Catching Jasmine

just a random story for a school project that i thought id let people read :)


3. Breakaway.

"Let me get this strait. You want to break me out of this rundown hell hole?" I stare at him in shock. First he manages to get himself in here and now he thinks he can get out with me as well, without anyone noticing.


"Yes, that is exactly what I want to do" He looks almost bored, like he had much more important things to do than get some bratty 17 year old out of a stinking Guard training camp. 


"Two questions. Why and how?" Who does he think he is. This is the best-or worst- Guard camp in the whole of the Nation. How could he possibly think he could get me out. Not that i don't want to go, I just don't think it is going to be as easy as he thinks. 


He points at me. "You are the how and as for the why, I have one word for you." He pauses, most likely for dramatic effect, it just made me want to punch him even more than before. 


"Revolution" I gape, I openly gape at his words. If I did this in front of any other man, he would have slapped me into next week. But this is different. This man wants my help, he wants the help of a female. Given this certain female is apparently extremely dangerous. But still. 


This man could have said anything after that and i wouldn't have cared. Getting out of this place was a once in a lifetime opportunity. My choices were either stay here and be a soldier for The Guard or go and fight against them in an attempt to get the world that once was. 


"How do we get out of here?" Thats great, he comes here, all high and mighty to take me away to fight some revolution and he doesn't even know the way out of this place. How the hell did he even manage to get in here? 


I grab his hand and make myself invisible to anyone and everyone that wasn't touching me. Wincing at the pain of changing, making this mysterious man invisible was taking a lot of extra energy to do so.


"Lets go" He says. It sounds like he's in a hurry, why wouldn't he be? Its not like there are hundreds of soldiers wandering around making sure no body escapes.Oh wait yes there are...


Grasping the hole in the door, I silently pull it open. walking out to see if anyone is there. Not that they would  be able to see us. But it doesn't hurt to look. 


"Its clear" Taking a few cautious steps before getting sightly more comfortable with the quietness of the hallway I quicken our pace.


We look at each other and nod. "Lets get out of this hell hole" 



And another chapter has passes us by.

Thank you guys for reading! I really appreciate it!

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Kate xxox

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