my secret

Samantha Tomlinson is Louis Tomlinson's sister, everyone thinks she is so lucky to be his sister and to know one direction, well that's not the case Louis is a great brother to her but she has never been allowed to meet the rest of the band ever, its her dream to meet the boys and too get along with them. what will happen when she comes home from her boyfriends house just after they have broken up and find all of one direction in the living room. what will happen when Louis finds out things he shouldn't, read to find out what happens in "my secret"


6. airport, and long plane ride

Samantha's P.O.V.

its now April 24th and we have to go on a plane for 11 hours to get to Columbia, Bogotá. we are currently waiting for the signal to get out of the bus and run past all the fans and photographers/paparazzi, we don't have enough time to stop and sign things today, which the boys are upset about.

we are leaving London now at 3:00pm and should get to Bogotá, Columbia at 2:00 in the morning which is fine because Paul and Preston are going to make us sleep on the plane the whole way practically. Paul gives us the signal and we all clamber out of the bus and run straight into the airport. we get directed over to a private room and wait in there. for our flight.

Paul comes in and announces that our plane is ready. we walk out to the plane and get on, I walk in and im in aw, its not a normal plane its the boys private one, its huge it got 8 seats up towards the front of the plane, and in the middle where in standing is 3 couches with a bar and a coffee table. then towards the back is what looks like rooms

"what's down there?" I ask to no one in particular

"its 4 rooms and a bathroom" says Louis coming to stand next to me, he puts his arm around me and asks

"bet you weren't expecting this were you?" he asks to me I just shake my head 'no' he laughs a little and we all get told to sit in the seats at the front by Preston. we all comply and go sit down, with these seats you can turn then around to face the other which is what me and Louis do, we turn our seats so that we are facing zayn, Liam and harry. we chat for a little while then we get told we can go over to the couches.


"harry, Louis, you two go sleep in 'separate' rooms and the others will sleep when you wake up" Paul, says, they nod and walk off into two rooms

"okay two can sleep out her on couches with Preston and 1 more in the other room." Paul says, he looks at me, "do you want the other room?", he asks

"no thanks one of the boys can have it im fine on this couch" I say to him, he nods then looks at the boys

"I will" zayn says as he gets up, I smile at him and wish him good night.

"okay Preston here will look after you on this tour, Samantha, and he's gonna sleep out here okay" he says and starts to walk off

"thanks Paul" I say to him, I lay down on the couch and face towards Liam who is on the other couch across from me, Preston walk over and lays down on the couch next to mine and Liam's

"goodnight guys" he says

"night" me and Liam reply at the same time,

we stay up talking in our own language we have, until we here presto stir a little, we says goodnight to each other and fall asleep.


i know its short but i hope you like it, there might be another chapter today aswell, anyway please like comment and favourite\

love you my carrots

-dani loves you Xx

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