Essence Extraction

While being sent away to give up her life in order to save her country from Virtus, Natalie Pier must form an alliance with Derin Moreno, which will mean forgetting their past. While running from the government Natalie and Derin find that forgetting their past may be easier than they thought.


5. Test

      Me and Derin are ushered into the tall building an forced to walk up 20 flights of stairs. By the time we reach our destination my calf's are burning, but I do not want to show weakness so I grit my teeth and get over it. The room we are in is filled with medical equipment and 2 hospital beds. I am asked to sit on the bed to the left and Derin is asked to sit on the bed to the right. I lay back and try to drown out the voices in the room. I could be on a bed, waiting to die, right now. Derin is right about one thing. I was never the type of person to just give up, and I am still that person. I look over at him and see he is staring at the men that are talking, taking in every word that they say. I tune in and start listening too. I mean this could be my best way to get the information that I need.

      "Well those 2 put up a fight so we will deffinetly have to put them under," a soldier says. Under? I know for a fact that I don't want to be under. A lot of stuff can happen while your asleep and I cannot afford that.

      "Well we usually always put them under because its easier that way. No restraint and while they're under their imaginations are running more wild so they don't know how to object to what we have to ask," a tall nurse with long, blonde hair, blue eyes and white clothes explains. I still don't what we are being put under for. Whatever it is it must be important or we wouldn't be here. We would be on a table having our lives removed from our bodies.

      "Then lets get on with it. King John is waiting."

      The nurse turns around and walks to my bed. Another nurse appears and walks to Derin's. She picks up the needle laying on the table beside me and put a clear liquid into the container.

       "What does that do? Please I promise I will cooperate I just want to know why I am being knocked out and what its supposed to do while I am asleep," I plead.

      " I'm not supposed to tell you that, but I can see you are not one that poses a treat. Hmmmmmm... well while you are under I ask you a series of questions that determines how mature you are. You have to be put under because we need true answers. If you are awake then you most likely will not tell the truth. The needle will only sting for a second. Relax and remember..," she gives me a look and she doesn't have to finish the sentence. She is telling me not to tell anyone that she said something. I didn't plan to.

      She brings the needle to my neck and pushes the liquid into my veins. It wears me down, making my eyes droop, and slowly I fall asleep. I open my eyes and I see I am in a room that has metal walls. it is empty except for the chair that I sit in. I look around. There is no door that I can and no windows. I am trapped. I stand up and run to a wall and pound on it until my palm hurts.

      "Don't freak out. I want you to search for a door," the nurse's voice says, but I can't find a source.

      "There isn't a door! You said you would ask questions not lock me in a room!"

      "Look for a door," she replies calmly.

      I run my hands along the walls checking for any sign of a door. I don't find one so I think. If I wanted to hide a door where would I hide it? The ceiling. I look up and notice that there is a section of the ceiling that is hanging lower than the rest. I grab my metal chair and pull it to that section in the ceiling. I stand on it and reach my hands up and grab a side. it slings down on one side and I see air vent tunnels. This isn't a door, but it's the closet thing I've got. I pull myself up and start crawling. First turning to the right, then left, then left again, then to the right, and finally the left again. I reach the end of the tunnel and drop down into a room.

     The room is dimly lit. I see the nurse sitting in a chair and I sit in the one across from her. Derin enters the room next and sits in the chair next to me. He looks at me with a questioning look, but he doesn't say anything. I turn my gaze back to the nurse.

     "Natalie how did you know you would find a way out through the ceiling," she asks me.

     "Uhhh... well I asked myself where I would hide it and I would hide it in the ceiling. So I searched the ceiling and saw it. It really wasn't that I knew it would be there, it was just the best plan I had," I shrug.

      "So you just came up with the best solution and followed your instincs?"

      "Yes." The nurse turns herself so she is looking directly at Derin.

      "And how did you figure out where the door was?"

      "Well I knew that the walls would be too obvious, and the floor would be to noticeable, so I searched the ceiling," he looks embarraced, like he did something wrong. I trusted my instincs and Derin used logic. Logic. I look down at the floor. He always does something that I never think of.

      "So you came up with the best option and used sense and logic?"

      "Yes," his voice catches at the end. His face is bright pink.

      "Okay this question is for both of you. If there had been 2 doors, one in the ceiling, and one in the wall which one would you have chosen," her eyebrows lift in the end of the question.

      "The ceiling," I respond.

      "The wall," Derin says with a smile.

      "Why the ceiling?"

      "Because the one in the wall is too predictable, where the one in the ceiling is not."

      "Why the wall?"

      "Because you would automatically pick the one in the ceiling because of what she said and I would pick the one in the wall because it is so predictable that you wouldn't want to pick it," he looks at me smiling. I don't smile back because... he just outsmarted me.

      "Thank you," the nurse says and then she is gone.

      I wake up on the same hospital bed, the nurse still beside me. Derin, though is not on his bed.

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