Bitter and Sweet

Violet Blake, a teenager has never been in love. She believes all boys are overrated and acting stupid all the time. Once Ryder McClanahan comes to town her thoughts change and she wants him. The soccer player is super saccharine sweet and treats her long as she doesn't make him angry.


9. #9 Tough Love

       "You have got to stop pinching me so damn much, Ryder. Its leaving bruises and its hurting me." I say this right after he gives me the third pinch today.
        This is obviously the wrong thing to do.
        "I know my girlfriend isn't trying to tell me what to do. Last time I checked I'm the boss."
        I retain the urge to castrate him. He has no right to talk to me this way! I'll be damned before I'm labeled as his pet. He is not going to pull this fast shit on me. "Actually you're not, Ryder. You're not going to talk to me that way and stop freaking pinching me! I've had enough!" I scream. Things have been bumpy lately because apparently I've been back talking him and having a bitchy attitude. I don't care, I'm getting rather tired of his bossy attitude as he orders me around. And he hurts me with putdowns and pinches.
        He grabs my arms and drags his hand back and smacks me across the face. My hands fly to my face and I stumble to the side of the school building. He drop kicks me and I fall on my butt. I feel the sting as I lay my hand delicately on the slap. I see Ryder ditch me as he drives off from the school parking lot. I don't cry, I sit and think over what the hell just happened.
        He hit me. He actually hit me for the first time...I'm not the least bit surprised.
        A sob tears from my throat and soon I'm wailing an its raw. The pain isn't physical only, its emotional. I thought me loved me. I thought he...really loved me.
        I hear people start laughing around the corner and I snap up to attention and walk off. If anyone saw me crying there is no telling what might happen. They would maybe laugh or ask what was wrong. I didn't want that. I wanted out of my relationship with Ryder. I knew boys would let me down.
        I hear someone jog up to me and I bite my lip and cover my cheek with my let down hair. "Yeah?" I ask.
        "Are you alright?" Oasis.
        "I'm fine," I answer hoarsely.
        "Hey, come here..." He pulls me to him and his eyes widen as he stares at my tearstained face. "What the hell is this, huh?"
        "I fell on the sidewalk when I was running. Can you take me home?"
        "Yeah." The drive is mostly silent.
        "Rain check I want to go to your place for a while," I say before he pulls out in his old car into the dreary highway.
        "Okay," he murmurs.
        He drives to his house and when we get in and he lays his strong arm around me I burst into tears. "I don't love him," I sob. He pulls me in his lap and holds onto me tight while I cry. I look up and meet his gaze, noticing how green and bright they are. I lean in and kiss him on his stubbled cheek.
        "Oasis..." I begin. I don't know what the hell I want - I don't know if I want Ryder's abuse of Oasis's attention. Look how good I thought Ryder was before he socked me. I hug him and he just sighs.
        I seriously don't know how this happens but all the sudden we're clawing t each other, both our faces filled with something akin to greed. He running his hands along my hips and up my sides, tearing off my shirt and watch it flitter and sail away. His mouth is on my stomach and holy crap his hands are shaking. We're both shaking and unsure of what we're exactly doing.


        "This isn't right," I pant. See her in her thin camisole with her face locked in ecstasy should drive me to bang her so hard she can't formulate a sentence, but I'd prefer not to. He's still her boyfriend and I have to respect that.
        "Yes, it is." She curls her fingers in my hair and her hips push in my chest and I lose my train of thought. "Fuck me." That's it - that's all it takes. She's finally undone me. I don't give a care, this has to happen. Its now or never and I need this woman. I kiss her fiercely and tilt her head with my fist in her hair. I fumble at her weird buttons on her shirt but I hear a crash and a scream.
        "Oasis! What in the hell?!" someone interrupts. Its my brother and my parents standing there, staring intently at the scene. I snap my head to Violet and she covers her face and gets her shirt and makes a bolt to the door. I grab her hand. "Hey, you can go upstairs if you want."
        "Oasis Felix Wyatt!" Mom cries.
        "You're setting up a hookup in front of Mom and Dad. Are you dumb? Lord, Oasis get it together," Ryan bitches.
        "Is that the girl you love?" I cover my mouth and turn to Violet who's covered her face with her shirt.
        "I didn't know the little bastard could love," Ryan harps and I flip him the bird which in turn causes my mother to go into a Cardiac arrest.
        "Violet, I'll pick you up tomorrow?"
        "Yeah, just, you know..." She waves her hand and calls her mom on the porch.
        I give her a kiss on the forehead goodbye as her mom pulls up in her Explorer.
        That night I go up to my room and dream of me and her with Ryder out of the equation. I never saw what she saw in him. He was I guess considered good-looking but that was it. There was always something about him - something strange and unknown.


        I had decided everything was over. Ryder and I were finished and when my mind was clear and organized it dawned on me we were truly over a long time ago. He didn't love me and I didn't love him. I only felt special, the idea of me being a novelty blind sighted me.
        I had let myself get beat, putdown, ordered around, and pinched for way too long. I had new eyes and I was done with him. I knew better now. I knew what real love was.

        Oasis showed me real love. That's when I bawled.


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