Essence Extraction

While being sent away to give up her life in order to save her country from Virtus, Natalie Pier must form an alliance with Derin Moreno, which will mean forgetting their past. While running from the government Natalie and Derin find that forgetting their past may be easier than they thought.


9. Together

        The next morning I wake up before Derin. I use this time wisely and head to the bathroom. I strip down and turn on the shower. I wait until the water is warm and step in it. The water feels like silk against my skin. I don't have shampoo, but there is a bar of soap. I grab a rag from under the sink and use the bar of soap to get it soapy. I wash off and let the water clean my hair. When I am done I turn off the water and step outside. I leave a puddle of water where I stand. I grab a big towel an wrap it around me. I look out and see Derin is still asleep. I put my under clothes on, my black t-shirt, and my skinny jeans. I ring my hair out and pull it back into a ponytail. Then I look in the mirror. I look different. My face looks older and I am skinnier than I used to be. My little stomach that had just a little bit of fat is now flat. I remember I haven't ate since the day before yesterday and that must be why.

        Derin is just waking up when I walk out of the bathroom. His eyes brighten at the sight of me and to my surprise I am glad that he likes me. He sits up and says, "well don't you look wonderful."

       I blush, "it's the same thing I was wearing yesterday."

       "Yeah, but you look better today."

       "Oh thanks," I reply sarcastically.

       "I didn't mean it like that. You always look good, but you look better now. You would look good with brown hair," he points to my damp hair.

       "Well now's not the time to worry about my hair. I do need to eat though. I didn't eat yesterday and my stomach is killing me."

       "Then lets find something to eat."

       We walk over to the mini fridge. I examine it's contents. 4 pops, 4 waters, and 2 bottles of orange juice. The cabinet beside it contains peanuts, 2 bags of chips, 3 premade sandwich's, and 2 glazed donuts. I grab a donut, a ham sandwich, a bag of doritos, and a mountain dew. I grab a plastic plate and take my food to my bed. Derin gets his food and brings it to his bed.

       "So... I was wondering... maybe we could... you know... go out," his cheeks turn red when he finishes.

       "I think... that would be okay," I smile

       "I think this can be our first date," he smiles too.

       "Okay... boyfriend," we both laugh because we both know that title does not fit us. We are more than just boyfriend and girlfriend. We are not 2 teens that are falling-head-over-heels for each other. Everything we have been through proves that. We just... love each other.

        "I think I might love you," he whispers.

        "I think I might love you too," I repeat.

        Derin turns on the t.v and we watch some documentary on cheetahs. He brings his plate of food over and sits beside me. He puts his arm around me and I rest my head on his shoulder. He is very warm. I let out a sigh of joy. I could stay like this forever. When we finish our food Derin throws our plates away. He come back, but instead of sitting beside me he sits in front of me. He looks me in the eye right before we both close them. He leans his head in and we kiss again. This kiss is different than the other, not as rushed. My lips move with his and he puts his hand on my back. I put my arms around his neck and pull him closer. We stay this way for awhile. He finally pulls away, but I stop him before he gets too far. He puts his forehead to mine.

         "You don't know how long I've wanted to kiss you," he says.

         "I think... you should have said something earlier."

         "I couldn't. I just now built up the courage to ask you out." I laugh.

         "And I always thought you were the brave one."

         He kisses me again, but lets go faster then the other one.

         "As much as I would love to keep kissing you, we need to get out of here," he tells me.

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