Bitter and Sweet

Violet Blake, a teenager has never been in love. She believes all boys are overrated and acting stupid all the time. Once Ryder McClanahan comes to town her thoughts change and she wants him. The soccer player is super saccharine sweet and treats her long as she doesn't make him angry.


3. #3 Mindless Behavior

~~  I told Emma, Grace, and Hannah. They freaked out and rushed over and came in my room yapping like hyenas. Emma sits me down and I have to tell her the whole story again. "I'll pick out the..." Hannah begins but is rudely interrupted.
        "Absolutely not, Hannah!" Grace intervenes. She bounces across my floor and grabs a pair of shorts that go mid-thigh. I gape.
        "You really want me to wear that?" Grace fans herself overdramatically and I roll my eyes.
        "Ryder is a boy. They like to see a little more than a baggy sweatshirt and ripped jeans unless they're skinny."
        "Right, I totally forgot." I frown at my sweatshirt and mentally agree with her.
        Mom knocks and lets herself in. "Hey, mom." I give her and hug and she smiles. My mom is forty and single but she is very beautiful. She has long auburn hair like me and I take my dad's gray eyes. She says if I make a certain face I look like him. My dad is not a regular subject around the house because he left when I was six and I vaguely remember him. I don't miss him though, and I never would give him much thought.
        "You still going on that date?"
        "I'm not even sure its that, he just said it was making up because I showed him around a little." She folds her arms and her and my friends share a look.
        "I think its time my daughter learns the talk and actions of a man. Explain it to her in teenage talk," mom says before she walks from the room.
        "So, what are you going to do if he kisses you?"
        "I've never been kissed."
        They blink at me in unison and shake their heads. "Not even one of those stupid dares when you were in grade school by your best friend? Not ever?" I shake my head and she sits me down. "We're going to explain how its done."

        Once I finish driving my car to Benny's I'm perfect on time and nervous. My hands are clammy and my arms are shuddering making my purse rattle. I see him in line to get a little cup for the frozen yogurt on the side. I open the door and poke his side when I step in. "You made it," he says.
        "Yeah," I reply nervously.
        "Well, you know what you want? I'm paying."
        "I was going to..." He smiles and my stomach does a roll.
        "Don't worry about it, I've got it, Violet. So, you know what you want?"
        "Cookies and cream." His smile gets wider and heat just runs to my face when I lower my gaze to his chest and arms. Holy crap, he has muscles. Well, of course he does, he plays sports.
        "That's my favorite too. See we've already got something in common. I think another date is in our midst," he remarks. He walks up to the counter and gets our ice cream in cute little cups with cartoons.
        We sit down and flirt the entire date. I have never been so happy in my entire life. Ever. Ryder McClanahan is the guy that needs to stay around for a long time.
        Once we're out I walk into the parking lot and a car bails down the asphalt and I'm pulled back. "What were you thinking?" he yells. He shakes me a little and I see worry in his dark eyes. "Are you okay?" he asks.
        "Yeah." I look down and we both realize I'm on top of him. I see the way he's looking at me and its makes me want to bolt.
        "After the date I figured I'd be the one on top." The idea of him on top of my, on me, in any position is enough. He laughs and his chest rumbles against mine. All thanks to my mindless behavior I'm on top of Ryder. He's looking at me and props himself up on his arms. I watch him press his face in my hair and hear him groan. "Your hair smells fucking amazing."
        "Thank you." I finally climb off him and he suddenly pulls me onto a bench to where I'm sitting on his lap.
        "I've been wanting to kiss you all damn night and I'll be damned before I don't at least get one kiss." He smashes his lips to mine and for a moment I'm so stunned I can't move. Then, I kiss back how my friends told me. I mold my lips with his, follow his lead. He tastes like the ice cream we just had. He holds my head in place and tug my hair. His other hand trails down my back never going to forbidden territories.
        "Violet, you are a keeper. How about we go out Friday, movie at my place. We'll just hang out."
        "You've already gotten another date planned?"
        "I had a plan before we went out on this one. I like you Violet, I want to go out on a lot of dates. Maybe more, Violet." Then, I'm the one to grab his face and kiss him fiercely.
        "See you Friday." He pokes my nose and we part ways.

*Comment, heart, and read more.* I hope your falling for Ryder like Violet.

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