Catching Jasmine

just a random story for a school project that i thought id let people read :)


2. Chapter one

Once again, I sat there. Helplessly watching as The Guard executed my mother. I scream for them to stop, but they just laugh at my dirty little face. It was all my fault. I shouldn't have hit that wealthy man. So what if he was going to make me his slave and rape me. My mother didn't deserve this, I did. I should have been the one with the blade pressed against their throat, letting silent tears fall down my face, trying to convince my loved one behind the glass window that it wasn't their fault, there was nothing they could have done. That it was bound to happen eventually.


But no. Instead of putting that blade up against my throat, they decided that my mother should pay the price for raising something like me. I was just a juvenile delinquent that could be taught how to behave properly. My mother on the other hand, 'You can't teach an old dog new tricks'. To put it in their words.  


I wake up, hot and sweaty, even in the cold of an early August morning. My stomach growls and instantly i know that i have to find some food. I quietly pad my way down towards the little kitchen, checking all the little crevices where people can hide while i go. Last thing i want is to get jumped by some rotten little kid while on my way to get food. I get to the door of the kitchen seemingly without trouble, I quickly make my way to the little basket hidden in the back of an old cupboard. Quietly lifting the door and putting it to the side, I pull out a small apple. After rearranging the kitchen to make it look like I had never been there, I silently walk through the doorway and back up to my room. 


Apparently I was to dangerous to sleep in the same room as the other 'gifted' children. So lonely little me had to sleep in a separate room. Like i cared. I would rather sleep by myself than with a bunch of snot nosed little kids running around in the middle of the night, crying whenever they decided to miss their mummies and their snoring was the worst thing I have head in a long time.


When I reach my room I silently open and shut the door, taking a huge bite out of my small apple as I go.


"Miss Morris. We need to talk." 


I jump slightly and look around, coming face to face with a man that I have never seen before.

In a place like this, you don't meet new people. The only people that you ever see here are the kids who are put here and the workers that not so discreetly stalk you everywhere. So meeting someone new was either a bad thing or a very bad thing. Right now, I'm not sure which one it is. 


He cleared his throat. "you know this would be a lot easier if i could actually see you." He stood into the light, created by the lit lantern next to my mat. This mysterious man was young. Probably a few years older than me, with dirty blond hair, dark brown eyes and he was very tall. 1 foot taller than me, if my measurements are correct. Which they always were. 


I change back, making myself visible to him, with a smirk on my face. Realising our close proximity, he jumped backwards and made a noise that might have been called a grunt or maybe even a low squeal.


I take another bite of my apple, chewing it slowly. I can feel the slight nervousness radiating off him. He was scared of me. Good, he should be. I the made one wrong move in my eyes, I would rip his arms off his body without him noticing for at least 2.4 seconds. His face when he realised they were gone would have been absolutely amazing. 


I laugh evilly to myself, lost in my fantasy day dream. I look up and size him up. Looking at him up and down a few times, before once again smirking.


"Talk away"



Okay so there is the second chapter! hope you guys like it! I loved writing this chapter!! :) 

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Thanks you guys so much for reading! :D

Kate xxox


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