaps" all the boys shake their head

"nope" they all say, I smile at them and turn back around to look at the house


"go in have a look around" Louis says to me, I turn to them and smile, they nod and push me slightly, I quickly walk up to the door with the boys and El following me and enter the house, its beautiful, as soon as you walk in the door you walk right into the lounge room


this lounge room is huge and I love the plasma tv on top of the fire place (a/n pretend the mirror is a tv lol couldn't find a better lounge room).

I continue on through the lounge room and enter the dining area


I look amazed at it, each room is so diferent but I goes so well together, and I love it so far, I continue on into the kitchen, and its amazing too.



{ A/N okay so im lazy and i'll just put up the photo's of the house, and tell you who's room is who's k}

(Eleanor's baby's room)



( 1 guest room )


( Harry's room )




( mine and Liam's room )




(Louis and Eleanor's room)



(main bathroom)




(Niall's bedroom)




( Samantha's (my) babies room)



( 2nd spare room)



( zayn's room)


I then decide to walk downstairs and see the boys standing in front of another open door they point to go down there and me and El walk down there and see three different doors

I open the first door on my left and see a big dance space/room



I smile at el and we stay silent walking out of the room and to the next door on the left, to see a cute little laundry


me and El walk out and walk across the little hall to the door in the middle on the right side, we open it and step into an amazing home theatre room, our mouths drop as we walk over and sit on the bed/couch lounge thing, its really comfy, we hear the boys walk in and they sit down with us.


we all sit down and decide to watch toy story 1 and 2.





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