Catching Jasmine

just a random story for a school project that i thought id let people read :)




In a world where theres no electricity, gass, oil, or anything that you needed to servive in 2014, people struggle to live. Harsh rules, poor living conditions, no internet, nothing. Only the rich have guns and houses that arent falling down, they make the laws, imprison people with a click of their fingers. The rich are God and law. In a place like that youre lucky to have all the family that you were born into. Diease, poverty and fear make the poor poorer, and the rich richer. You do something the rich dont like, you die. Simple as that. 'The Guard' is what they like to be called, the rich that is. You call them by any other name and you die. Sound farmilliar? 


There are 10 rules and they go like this...


1: Women are to wear dresses at all times.


2: Women are to do what any man says. At all times.


3: Women do not marry. They are for services only.


4: Any person or persons are to do exactly what The Guard demands.


5: Peoples under the age of 19 will get eduacted in their career. Chosen by The Guard.


6: People of The Guard live in the best conditions avalible.


7: People that arent from The Guard fend for themselves. For everything.


8: If any non Guard are caught doing anything even slightly considered independent they will be terminated.


9: Curfue is 10PM. Anyone ouside after that time will be killed.


10: Any 'special' children will be given to The Guard...


Its a miricle that anyone survives this type of world. Let lone a girl that defies all the rules. Jasimne does what she wants when she wants to do it. She is constantly running away from The Guard. She has a death warrent on her name. Where ever she goes, trouble always seems to be there. How far will she go to get back the world her mother told her stories about? The world where people loved and got married. What will she do when she finds her father? "He's the man that can fix all our problems" is that statement true or false? will she ever find out. Or will she die while on her path to find the truth and her fight for a world that might never come back... 


The Guard has one primairy focus...


Catching Jasmine.




okay so this is just a silly little school project. so tell me what you think maybe? 


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