Bitter and Sweet

Violet Blake, a teenager has never been in love. She believes all boys are overrated and acting stupid all the time. Once Ryder McClanahan comes to town her thoughts change and she wants him. The soccer player is super saccharine sweet and treats her long as she doesn't make him angry.


10. #10 Epilogue

        -OASIS POV-

        "WHAT?!" I roar over the cafeteria. He didn't hit her. He didn't smack Violet around...I know...
        I stormed past Grace who had just told me after Violet had just confessed. I go over to the table filled with soccer players and grabbed his neck. I slung him like he was nothing but a few pounds. I kicked him in his gut and dove my fist to his face. I was on a roll now and I couldn't seem to stop the train of disaster. I was kicking his ass and freaking loving it.
        "Never hit her again, douchebag!" I yell in his face and I'm pulled off by a male teacher. Another teacher peals him off the ground and I struggle against Mr. Nick's grip. "Hope you learned your lesson about hitting a woman you little fucking tool!" People are staring at me wide-eyed and scared. I've got blood on my shirt and it isn't mine. He had no time to react to my series of blows.
        "Principal's office immediately," Nicks barks and his spit sprays over me.

        They finally called the verdict. I was sentenced to three weeks of ISS. I didn't break any bones but I sure wish I did. Imaging him slug Violet has the power to make me as strong as Hulk. I even teared-up when I thought about it, it made me so emotional and angry.
        My Dad was so pissed he drove me home and sent me to my room. Mom was the same way. I knew I had done wrong but it felt so right to kick his ass after he socked Violet.
        My parents didn't talk to me and my friends complemented me on my prowess. The other guys feared me. No one really talked for five months except my Violet. She told me they had caught him on camera when he slapped her. He was arrested and finally gone.

          Over time Vi and I talked more. We sat together lunch chatting.We developed a relationship in time but things had to be taken slow. I kissed her and we often teased each other with more but never went anywhere. Not to second base but we did manage to succeed first and hold hands. She sometimes flinches when she hears his name whispered. But I kiss her softly and let her know she's okay. That she's safe with me and I won't harm her in any way. I never will. I made a vow by buying her a simple ring band. I guess you could call it a promise ring.
        The summer came and we often went to the beach and spent time making out in the dunes. We saved up enough money to take a two-day trip to a hotel in a nearby town. Her mom had come to like me and agreed to the trip. I swore up and down I wouldn't touch her and showed Violet's mother the promise ring. The promise ring was a big step but we never made a hug deal out of it. It was a super sensitive subject.
        Senior year we were labeled the It Couple but Violet shied away and denied it all. I did too.
        Senior year we got jobs and we spent a little more time apart but what time we did share, we made the best of it. I occasionally bought her, her favorite flowers. Lilies.
        She thanked me every time I got them, kissing me in that unique way with kisses and promises. She showered me with promises we'd get married and have crazy hot sex. It made me grin and we'd laugh and frown at the promise ring. But we both agreed getting married first was appropriate. Anything else was debouch and I didn't want either family to lose faith in us.
        I made her cupcakes again on her birthday and she cried. I kissed her tears and washed her worries away just as I always did when she was upset.
        One we graduated it all changed we went to university with scholarships. She had chosen Architecture and I was undecided. I played football though, and settled on History as my major sophomore year. We put the wedding on hold and she planned it with Emma and Grace who had moved and decided to go to Holt College for cosmetology or something.
        June 5th was the set date and it came so soon it seemed. We had bought an apartment together with our new jobs. She was a planner and I was interning for a job at the head of the museum.
        We said the vows that day and went on a honeymoon to the hotel we visited all those years ago. We had did the most daring thing and swam in the hotel pool without clothes. W went up to our room and shared a bed for the first time.
        After the honeymoon work and life had fell into place. As years progressed kids were put in our midst. I soon impregnated her and she had twins eight months later.
        They were named Nicole Spirit and Nick Brent.
        I loved them to death and spoiled them, constantly doting on my family. I loved working for them, loving on my kids. It was something I took pride in.
        Violet, Nicole, Nick, and me were family we never let a thing stop us.
        We continued our life on the peaceful countryside and forgotten about Ryder and his bitter treatment.

        "I love you, angel." I still kept the pet name and teased her with it. it irked her just the slightest but I loved to see that challenging look on her face.
        "I love you too, Oasis." I kissed her nose and we said goodnight. It was all destined - I was destined to save her and I did. She said goodbye to her bitter past and embraced out sweet future.

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