Bitter and Sweet

Violet Blake, a teenager has never been in love. She believes all boys are overrated and acting stupid all the time. Once Ryder McClanahan comes to town her thoughts change and she wants him. The soccer player is super saccharine sweet and treats her long as she doesn't make him angry.


7. #7 True Love's First Kiss

         It was painful watching her the next day, kiss Ryder, hug Ryder, rub his thigh. It nearly killed me. It made my chest hurt and my gut clench with jealously. I could have cried but I'd be called a not-so-nice word by Matt and my buddies. Ryder would probably pitch in too since he think's he's all that. I'd deck him without hesitance.

        "I'd tap her little ass all night long," Ryder spouts when a soccer player asks him if they'd screw. I throw my helmet down and lunge at him. I give him a good smack and his head flies back. I walk away and I hear whoops and 'oohs' and 'ahhs'. I'm grabbed back and punched so hard my nose immediately commences to bleed. I grab a fistful of his shirt and toss him down like a rag. Or should I say fag? (This is from a (fictional) straight guy's POV so yeah...I have NOTHING against ANY type of love, I support it!)
        Then, both the hot-headed coaches start bitching at each other to keep their boys in line. I roll my eyes at my coach and do push ups till I feel like I might collapse into a deep coma per his request.
        When lunch rolls around my feet make a U-turn and I follow her to her table. "Can I talk to you real quick?"
        "Yes, I guess," she says innocently with her big, precious eyes growing dark brown. God, she is so small and innocent. She follows me to the school's quad and she stands against a tree.
        "Look, Violet Blake, I love you more than anything in the world. Will you please be with me?" I wait for her answer. I hope she sees how desperate I am to be with her. I want this girl even though she is way too good for me. She is loyal, honest, beautiful and amazing. All I want...
        "No." I capture her lips because this is the first, and probably last oral communication I will ever get from such a goddess like her. I push her against the tree and grip exposed thighs. I clench my fist in her hair and tilt her hot mouth up. I feel her shuddering against me but that's how I want her.
        I'm rewarded with a bitch-slap across the face after my spontaneous act of passion. If I wasn't so dizzy right now I might just now I might have stormed off and left my little angel. I grin and this only infuriates her further.
        "I hate you!" Her hands go over her mouth after she says it. "I didn't mean that..."
        "Well, you've certainly made it clear now." I walk off and actually leave school. I hop in my car and drive off. For the first time, since I was eleven, I cry.
        "Son is everything all right?"
        "Shut up and get the hell away!" I roar.

        -VIOLET POV-

            I realized I shouldn't have said it. I should've chased after his broken soul but I stood there, pondering over my actions. I had never been that mean. I had never spoken to anyone that way because I found that behavior cruel.
        "Are you okay?"
        "Yeah, yeah. I'm fine."
        "You don't look so good."
        "I'm perfectly fine, Ryder."
        "You don't have to lie," he seethes and something sketchy passes across his face I've never seen. I back up and he scowls. "Come on, follow me, Violet." He walks off and I stare at Oasis's parking spot. He grabs my hand and gives me a rough yank to follow him. There is silence for a few beats. I observe his face, with his jaw clenched and his eyes brewing with anger. My hand becomes uncomfortable.
        "I'm so sorry Ryder," I whisper apologetically. He stops and looks down at me with a unreadable expression.
        "It's okay." He kisses me gently over my lips and his grips loosens.
        I rub my hand and he kisses it softly. After lunch a bruise pops up. He didn't mean to do it.
        "Hey, sweetheart you wanna come over later?" he questions curiously with a charming smile.
        "Yeah, sure," I reply softly with a smile mirroring his.
        Its went well with Ryder the past couple weeks. We've hung out more, kissed more, he took me to a movie where after we sat in the car and made out. "Hey, sweet cheeks come here." He gives me a biting pinch and I wince. "I got this for you." He holds out a leather bracelet and ties it around my wrist. My name is monogrammed in it with his. I admire the pretty object and forget about all my problems, mainly Oasis. I had been thinking about him a lot lately. Especially after Ryder started to be protective.
        He sets us on the couch and I kiss him while he pulls me into his lap. We stay locked that way for a few minutes and one of his hands strokes my stomach. He outlines my breasts with his fingers but I pull back.
        "Ryder, I've never..."
        "Its fine." He looks off and tries to shift me off. I see the anger on his face and I kiss him again. Who's it hurting? He expertly feels me up and I clutch his shoulders. Later, I lay in my cold bed and I feel sad but I can't pinpoint why. Because I'm sure I love Ryder, I know I do.

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