Bitter and Sweet

Violet Blake, a teenager has never been in love. She believes all boys are overrated and acting stupid all the time. Once Ryder McClanahan comes to town her thoughts change and she wants him. The soccer player is super saccharine sweet and treats her long as she doesn't make him angry.


1. #1 The New Kid on the Block

      I hated Hope Springs. The main reason I hated it was because of the girls around here, especially in my grade, 11th. They were too perfect. Call me jealous but they had the dyed bimbo-blonde hair and sticky lip gloss. Plus, they had boyfriends. I was against it completely. I noticed guys yes, but they all seemed fake and filled with idiocy (lunacy too, I'm sure.) I sighed and got back to my lunch with Hannah, my best friend and a couple of her friends. Emma was also a good friend but Hannah is who I would trust with my life.
        I picked at what they passed as macaroni and drank my cold Coke. "Uh oh here comes Oasis," Emma giggles. Despite the name it was a guy, a hunky dark-haired football player. His teammates teased him about his name but when he ran the ball they had no problem chanting his name like a group of gorillas.
        And he sits down next to me. The guy could pass as a underwear model, and he was the funniest in our tiny school. "Hey sweetness," he greeted me with a kiss on the cheek. I smacked his hard chest and he grinned devilishly. I knew he liked me, Emma also noticed, and Hannah had actually found out. He had asked me out before but like every person before him: I denied him. Why, you ask? Because I didn't want to date. Just that. I had crushes but every time I ignored them. I didn't lean into the feelings of desire because I knew they were dangerous, somehow. Its not like you could find genuine love in high school, right?
        "So, how are you doin'?" Everyone looked at me and I snapped out of my stupor. I look over at Oasis's face and see him smiling expectantly at me.
        "Fine. I  just..." I stopped midsentence as a tall, dark-haired boy stepped through the cafeteria's doors. He had a bag slung lazily over his lean shoulder and his stature was at least six feet. He was a new kid who was mouthwatering. His lips were plump and pink and I could imagine my own pearl-pink lips crushing against his. His skin wasn't quiet tan and he looked tranquil.
        I watched him scan the room for a place to sit. He sat over at an empty table and looked over his crumpled piece of paper. I couldn't tear my eyes away from that ruffled dark hair and how it fell across his soft features. I knew everyone in a two table radius could see where my eyes were locked but I couldn't care less. I wanted to know this kid.
        I had ditched all my beliefs on crushes that second.
        "Violet! Stop staring! Violet!" I could hear Hannah hissing. I shook my head and looked away only to glance back. Oasis was glaring at me and I watched him spin around and leave looking angry. He sat over by his friends from the team and I watched them all turn their gaze to me as if I was the problem all along.
        "What the hell was that about? You looked like you wanted to go over there and offer him yourself. Do you know him?"
        "No but I sure do," I breathe.
        "Excuse me?" Grace screeches in her hick voice. "You can't go giving away your V-card." Oh, I do. I shake my head at the thought. "I don't even see what's so delicious about him, Oasis worships you and he has a nice body."
        "Yeah, yeah," I mumble. I tore my gaze away and focused on the cream walls of the school and the black chairs in the cafeteria. The smell of BO and old food permeated the area thickly.
        "I also heard he's well-endowed," she giggles.
        "Nice," I mouth as I stare at the six foot of perfectness over in the corner.
        "You have your first ever crush," Emma squeals.
        "I know. I like him, there is something really attractive about him. I don't know, he just really captures my attention." I sink in my seat and play with my leather jacket and skinny jeans with a few rips of the thighs. I wore a red loose sweater today and I looked mismatched.
        I dumped my tray with Emma and we sat and talked about regular things. And for a short while I forgot about the god over there. Until he looked my way. 

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