my secret

Samantha Tomlinson is Louis Tomlinson's sister, everyone thinks she is so lucky to be his sister and to know one direction, well that's not the case Louis is a great brother to her but she has never been allowed to meet the rest of the band ever, its her dream to meet the boys and too get along with them. what will happen when she comes home from her boyfriends house just after they have broken up and find all of one direction in the living room. what will happen when Louis finds out things he shouldn't, read to find out what happens in "my secret"


3. 3 days later

Samantha's P.O.V.

Its been 3 days since I found out Jarrod was cheating on me, we had been together for a year and 3 months and he was cheating on me, it sucks and im still really upset about it. the boys have been trying to cheer me up and its kind of working.

my phone starts ringing, I run over to it on charge and pick it up

"hey girl, how are you feeling?"

"yeah im fine Ami stop asking me" I say back to her laughing slightly

"okay fine then ill stop" she says "anyway guess what is coming up in two weeks" she asks me sounding really excited.

"what?" I ask really not knowing what it is.

"its our formal, dumbass, how could you forget?" she asks down the phone rambling on about it

"oh shit im so sorry I totally forgot, with all the stuff going on lately" I say to Ami, and if your wondering who she is she's my best friend and has been since pre-school, and btw I don't talk to jenny anymore and probably wont she was kind of a bitch anyway.

"have you got anything?" she yells down the phone

"no, I haven't yet" I say a little disappointed, that I don't and that I totally forgot about our year 12 formal.

"im coming over and we are going shopping okay" she says and hangs up straight away, so I cant object. I throw my phone onto the bed and run out of my room, and down stairs shouting for mum

"MUM!, MUM!" I yell running around the house

"mums gone out!" Louis yells from the lounge room

"what, so your in charge now?" I ask walking through the kitchen a go into the lounge room to see all the boys here again.

"no WE are in charge" Louis says pointing to him and all the boys.

"okay well im going out shopping with Ami" I say to all the boys

"can we come?" they all ask at the same time

"mum, well what about the fans?" I ask them

"we will wear disguises, they wont recognise us" harry says smiling cheekily at me

"fine" I say running upstairs to get changed, I grab some shorts and a nice top out and quickly get changed

(her outfit)



I quickly put my hair up in a side plait and walk downstairs to see all the boys with sunnies and beanies on, with some totally different clothes on, clothes that they would not wear, as well as ami standing there talking to Louis.

"ockie dokie lets gooo" I say dragging out the go, we all walk outside and get into Ami's land crusier, lucky she didn't take the back-back seat out so everyone can fit, me and ami are up the front obviously she is driving, then there is liam, harry and niall in the middle and Louis and zayn in the right back, we start our drive off to the mall.

**** 3 hours later*****

"well that was fun" niall says sarcastically, I laugh at him as he flops down on the couch

"we never asked you to come!" I say standing with Ami

"what did you girls even get?" zayn asks

"just some formal stuff, and Louis im going to pay you back I promise!" I say, to him referring to him giving me his card to pay for everything, and I mean I will pay him back even if it takes me my whole life.

"no your not I haven't done anything for you in nearly a year I don't care, seriously no need to pay me back" he says to me

"fine" I say, as I walk away and upstairs to my room with Ami, and dump my bags on the ground, Ami is staying over tonight and mum and the girl have gone to visit our nan and pop because pop is really sick at the moment, so there staying there for a few weeks. unfortunately.


"are you sure your not Niall's sister?" asked Liam, as they all look at me weird for eating a whole container of ice-cream.

"hey I can eat a lot ask Louis" I say directing it to Louis

"yeah she can especially when she is sad or when its her girly time" he says nudging me, I slap his arm and look down embarrassed.

"no need to be embarrassed we all have sisters and know all about that, well except niall he only has a brother" Liam says smiling kindly at me.

"im gonna go get ready for bed now" I say and stand up pushing Louis off me, because he was leaning on my shoulder, he pouts and sits there with his arms crossed over his chest and makes a weird aw sound of disappointment. I laugh and walk away from them and to the bottom of the stairs.

"come here boo bear" I hear Harry say, to Louis " you can lean your head on my shoulder" he finishes

"yayyyyyyy!" I heart Louis yell before I hear running. and harry yelling "owww" followed by the boys laughing at them.

I walk upstairs and into my room and straight to my walk in closet, I grab some cut pyjamas and get changed.

(her pyjamas)



I put on my knee high white socks and walk back downstairs to say good night to the boys, I walk into the lounge room to craziness, all the boys are running around the lounge room falling over things, well except Liam, I don't know where he is

"BOYS!" I yell to get there attention, they all freeze where they are "go to bed, I cant trust you if I go to bed and your still up" I say to them, they all look at each other and harry puts the lamp back down on the table next to the couch, and niall and Louis get up off the ground from there wrestling, then zayn quickly runs and puts the wooden spoon back In the kitchen

"but where are we all sleeping?" zayn asks as he walks back into the living room.

"well 1 can sleep in Louis room, and 2 can sleep in the spare room, then 1 in my room I guess" I say looking at Louis for permission, ne nods his head In agreement

"harry, I don't trust you in my sisters room, your sleeping in my room so I can keep an eye on you" Louis says to Louis, I nod I really don't want harry to sleep in my room, I've heard that he's kind of a player and I don't really like them people, but I wont be mean to him, he's my brothers best friend.

"where's Liam I trust him more than the rest of you, or zayn"

"soz I gotta sleep with niall remember" zayn says to Louis, Louis nods and then points them to the spare room.

"goodnight boys" I slightly yell to them as they are halfway up the stairs

"night Sammy" they both yell

"find Liam and tell him where he is sleeping, night sis" Louis says to me

"night Louis" I say giving him a hug and kiss on the cheek

"night Sammy" harry says

"night haz" I say and walk off t find Liam

"Liam?, Liam?" I yell a little

"out here" I hear a voice come from the front of the house, I walk over to the door and open it

"Liam, you have to sleep in my room tonight" I say as I walk out the door, then relise he is on the phone, I mouth 'sorry', he just smile at me

"no sophia, its Louis' sister, im not cheating on you" I hear him say, this makes me feel bad now for speaking his girlfriend is gonna think he's cheating even though he says he isnt'

"Sophia, im not going to have this argument again, its louis' sister end of discussion" he says, he looks over at me apologetically

"she's 17, and just a friend" he says, probably answering a question she had asked

"no im not going to do anything with her its my best friends sister no way why would I , I have you" he says yelling a little down the phone, I hear yelling on the other end but cant understand it

"just shut up, Sophia, im over this shit, please just shut up, im going and going to bed to 'sleep'" he says emphasising the sleep 

"goodnight" he says a little too loud and angry before pressing the red button on his screen.

"im sorry about that" he says putting his phone away and resting his head in his hands

"are you alright?" I ask walking over to him and siting next to him

"I don't know, this has been happening a lot in the past 5 months and I cant handle it sometimes, I mean I do love her but its just......" he says trailing off

"tiring, annoying, to constant" I finish off for him

"yeah" he simply replies, I rub his back

"I understand perfectly" I say to him, he lifts his head up out of his hands and smiles at me, he leans over and gives me a hug, I hug him back, and after we stand to go inside, I lead the way up to my room and show him where the bathroom is and he goes to change, the boys have been living here for the past 2 days but they have slept in the lounge room with Louis well until now.

"goodnight Liam" I say to him as he gets into bed

"night Sammy" he says switching the bedside lamp off, and a few minutes later im out.

____ a/n

hope you like it, soz for taking to long to update I was a little busy but thanks to Tayla's friend Sarah your so nice thanks for making my day today! 

-dani Xx

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