Essence Extraction

While being sent away to give up her life in order to save her country from Virtus, Natalie Pier must form an alliance with Derin Moreno, which will mean forgetting their past. While running from the government Natalie and Derin find that forgetting their past may be easier than they thought.


10. The Jump

          I take the pillowcase off one of the pillows and put the rest of the food and drinks in it. I tie the opening in a knot. I put my jacket on and put the 5 syringes where I had them before.

       "How are we gonna get out of here without paying?"

       "The window."

       "Uhhh I don't think so. We're 4 story's up and I am not jumping out of a window," I tell him.

       "Look," he points toward the ground where I see a dumpster full of trash bags. "If we land there then we'll be fine."

       "Yeah IF we land there. I don't want to jump out of a window, fall 4 stories, and land in a pile of who knows what."

       "Well we don't have a choice so come on," he pulls me to the window and takes the pillow case from me. He lets it drop. Then he sets on the widow sill. "Wait till I tell you its okay to jump." He pushes himself off and he drops to the bags. I look out terrified that I will find him hurt or even dead. "I'm fine, let me get out so you don't land on me," he calls up.

        I pull myself onto the windowsill. I cant think. If I think then I will stop myself so I push of and shut my eyes. I hit the trash and something sharp stabs into my thigh. "Shit, shit, shit. My leg."

        "Natalie, whats wrong? What happened?"

        "Gahhh, I don't know... I... I ...," I feel myself start to drift off. The last thing I see is Derin carrying me out of the dumpster.

        It's so bright. I cant see anything but white. Am I dead? No I'm not dead. Derin wouldn't have let me die. But why cant I see? Why is there so much light? I have to close my eyes from the brightness. My leg hurts. I look down but I cant see it. I cant see anything.

        "Derin? Derin where are you? Why cant I see anything? Derin!" I start to panic until I hear his voice.

        "Natalie! Oh Natalie are you okay?" I hear is voice, but I still cannot see him.

        "Derin I cant see anything!"

        "Open your eyes."

        "I-I CANT FIND THEM."

        "Your okay, you got stuck with one of your syringes and it knocked you out," he explains.

        I move different muscles trying to find the muscles that will open my eyes. I feel my fingers twitch, my arm move, my leg slide along the ground, and finally my eyes slide open. Derin's face finds mine, but I am too shocked to kiss him back. I look at my leg and see that a piece of fabric is ripped away on my right thigh. There is a slit where the needle cut me. My stomach must have pushed the plunger down and injected me with the stuff. Great.

        "Uggghhh," I groan.

        "How bad does it hurt," Derin's expression is worried. His eyebrows tilt down and his lips are put in a frown.

        "Not... that much. Could you hand me a water?"

        He hands me a water. I lean back on him and clench my teeth. I sprinkle water onto the cut. The cut burns, and tears run down my cheek. He helps me stand up, but instead of helping me walk he picks me up into his arms.

        "You don't have to carry me. Just help me walk. It really doesn't hurt that bad."

        "You're a terrible liar."

        He starts walking down the ally, carrying me, and me carrying our bag. This is definetly not my best day.

        "I shouldn't have made you jump," he says.

        "There was no other way."

        "Yeah, yeah don't remind me. You know you really scared me?"

        "Oh really?"

        "Yeah I didn't know what was wrong until I saw that your leg was bleeding. I ripped that part of your pants so I could what was wrong and I saw the bloody needle, and the empty syringe," he laughs. "I'm not sure how you can manage to stab yourself with the needles."

        "Yeah, yeah don't remind me," I repeat what he said a minute ago. Our conversation ends and I lay back and let him carry me.


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