my secret

Samantha Tomlinson is Louis Tomlinson's sister, everyone thinks she is so lucky to be his sister and to know one direction, well that's not the case Louis is a great brother to her but she has never been allowed to meet the rest of the band ever, its her dream to meet the boys and too get along with them. what will happen when she comes home from her boyfriends house just after they have broken up and find all of one direction in the living room. what will happen when Louis finds out things he shouldn't, read to find out what happens in "my secret"


7. 3 months later

*a/n sorry for the big time skip, but its for the story so yeah*


Samantha's P.O.V.

its been three months since we first started the tour off for this year. its been so much fun. im laying here in bed, with Liam, like all the other morning's we are in a hotel in Dublin at the moment, and its quite nice


I quickly reach over Liam and turn it off, and off course he wakes up as Im practically laying on top of him.

"morning beautiful" he says, I smile and peck his lips before getting up and going over to my suitcase, I grab something to wear for today and walk into the bathroom to have a shower.

I think over everything that has happened in the last 3 months, there's been not that much actually. apart from zayn and perrie are now engaged, me and Liam are still a secret, Liam is still with Sophia for managements sake, well until the contract is up, which im glad it ends in 5 months. which is still ages but then it would mean me and Liam don't have to be a secret. Eleanor found out she was pregnant, only 2 days ago and only me and Louis know so far, she is going to be a great mum and Louis will be a great dad I know it. but she got told by management, to hide the bump once it started showing, so that the fans and some other people wont get disappointed, and upset that Louis is going to be a dad at a young age. I also thinks about me and liam some more, we have had great times together, and I truly love him


I finally get out of the shower and get changed into this:


I tied m hair up in a bun on my head and walk out of the bathroom to see Liam no where in site, I walk out of the bedroom and into the big living area, of this massive hotel suite we got, its practically the whole floor, of level 7, its massive, I walk over and into the kitchen to find all the boys eating bacon and eggs, I take a seat and niall puts a plate of bacon and eggs in front of me, I suddenly feel like I need to be sick, I quickly get up from the table and run to the closest bathroom, and over to the toilet before throwing up, I feel someone hold my hair back

"hey its okay" I hear Louis say, I get up and wash my mouth out, with mouth wash,

"sorry, I must be coming down with something" I say, and he hugs me

"you'll be fine" he starts "do you still want to come to rehearsal's and the concert tonight?" he asks me

"yeah" I say smiling, he nods and kisses my head, I walk back out and just sit on the couch not wanting to eat anything anymore. I'm watching T.V when there  is a knock at the door, zayn gets up to answer it and all I can see is light blonde hair, I immediately know its perrie, all of a sudden my view is blocked, by someone holding a plate with toast on it

"here eat this darling" el says as she passes me the toast with nutella on it, I smile and start to eat it, suddenly Sophia comes running in the hotel room and straight over to Liam, sitting on his lap, and kissing him, I roll my eyes at her, because she recons there is something going on with me and Liam (well there is, but she doesn't know) so she tries to make me jealous.

*** 3 hours later*******

its been three hours and we are now at rehearsal's, after this morning I haven't been sick again, but I do know have a headache. I walk over to Paul

"Paul do you have any panadol?" I ask him

"no sorry Hun, um do you want to go to the shop, and get some, Preston will take you, and plus the girls want to go to Starbucks too" he says

"yeah sure" I say, he walk off to get Preston, while I wait with the girls. he comes back followed by Preston, he then leads us out of the stadium and walks us to the black range rover parked outside, we all get in

"where to ladies?" he asks

"to the pharmacy and then Starbucks" I say, he nods and starts the car. 20 minutes later we arrive at the pharmacy, I quickly rush out while the others stay in the car, Sophia decided to stay at the stadium and watch the boys rehearse. I quickly grab some panadol and a pregnancy test, I quickly pay and luckily the cash register lady didn't recognise me, I hide the test up my shirt and carry the bag into the car. we get to Starbucks 5 minutes later, and grab something to drink I just get a bottle water, so I can take the tablet, i take one and we all get in the car, on the way back we decide to get nando's for everyone, we order the boys favourite meals and I get a Caesar salad by itself, I don't really feel that hungry. once we get our order and after the guy at the counter gave us a weird look for ordering so much. we walked back to the car and got in.

