Bitter and Sweet

Violet Blake, a teenager has never been in love. She believes all boys are overrated and acting stupid all the time. Once Ryder McClanahan comes to town her thoughts change and she wants him. The soccer player is super saccharine sweet and treats her long as she doesn't make him angry.


2. #2 Ryder McClanahan

~~ After lunch I plop down in my English class where Mrs. St. August sat in her chair with her glasses balanced on the tip of her hooked nose. She held up the copy of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. We retrieved our books from the back and sat down. We read silently as she instructed and she passed out homework sheets. I groaned as she layed the torture on my desk and she narrowed her beady eyes. I shrunk in my seat and averted my gaze to the whiteboard. I quickly did the day's questions and handed them in.
        As I sat down the classroom's door rapped. Mrs. St. August opened it to the New Kid. I gaped at him as he sat down clear across the room. Holy shit he's hot! I tried to keep focused. Grace shared the class with me and noticed my apparent distress. She winked and I flipped her off when the teacher pivoted.
        As soon as class was dismissed by the shrieking bell I fled. I went to my beat up locker and unlocked it using the school's given combo. "Hey, can you help me unlock this thing?" a voice asked. I spun around and sure enough my dumb luck struck and there was the New Kid.
        "Yeah, sure." He showed me the combination and I spun the dial around: 7-9-0-4-3-1. It opened and I grinned at him as he winked at me. I hid my face because I could feel my face getting hot.
        "Thanks -"
        "Violet," I answer shyly. I get my binder and for a moment I forget what class I'm going to.
        "I'm Ryder. That's a pretty name, named after a flower. Did you know your name's in a poem?"
        I laughed at his corny joke. I thought it was the cutest form of flirting. It was flirting right? Was that what it was officially called or was it called talking? "Yeah."
        "Hey, do you know where Delanie's classroom is? I'm new so I don't know the town."
        "You don't know the town? I thought you may have moved schools or something." Surprisingly I hadn't made a fool of myself at this flirting/talking thing.
        "No, I came from Alaska." That explains why Ryder's a little on the pale side.
        "Wow, you like South Carolina any?" I murmur. "This way," I motion down the south hall. He follows and we fall in step.
        "Yeah, seems cool. We visited Charleston and liked it."
        "I love Charleston. Best place to shop." I love the clothes and the weaved baskets people sell at the Marketplace. I like the shops around there too. The candy shop is my favorite place.
        "I went there but the sun became too much."
        "I love the sun," I chuckle. We continue our conversation once we step in to Math. So, I think I've figured flirting is talking with a bunch of smiles and giggles and grins. Easy peasy.
        "So, class we're starting a new chapter with a little Geometry so prepare yourselves. Open your book to page 307 and we'll begin." Once math is over he jogs up to me in the hall.
        "Look, I'm not a stalker but I don't really feel like asking anyone else about this. Where's P.E?"
        "Follow me, Ryder," I scoff with a chuckle. Holy crap! We have general P.E together! He's gonna see me in shorts and a tank top! No!

        "McClanahan get your ass in gear and keep the ball from the net!" the coach barks at Ryder. Apparently the guys a friend of his dad's and he got him a place on the soccer team. The football players are off on the football field doing exercises and jogging. I'm running around the football field but keeping distance from the sweaty players with a sort-of friend, and we're talking about regular girl things. Some girls are playing dodgeball. I watch Penelope Ash get hit in the face and wince. Exactly why I don't play. I hear a whistle blow and Coach Fulton releases the soccer players. I get a poke on my shoulder and see Ryder sweaty and sexy.
        "Hey, how about I take you to get ice cream or something since you put up with me today."
        "Today?" I ask.
        "Yeah, maybe like five if its okay with your folks."
        "Oh, yeah it'll be fine. I'll just ask my mom, she'll let me do it."
        "Alright, where is this shindig taking place?"
        "Benny's, that ice cream parlor."
        "I love Benny's. I'll see you there Ryder." He nods and jogs up to a group of two guys. I grin when the bell rings. My heart pounds in my ears and I slap my forehead.
        What am I going to wear?

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