my secret

Samantha Tomlinson is Louis Tomlinson's sister, everyone thinks she is so lucky to be his sister and to know one direction, well that's not the case Louis is a great brother to her but she has never been allowed to meet the rest of the band ever, its her dream to meet the boys and too get along with them. what will happen when she comes home from her boyfriends house just after they have broken up and find all of one direction in the living room. what will happen when Louis finds out things he shouldn't, read to find out what happens in "my secret"


2. school and the unexepected.

**** beep******beep*******beep****

-Samantha's P.O.V.-

I gran and roll over hitting the snooze button on my alarm, I lay in bed for a few minutes before I decide to get up and get dressed for school. I walk over to my walk in wardrobe and grab some skinny geans and a cute top and walk into my ensuite bathroom and have a quick shower making sure to not wet my hair and then get out to get dressed in this:

(outfit number 3)


after I have gotten dressed I quickly put my hair up in a ponytail and walk downstairs and into the kitchen to see mum cooking a really big breakfast, and Lottie, daisy and phoebe are seated at the table with huge smiles on there face, I wonder why?, I just shrug my shoulders and walk over to mum to give her a kiss on the cheek

"morning mum" I say kissing her cheek

"morning beautiful, did you have a good sleep?" she asks with the same grin on her face as she asks me

"yes?" I answer unsure of what is going on, I go to turn around but stop when I feel hands covering my eyes

"guess who?" the person says in a weird voice

"jarrod?" I question if its my boyfriend

"I AM NOT THAT DICKHEAD!" Louis screams uncovering my eyes, and yes Louis doesn't like him at all for some unknown reason which he wont tell me. I get a huge smile on my face and turn around smiling and hugging Louis really tight not wanting to let go. well would you? if your brother has been gone for 10 months and you only talked over the phone, for those 10 months. 

I finally let go and we walk over to the table to eat breakfast and talk.


"bye girls, I love you!" Louis says dropping me and Lottie off at high school, before dropping the little one off at primary(kindergarten -year 6) we wave to him and walk off to our friends.

***** 6 boring hours later***

I get out of Louis car and run upstairs to dump my stuff and walk back downstairs grabbing an apple and walking towards the door

"im going out, I probably wont be back tonight!" I yell to the house

"okay sweetie, call me later so I know your okay" mum yells back

"okay" I yell, walking out the door and closing it behind me, I look at the sky and its all clear not even a cloud in the sky,wow. I decide to walk to Jarrod's even though it takes about an hour I really want to walk, I pull out my earphones and listen to my music as I walk the 8 blocks to his house.


once I get to his street I pull my earphones out and walk to his door, I knock on the door and it opens, I slowly walk inside and hear weird noises, I walk up to his room where the noises are coming from. I open the door and regret it straight away

"WHAT THE HELL!" I yell, making him lift his head and turn a little so I can see who the girl is, no it cant be......

why her?

I cant believe he is having sex with my best friend, I cant believe jenny would do this, bitch. once he realises what he is doing he quickly gets off her and runs over to me, I cover my eyes and realise im crying

"babe please" he says touching my arms

"DONT TOUCH ME, I SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO LOUIS HE WAS RIGHT YOUR A FUCKING STUPID CUNT WHO CHEATS ON EVRYONE, GO DIE IN A HOLE I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGIAN!!!!" I scream at him and run down the stairs and out of the house., I run the whole way back not caring how long it is, I make it home 40 minutes later and see two extra cars here, I don't really care I run inside

"Louis!" I yell through the house

"what?" he yells back from the living room, I run in there and run into his arms crying, he wraps his arms around my waist and holds me tight.

"what happened Sam?" he asks me, and yes that is one of my nicknames

"" I say between sobs, I feel his grip tighten around me, he kisses my head and puts me on someone's lap

"Liam look after her, zayn come with me" Louis says, I jump up from whoever this guy is' lap and run over to louis

"don't" I say trying to stop him

"please tell me your not going to stick up for him?" Louis asks, I look down not really knowing what to say

"I still love him no matter what" I mumble but he heard, he sighs and gives in we walk back over to the couch, and sit down.

I look up and realise who all these people are there.....Louis' band mates, shit they just seen me at my worst, 'great first impression Sam, well done' I think to myself.


hope you like the first official chapter ill update as soon as I can love you all


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