once we got back there were loads of fans lined up outside, even though sound check and the concert doesn't start for another 3 hours. we all go in the back way and find the boys and Sophia in the dressing room. we hand out the food and sit down to eat. I finish before everyone and say I need to use the bathroom, they all nod or say, 'okay' sure' whatever' I nod and walk out of the dressing room to the bathroom down the hall, I walk into a stall and pull out the pregnancy test, I sit on the toilet, and do the pregnancy test, once I have finished, I wash my hands and put the test on the bench in the bathroom, as I put the little cardboard box into the bin. I wait 5 minutes for it to season. once the test has seasoned, i picked it up and read pregnant 5-8 weeks, i drop the test into the bin and wipe my tears that had fallen, off my face. i clean myself up and walk out of the bathroom and back down the hall,

"what took you so long?" zayn asked as I walked through the door,

"i was talking to Preston about something" I say to him putting on a very good fake smile well from my point of view. I was always good at lying, since I was a little kid, well sometimes people would see through me but that was only usually mum, and she wasn't here right now, which is a good thing.

 we continue talking for about 2 hours, then the boys are called to get ready for their concert. all the girls except Sophia of course go out to our special side seats to watch the show,


its now nearly the end of the concert and I need to tell someone about me being pregnant but not Liam, i mean he deserves to know i am going to have his kid, but i,m not telling him yet.I grab perrie and El's wrists and drag them away from the stage.

"what's wrong Sammy?" perrie asks

"I-" I start

"you, what?" El asks

"im pregnant" i say really quickly

"what?" they both say, i sigh then take a deep breath, and say slower

"im pregnant" i say and their face's go into shock

"h-how f-far?" perrie asks.

"5-8 weeks" I say, quietly

"who the hell is the dad?" El yells a little, I shush her,

"i cant tell you" i say to them

"tell us who the dad is!" El says to me a little to loud

"dad? what does she mean?" i hear a male voice behind me, i turn around to be face to face with my brother, 'oh shit!'

"u-um" i stutter, just then Sophia come in with MY pregnancy test in her hand

"l-Liam im pregnant" she says fake crying, everyone's eyes widen except mine, i just want to strangle her

"what?" Liam asks in disbelief, looking over to me with sorry eyes, just then Sophia looks over to me with an evil grin on her face, THAT'S IT!!!

"NO YOUR NOT, BECASUE THATS MY TEST YOU GOT OUT OF THE BATHROOM, YOUR NOT PREGNANT I AM, YOU STUPID SLUT!" I yelled to her, charging towards her, i jump on her and start punching her, I feel two strong muscular arms pull me off her, i know by the feeling i get that its Liam, he pulls me into him and calms me down.

"y-your p-pregnant?" Louis half yells half in shock, i turn around strait away, and face him

"i-im s-sorry" I say

"who's the dad?" Louis asks

I don't reply

"WHO THE FUCK IS THE DAD?" Louis yells, I cower and Liam walks in front of me

"don't yell at her your gonna scare her" Liam says standing between me and Louis

"get out of the way Liam this has nothing to do with you" Louis says pushing Liam out of the way and walking right up in front of me.

"it does actually have something to do with me because im the dad" Liam says now standing behind me , all i see is a fist and all of a sudden Liam's presence behind me isn't there anymore, i turn around and see Louis on top of Liam.

"Louis get off him" i shout to him and try to pull Louis off Liam, he pushes me away and keeps punching Liam, and yelling at him, about getting me pregnant

"guys please?" i ask them, they nod and grab Louis and pull him away to another room down the hall. i run over to Liam and kneel by his side, i start crying and lay my head on his chest lightly, making sure to not hurt him

"im okay beautiful, im fine" he says stroking my hair, I lift my head up and look into his eyes "i love you Sammy" he says

"i love you too" i say smiling, knowing he's okay, I lean down and kiss his lips lightly, knowing his lip hurts, as its slit open, and bleeding. the girls help me get him up and get him cleaned up, Sophia had left after i punched her and I don't know where she is.





-LOVE Dani x

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