Bitter and Sweet

Violet Blake, a teenager has never been in love. She believes all boys are overrated and acting stupid all the time. Once Ryder McClanahan comes to town her thoughts change and she wants him. The soccer player is super saccharine sweet and treats her long as she doesn't make him angry.


6. #6 The Meaning Of Love

~~"Hey, can I talk to you?" Oasis asks and I nod and follow him down the hall.
        "Look, I'm sorry about the other day...I overreacted. I'm sorry. Maybe you can come over to my place and we'll hang out."
        "Oasis that sounds and awful like a date," I shoot.
        "Well its not. We can still be friends."
        "I guess so but no funny business. Ryder is my boyfriend." He flinches but shrugs in the end.
        "Okay." As Oasis walks away I feel guilty. I all the sudden gave Ryder a chance but never his unrelenting affection. The cupcakes were good. He said he made them - with his own hands. The roses smelled amazing and permeated my room for three weeks. I frown at myself. What the hell got me so worked up over Ryder? Why had I never given Oasis a chance?

        I pull into Oasis's house and give a knock at his door. An older version of Oasis answers and I blink up at his dad. "Uh is Oasis here?"
        "Yes, he's upstairs working on his homework. Oasis!" his dad yells. I hear pounding from the stairs and he pumps up next to his dad.
        "Ronnie who is at the door?" His dad motions me in and I linger close to Oasis.
        "A girl, must be his girlfriend or something, Amanda."
        "She's not my girlfriend, Dad," Oasis snaps and his dad holds up his hands apologetically. "Hey, pick out a movie or something turn on the TV. I have to go talk to my dad real quick." He rushes to the kitchen with his father in tow.
        -OASIS POV-

        My dad, I love my old man but when he says she's my girlfriend it pisses me off. It makes me mad McClanahan captures her attention rather than me. Violet is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. I love her. I liked her in Kindergarten when she lent me her pink crayon when we were coloring piglets for the letter 'P'.
        Even as a young boy I knew she was pretty with her big, dark eyes and long brown hair that reaches her curvy waist. In middle school I had told my friends I liked her and ever since they tease me about her. When I made her cupcakes the guys called me Betty Crocker for a damn month. I didn't care though I was in love. Still am.
        Now, I want her and Moron McClanahan is not going to stand in my way. So, here I am asking my old man how to win a girl. But I want her heart too. Violet was nice and she was beautiful and as soon as I got her I would take care of her. There is something so innocent about her that endears me.
        "Dad, how do I get Vi to love me?" I ask. I gaze out at the pool and stare at the sparkling water. What the hell is Violet doing with her clothes on when she could be in her swimsuit? I'd love to see that body.
        "Excuse me, son?" I check the hall to make sure mom isn't around to witness this. She'd get the camera and start preparing the scrapbook.
        "I want Violet to notice me but some idiot's in the way. He's gonna hurt her. Dad, I want Violet to love me like I love her."
        Dad smiles and his eyes soften. I wait for him to speak. "The best way to win a woman is to show you truly care no matter what. If you get a chance to kiss her take it. But if she has a boyfriend don't go after her."
        "Dad...I love her. I swear to god I've loved that girl forever since Kindergarten. I want her. I've did everything I can think of. I don't care if she has a boyfriend, because he will never care for her like I do. Dad, I bought her roses on Valentine's Day and I made her chocolate cupcakes on her birthday because I knew she liked chocolate. Dad, I want this girl more than anything and McClanahan is not going to stand in front of my fucking face and take my girl."
        Dad stares at me for a long moment freezing me to the ground with his brown-eyed gaze. He takes me by the shoulders and grins. "Your mother was with another man when I met her. I wanted her so bad I went out and bought an engagement ring that night. I kept that sucker in my pocket and once night we got to talking and I proposed to her and I never regretted it." He sighs and gives me a quick hug. "All you do is be there for her whether its romantically or as a friend. Your devotion will capture her attention. That's how you truly win her, when you show her being only a friend is good enough, that'll you'll put your own desires aside for her."
        For a minute I mull over what he said. Then, I walk back and see the petite little princess sitting there beautiful as a summer's day. I sit by her and get lost in her beauty. Its so cute how she occasionally twirls her hair and it makes me want to grab a fistful and smell it or bury my face in her brown locks. Or take her up to my bedroom and...
        I shake my head and get back to watching Teen Wolf. I love the movie but I'd never let that get out. "You want a soda?" My voice is gruff and I clear my throat.
        "Yeah sure. Any kind you have will do," she answers in that voice, musical as an angel. I grab a regular Coke and press the aluminum can on my burning head. I need to calm down. Just thinking about her up in my bedroom sets my body temperature's its never soared before.
        I come back and she's talking on the phone to...Ryder? I sit down and suddenly loose my appetite. "Oasis, I'm so sorry I have to go. Ryder has something important for me. I tried to ask but he wouldn't tell. I'm sorry but it sounds important."
        "Go ahead, yeah..." I mumble. Then, she leaves taking my broken heart with her.

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