Essence Extraction

While being sent away to give up her life in order to save her country from Virtus, Natalie Pier must form an alliance with Derin Moreno, which will mean forgetting their past. While running from the government Natalie and Derin find that forgetting their past may be easier than they thought.


7. The Plan

        When we get back to our room it is 4:42. I sit on my bed and he sits on his. I look into his eyes for a moment and I almost forget what he did. I take my eyes away and the feeling is gone.

       "We need a plan. Now."

       "I don't suppose you have any ideas," I ask.

       "You're the smart one," his smile spreads to his eyes and I smile too.

       "I-I only have one question. Why did your dad have to tell the government that my parents told me what was going on over here?" His smiles fades and his forehead wrinkles.

       "I don't know Natalie, but you have to know that if I knew he was going to tell them... I never would have said anything. I hate him you know. For getting your parents killed."

       "How do I know you're not lying," I question him.

       "I guess you're gonna have to believe me. Natalie?"


       "Do you hate me," his face is very serious.

       "I used to, but now... Derin... no I don't hate you. I cant hate you now with the position we're in," I admit. His face brightens a little bit.

       "It's too bad it took you so long to admit that. It's kinda hard to mend our friendship when we are waiting to be killed," he jokes.

       "Yeah so what about that plan?" He looks distracted.

       "About that. It can wait."

       "No it cant," I shake my head.

       He walk over to my bed and sits beside me. My stomach tingles. I scoot over so there is a foot of space between us. He sighs and brings his hand to my head. His fingers brush over the bandage and I shiver.

       "I cant believe they hit you like that."

       "I tried to fight them... they had to stop me."

       "Not like that. They should have just picked you up and carried you out of your house." He shakes his head. "They're a lot stronger than you. It wouldn't have been that hard."

       "I don't think they care if they hurt me."

       He leans his head forward until it is inches from mine, "they should care." His lips brush mine for a moment. I'm shocked. I pull my head back quickly and stare at him.

       "What was that!"

       "I-I... Natalie I like you okay. I always have and... I don't know I guess I just... want you to like me too," his face is flushed red and he looks away.

       "I don't know Derin. It's going to take me awhile until-"

       "We don't have " a little while " Natalie! You know what lets just think of a plan," his voice is strained and I see hurt in his eyes.


       "Well... lets just run. We can wait till everyone is asleep, grab some sort of weapon, and just run away and get as far away from here as possible."

       "I don't know. There will be guards and they'll have guns. I don't know about you, but it hurts bad enough to have your head cut open, think about a gun," I say doubtingly.

       "I wont let them hurt you. We have to try."

       "Stop that. You are not going to risk your life for me. Cause you know... if you die... then I wont make it of here. I guess your right. We have to try something."

       "Then its a deal."

       "Yep. Now lets get some sleep before we leave," I suggest.

       Derin goes back to his bed and we both lay down facing each other. I shut my eyes and fall asleep with the thought of our kiss fresh in my mind.


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