Essence Extraction

While being sent away to give up her life in order to save her country from Virtus, Natalie Pier must form an alliance with Derin Moreno, which will mean forgetting their past. While running from the government Natalie and Derin find that forgetting their past may be easier than they thought.


12. Seperated

       When our stomachs are full we kiss for a quick second and start walking again. My leg burns to the point of extreme pain and I only get a few feet before I have to stop again. Derin offers to carry me, but I refuse his offer. I walk a few more feet and have to stop again. My breathing is heavy.

      "Natalie you cant walk by yourself. Just let me help you," he puts his arm under my shoulders and helps carry some of my weight. "You are not annoying me when I have to help you. I mean I was the one who made you jump out of that stupid window."

      With his arm around me walking is a lot easier. Instead of continuing along the beach we head into a town and walk along the sidewalks. I try hard not to limp so it just looks like we are a couple with his arm around me.

       "Here hop on my back if you're so afraid of what people think," he rolls his eyes. I walk behind him and hop up on his back. He grunts, grabs my legs and stands up straight. 


        About an hour later I get off his back and he helps me walk again. We turn down Reading Street and keep walking along the right side of the road. We are halfway up the road when 2 people step out of an ally, and stop in front of us. 3 more follow them.

        "Can we help you?" Derin scowls.

        "Yes you can. You 2 are to come with us. We have orders to find you," one of the men says.

        "Uhhhh... may I ask why?"

        "Sorry, but no. Top secret information."

        I already know why they are here. My worst nightmare is coming true. We have been caught. "I'm sorry, but we aren't going anywhere," I manage to choke out.

        "Natalie either you come with us on your own free will...or I will be forced to make you come with us." I recognize the man. He was the leader of the group of people who kidnapped me from my house.

        "Then you better be prepared to fight," I spit the words out like they are venom in my mouth.

        "Oh Natalie I am really getting tired of hitting you," he sighs, but leaps in the air bringing his fist down hard on my cheek bone. I groan loudly as my eyes roll back in my head.

        Derin lurches forward kicking the soldier in the gut an he falls to the ground. The other soldiers step forward and Derin takes them on full force. Hitting one in the head with his elbow, I watch him fall to the ground with his eyes closed. Another one he kicks in the shins and he hits his head on the pavement.

       "Go Natalie! Now!," he screams.

       I reply calmly, but direct," no."

       I walk forward and hit my palms against one of their chests and he staggers back. I kick his stomach and feel the pain spread through my leg from the impact. I grunt as he falls to the ground. Someone kicks my right leg and I fall to my knees, screaming in pain. Someone grabs both of my arms and pins them behind me. I bite my lip as I feel fresh blood run down the cut on my thigh. I must have reopened the wound.

       "Natalie... Natalie!" Derin screams, but someone has him too.

       "Derin I love you!" I yelp as someone pulls us in opposite directions.

       "I love you too," he calls, and then he is gone.

       "Where are you taking him?"

       "Shut up and walk," the soldier holding my arms commands.

       "I cant. I cut my leg," I hold out my bleeding leg so he can see.

       "You can walk or I can DRAG you to the car," he smiles an evil smile and I stare at the ground as I force myself to walk. It hurts worse than it did earlier, but if I stop now I will surely be hurt worse. I see a big, black truck up ahead and walk a little faster. My leg is almost begging for the relief of sitting. When we reach the truck I sit in the back seat by a soldier with only the driver up front. So 3 guards went with Derin, 2 with me. That makes since. He would take much more soldiers to be restrained than I would. We pull away and only now do I allow myself to think of Derin.

        Derin my best friend, also my boyfriend. Derin with his pretty blue eyes and his messy brown hair. My Derin. He is gone. I will most likely never see him again. I think of our kisses. Our lips pressed against each other. His arms around me as I sleep. Then I think of when we were kids. Sharing all our secrets with each. Even my deepest secret. The one where my parents told me why we send 2 teenagers over here and why they never return. The one where Derin told his dad and his dad got my parents killed. Now I understand that he did not do it on purpose. Now I understand that I am going to die. All my life I have been destine to die here no matter what I do.

        Now I understand what love is and what it does to you. I chose to die with Derin today, even when he gave me the option to run. I chose my death, me, not Virtus.

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